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The Thai Honeys of The Black and White Bar in Pattaya !

Meet The Girls of The Black & White bar in Pattaya

Rankin Media and Videos Tony Rankin in Thailand with connection in New York, Bangkok, Pattaya, Rayong

Sorry,But Yuan is on Holiday and the site will be off line for a while.As per Ms Yuan.Thank you for visiting Site.We Apologize for This.Thank You, From Tony Rankin

Please Say Prayers For Mrs Winn, She Had a stroke and needs Your Prayers.

"Sawadee Ka!"

Here are Traditional "Lib"(Fingernails) Used in Cultural Fingernail Dance

Yes , They are also used to Scratch


In Thailand that means hello!"Hi Handsome Man! Hey Sexy Man! I Like your Hair!". Come meet my friends.

Black & White Beer Bar

The weather here is always Beautiful like all my friends. Thailand is know for us Beautiful Women. Guess what? We are all very friendly and comforting for you visitors.

As you see , I have Very Long Fingernails. We call them "Lib"

Long nails is "LIB YOW!".Yes My "Lib Mak Yow".......(means)....."Very Long Nails"! All Thai Women by custom grow Very Long Sexy Fingernails and often Long Toenails. It is our Custom as part of our Beauty.

The Beauty is a Woman's Long Fingernails , Show how we can give a man the ultimate exposure of Pleasure.We even have Dances Call "Lib Dance" which is the Dance you are familiar with. When you seen Thai Dancers, they Have these 5" Long , Curved Upward, Metal Fingernails. This is one of our Most famos Cultural Dances. We are Great at Massaging and doing things with our hands, fingers, feet, toes, tongue, every imaginable part of out Desired Bodies.

"Also, We are all Double Jointed! We can bend out fingers into Grotesque Sexy Position only the most Experienced Contorsionist can achieve.Zwai!

We love having these Nails for Pleasure and Protection. Long Nails on a Thai Woman is the most Dangerous Natural Weapon a Woman Can Posess. We dont Scratch, We CLAW to Wound. But we are also very passionate with these nails. We are the Queen 's Of the Long Nails in The world. Look at some picture that will be added for proof. Write me ok. I would Love to Hear from you.

Come meet some of my friends, You are welcome to E mail them at my E Mail Address Below. Send the Picture of The Girl that you may want to communicate with.

Maybe You come to Thailand!

I have Many Friends here in Pattaya with Sexy Bodies, Long Hair, and Long Fingernails, and they are great girlfriends to have when you are away from home. Find a hotel or resort in Pattaya during your trip in Thailand

Sawadee Ka!

     How are all my new friends on the Internet?

        I see from my page counter that you like to visit my web site.

Kop Khun Ka!

That Means Thank You! I hope that you plan to Visit me and my friends in Thailand sometime in the Future. Thailand is Heaven.

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