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Nigerian Dwarf Bucks


***2003 AGS National Grand Champion Buck***
MCH Kaapio Acre's BB Red Butt'ler

Show record: 1 x National Grand Champion,
3 X Grand Champion,
1 x Reserve Champion, 6 X 1st
HES: 90.0 "Excellent" (90 90 89) 7/3/03

Birth Date: March 27,2002

Sire: Rosasharn B'Udder Boy
Grand Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S
Grand Dam: Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D AR1559

Dam: Gay-Mor's RA Nesselrode *D AR1689
Grand Sire:Stonewall's Raising Arizona +S
Grand Dam: Gay-Mor Java's Kokoa

Well what can we say about Red, that he hasn't already stated himself? We are so very proud of this buck, he has surpassed even our wildest dreams for him. Starting out with winning his first Grand Champion leg as a Jr. at only 12 weeks old last year to winning his 2nd this spring. Then he ended our 2003 show season by not only winning his 3rd Grand Champion leg for his Master Champion status, Red also captured the 2003 AGS National Champion title as a yearling buck with very tough competition in the show ring.
Harvey Considine really liked this buck when he did Red's first HES, saying that in his opinion this little guy was the best one in our herd. It sure looks like Harvey was right on!
His dam, Nesselrode earned her star in 2002. She placed 3rd out of nine Nigerian does who made the honor roll in the Michigan milk test awards. His sire's side goes back into none other than 2 time National Champion Buck Goodwood Tom Thumb. Maybe Red is following in his Grand Sire's hoof prints!

MCH Rosasharn Tom's Keiki Kane

HES: 89.15 "Very Good" (90 88 89) 7/3/03
Show Record: 4 x Grand Champion Buck,
2 x Reserve Champion Buck
2 x Champion Jr. Buck, 2 x Reserve Champion Jr. Buck, 10 x 1st place  

Birth Date: 4/18/01

Sire:ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S
Grand Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S
Grand Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe *D

Dam: Rosasharn's Iki
Grand Sire: OTR Magic's M Heracles
Grand Dam: ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D

Keiki is a buck who excels in dairy character and general appearance. He is angular, flat boned with excellent spring of ribs and loose skin. We are excited about Keiki joining our herd, he has proven to be everything and more than we expected. In the first 5 shows this show season, he has already won his 3 Grand Champion legs that will give him his Master Championship along with two Reserve Champion wins. He went on to win Grand Champion one more time in the second show at the AGS National events.
Keiki has sired a good number of kids here this spring,(2003), and has not disappointed us. He has been consistent in producing long, level kids with very good width throughout and tons of dairy character having loose skin, long necks and being angular, sharp and flat boned.

Kaapio Acre's RA Rocket Man AI *S

HES: 88.85 "Very Good" (88 90 89) 7/3/03
Show Record : 2 X Grand Champion,
2 X Reserve Grand Champion
3 X 1st place, 3 X 2nd

Birth Date: February 6, 2002

Sire: Stonewall's Raising Arizona +S
Grand Sire: Stonewall's Longstreet
Grand Dam: Goodwood Penny Lane 5*D

Dam: Woodhaven Farms Moon Dancer E *D AR1690
Grand Sire: Storybook Zoser
Grand Dam: Storybook Nefertiti

Rocket Man is an awesome buck who stole our hearts away the minute he was born. He is one of triplets and our very first try at Artificial Insemination. We are very pleased With the kids that were produced from this breeding. Rocket Man attended his very first show in June of 2002 winning 1st and 2nd place in his class both days and then went on to win Grand Champion Buck in the first show and Reserve Champion in the Second. Not bad for a youngster that was only 4 months old! This year's show season Rocket captured another Grand Champion and Reserve Champion win to his credit. His Dam won the 2002 Michigan title of All time Breed Leader in milk production and went on to make the AGS Top Ten list in the milk production awards. This was her first time on milk test and she earned her star with flying colors! We hope to have a better picture of Rocket Man up soon. star

Kaapio Acre's RM Sput'Nik

HES: 87.45 "Very Good" (88 88 87) 7/3/03
Show Record: 2 x Jr. Champion,
2 x 1st  

Birth Date: January 28, 2003

Sire: Kaapio Acre's RA Rocket Man AI *S
Dam: Creek Road Two Tone Fudge

Color: Broken Chocolate Buckskin w/Blue Eyes

Niki is a very dairy little buck having good width and length throughout. He is flat boned with thin loose dairy skin. We were very pleasantly surprised when we clipped Niki and took him into the show ring. He won his classes and the Jr. division in both shows.
We were going to sell him but after taking a good look at his potential we have decided to keep him around for awhile. His dam has a very nicely attached udder with silky smooth texture and nice sized teats. She has earned one of her Grand Champion legs.

His sire is a young buck who has 2 Grand Champion and a Reserve Champion win plus he placed 2nd in his class at the 2003 AGS National Show in Delaware, Ohio to his credit.


Bucks Stored in the Semen Tank

MCH/PGCh Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder +*S

PGCH / MCH  Piddlin Acres Blue Thunder +S
AGS Classified at 89.9 VG
HES: 88.9 "Very Good" (90 90 88) 6/23/02
Height: 21 3/4"
7 x Grand Champion,
5 x Reserve Grand Champion  

Birth Date: 12/17/95

Sire: MCH GPZ Ali's Tex
Grand Sire: Goodwood Z Ali Babba
Grand Dam: Willows Good Golly

Dam: Woodhaven Farms Moondancer "E"
Grand Sire: Storybook Zoser
Grand Dam: Storybook Nefertiti

Thunder had finished his Championship in AGS and in NDGA as well. Blue Thunder was the first Double Master Champion. He produced many offspring who are following in his hoof steps. He is small, with a beautiful head, excellent feet and legs, nice barrel, and his dam has an exceptionally nice, easy to milk, totally collapsible udder! Although Thunder's rump was not ideal, he produced many kids with his dam's long, flat rump. It is with great sadness that we had to say good-bye to Blue Thunder. A terminal illness took it's toll in April of 2003. We were fortunate enough to have been able to get Thunder's semen collected in the fall of 2002 so he will still be producing offspring for us in the future. We will truly miss our beloved Thunder but he will live on in our herd through his kids for years to come.

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S

HES: 91.70 "Excellent"
Height: 23"

Show Record: 2 x AGS National Champion Buck(1997 and 2000), Champion Challenge winner many times.

Birth Date: March 15,1993

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S
Grand Sire: Goodwood Kenya
Grand Dam: Goodwood Helvetica

Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe *D
Grand Sire: Willows By George
Grand Dam: Goodwood Zippy Mariry

First of all, we would like to say a huge "Thank-you!" to Anne Petersen of Rosasharn Farm for giving us the opportunity to bring some of Tom's genetics into our herd. We have purchased Tom Thumb semen and are planning to A.I. a few of our does this fall.
Tom passes on long level top-lines and rumps; long necks; wide rear ends; and escutcheons. He gives capacious, tightly attached udders, with large easy to milk teats to his daughters. His off spring posses fabulous balance and dairy proportions with strong front ends and general correctness. Tom has sired at least 5 permanent Master Champion daughters.

We are very excited about breeding some of our does to Tom and we can hardly wait to see those kids hit the ground.

Stonewall's Raising Arizona

Stonewall's Raising Arizona - registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. MI
Show Record: 1xGCH 2x RGCH 

Birth Date: March 16,1996

Sire: Stonewall's Longstreet
Grand Sire: MCH Goodwood Tom Thumb
Grand Dam: Willows Confederate Rose

Dam: Goodwood Penny Lane HES Excellent
Grand Sire: Goodwood Mr. Periwinkle
Grand Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe

Raising Arizona was the winner of the 1997 AGS National Specialty Get of Sire award. He is known for producing kids with exceptional toplines, and excellent leg set. He is the sire to the 1997 AGS National Specialty Grand Champion Junior Doe, Gay-Mor's RA Kitty. He has many offspring with Grand Champion wins. His dam, Goodwood Penny Lane was evaluated HES "Excellent" (88 92 90 90)
Arizona is gone now but not forgotten, his legacy will live on here at Kaapio Acres. We have purchased many of the available straws of Arizona Semen and hope to do some A.I. in the near future. We are so excited with the prospect of having Arizona kids born here.

Rosasharn B'udder Boy *S

Rosasharn B'udder Boy
HES: 90.3 "Excellent" (91 90 90) 6/23/02
Show Record:1 x Reserve Grand Champion, 3 x 1st

Birth Date: March 22,2000

Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S
Grand Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree +*S
Grand Dam: Goodwood Guadalupe 4*D

Dam: Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup *D
Grand Sire: Brush Creek Shiloh +S
Grand Dam: Goodwood Rosa Parks *D

B'Udder Boy excels in general appearance and dairy character, he has sired some awesome kids here at our farm, Red Butt'ler being one of his sons.
We have collected B'Udder Boy's semen so we have sold him to make room for some of his offspring that we wanted to keep. We expect to see more awesome offspring produced out of B'Udder Boy in the future


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