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Kaapio Acres presents.....

Mandalyn's Hand Crafted soaps with goats milk, and Hand and Body Lotions & Notions

Milk has been used as a base in soaps, cosmetics, and therapeutic treatment in different cultures for thousands of years. The soothing and moisturizing qualities of milk have made it an increasingly popular ingredient in soap for over 30 years.

Goat milk when compared to cow milk is lower in cholesterol and higher in protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A&B.

Our soaps contain not only goat milk, but a variety of other ingredients such as safflower oil enriched with vitamin E, olive oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Emu Oil, oatmeal, honey, and almonds to name a few.

We keep our soaps as natural as possible using only the freshest ingredients. We do not add dyes, therefore the soap we make is the natural color that it was intended to be.

Here at Kaapio Acres there are no short cuts taken, we hand-craft every bar of soap from start to finish. We begin with the goats, raising them ourselves, we feed them hay that is bought from a farmer who uses organic methods and so we know that our animals do not ingest any chemicals. We hand milk each goat, handling the milk ourselves to be sure it is done properly. Raising our own goats provide us with fresh milk daily, assuring you that we only use the
freshest quality goat milk.

We hand mix the ingredients and pour them into hand-crafted molds. We cut each bar of soap by hand so our soap will not look like those machine cut and factory molded bars.

Finally, the soaps here at Kaapio Acres are cured and aged naturally. We do not alter this process artificially in any way to make it go faster. We air dry each bar on racks for no less than six weeks. It is a timely process but well worth the quality bars of soap that it produces. We're confident you will be pleased with our soap.



We now accept Visa, Master card and American Express for your convenience.

You can order by e-mail:,
Snail Mail: 7382 E. Grand River Road
Bancroft, MI
You can call toll free: (877)277-3833
These pages are still under construction. We will soon offer a secure server for your on-line ordering convenience and safety. Until then, please accept our apologizes for the inconvenience it may cause.

Fragrance Oil Soaps
China Rain
Honey Almond
Canadian Wilderness
Heather Hyacinth
Lily of the Valley
Mountain Mist
Rosemary Mint

Essential Oil Soaps

Coming Soon
Sweet Grass
Bay Rum



$2.75 per bar of soap
$7.00 for 3 bars of soap

2 ounce bottle for $2.95
4 ounce bottle for $4.95
8 ounce bottle for $6.95


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