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Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988)

(From Joe Bob's Ultimate B Movie Guide)

We return to the ghosts of Camp Arawak for the continuing story of Angela, who killed 30 happy campers in part one but has done her two years in the psycho ward, had a lobotomy and a sex-change operation, and is now back in action working with impressionable young children at Camp Rolling Hills. Her goal in life is to make sure they don't say filthy words or rip off their blouses except when it's necessary to the plot. When they don't comply, she's forced to crush their skulls with an oak branch and drag their bodies into an abandoned cabin so they can have "Happy Camper" singalongs. We're talking some serious Beanie Weenie Fu.
Twelve breasts.
Fifteen dead bodies.
Head rolls.
Power drill through the head.
Dead teenager brains.
Guitar-string strangulation.
Acid in the face.
Lips cut off.
Double camper barbecue.
Pathetic panty-raid scene.
Gratuitous group singing.
Gratuitous Jason.
Gratuitous Freddy Krueger.
Gratuitous Leatherface.
Gratuitous "Kum Ba Yah."
Leech Fu.
Outhouse Fu.
With Pamela Springsteen (Bruce's sister!) as Angela the psycho ("If I wasn't cured, they would have let me out!"),
Valerie Hartman and her two enormous talents as the loosest girl in camp ("Great, thanks a lot--listen, you don't have AIDS or anything, do you?"),
Susan Marie Snyder as the dead camper ("I'll never apologize! I'd rather die first, Angela!"),
Renee Estevez (sister of Emilio) as the shy shiny boring good girl. 3 stars

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