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Worship My Stilleto Nails Now

My Favorite things about My Stilleto Nails

Welcome,Now That You Have Found your way To My Stiletto Nails Web Site. One Of my fans and Long

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Nail Admirers have requested to build me a web site for all you to visit and become worshipers, admirers, fans, and Submissive to My Long Nails and The Nails of the Other Long Finger and Toe Nailed people in this world.

Check Out These Picture Links

My Claws Are Sexy and dominating

Gray Clay! Nails In View For you

Very Sexy and Dangerous

Worship My Claws!

More Links Of Long Nailed Dom Sexy Women

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The place where extra-long toenails on women are the be-all and end-all of pleasurable experiences!
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A group dedicated to the admiration of a certain woman's long fingernails!

This web site represents the Power, Beauty, Ferociousness, and the sexiness of long Nails. You who visit this page will respect my nails, and Be very submissive to my request.

Please Do Not Be Alarmed if You Get Some Links to Long Nailed Cross Dressers and Trans Gendered People. I respect their Fetish, and Sexuality

So, You who Love Long Nails, That's a Fetish Too.

"Fetish Is Fetish!

Remember........."She who has the Claws, makes the Laws".

E Nail Me at :

I have Had A Very Interesting Past Year Living Life with These long Claws, and I Love it!

You will also be able to listen to what I do to people with My Long Claws. I am In the process of making personalized videos for you own. You can contact me by E mail if interested.

Also, There are many pictures I have in my Yahoo Group. You are Required to Join it to View My sexy beautiful Claws.


This Page will also have Large Focus and Subject matter for those who Love "Virginia Slims 120's"

Typical Situation I go thru with My Long Dangerous Nails........


I think I will whip my blonde hair in her face, show her my long pink nails, scratch the Shit out of her until she bleeds.Make her remember who she's messing with every time she looks in the mirror. Who was she? People will wonder, after I am finished with her.And when I am finished with her I will sit back,file them sharper,light a cig and blow the smoke of my 120 in her bloody face! What am I thinking ? I can't just go and do that, there are too many witnesses. I need to wait for her in the women's room or catch her on the way to her car tonight claw her up even more than I was before. Yeah I will wait for her to walk to her car tonight so when I am finished with her I can take my long nails and scratch up her brand new car, even put burn marks all over it with my lit 120. That should do it! :) See you in a few. SMOOCHES!

Yes I Do Like To Scratch With My nails

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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!
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E Nail Me at :

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