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Mouse crocheting Cinnaminn's Crafts
Table of Contents

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Mouse crocheting

  1. MoEZ:
    What MoEZ is and where to order the MoEZ hooks.
    (FYI, the MoEZ hooks are not sold in any retail stores.)

  2. MoEZ FAQs:  Updated! 20 Nov. 2007
    MoEZ FAQs, helps and hints from others, and more. Most of these helps and tips may be MoEZ-related but they can apply to non-MoEZ work as well. This is also the place to look if you are looking for help/tips with/for PC Stitch.

  3. Tutorials:  Updated!23 May 2008
    Craft tutorial (how-to's) links to other web sites/pages for those who are just starting out or wanting to learn more.

  4. Patterns/Graphs:  Updated!23 July 2008
    Links to people/web sites offering free patterns/graphs. Also includes links to sites/software for printing out your own graph paper.

  5. Useful Links:  Updated!16 May 2008
    Links to places that I consider useful, including groups that I belong to, where to find crafting items like hooks, yarns, etc., along with knitting and crocheting links for charities. I have also added some links to web sites offering free anti-virus scanning online due to all the viruses and worms in circulation. There are some links to different groups you may join if you want to help/show your support for our troops.

  6. My Graphs:  Updated!16 May 2008
         05/16/08 UPDATE: Sorry but since Epson closed down their portion of the album sites on 30 April 2008, most of my graphs will not be available online until I can decide on a new album site to place my graphs. You may still find some of them available at as well as at either one of Linda's web sites at Angelfire or Geocities.
         Graphs that I have made using PC Stitch 6.0+ and 7.0+ that can be used for knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, etc. My graphs are almost free for use - all I ask in return for use of my graphs is a photo of the completed project to put up at my site and in my Epson album.
        NOTE - My graphs are for personal use only - they are not to be resold OR posted to another site for download(s) without my express permission. You may not sell any projects created from any of my graphs/.pat files patterns unless the profits are for a charitable organization.

  7. My Graphs Epson Albums:
    Sorry but since Epson closed down their album site on 30 April 2008, most of my graphs will not be available online until I can decide on a new album site to place my graphs. Another way to display the graphs that I have made and to save on file space at my web site. There are only my graph patterns in my Epson Album - no virtual pictures or PC Stitch pattern files. I also have added another Epson album since my first one is almost 100% FULL!

  8. Making A Graph:
    My tutorial for how to make your own graph pattern(s) using PC Stitch 6.0+.

  9. Jacqui's Patterns:
    Patterns made by Jacqui Simmons and displayed with permission.

  10. Crafty People:  Updated!20 Nov. 2007
    Photos of projects that have been made by people using the graphs I created: Phyllis, Madge, Matte, Deb H., Doreen, Tammy, Rhonda C., Arlene, Shirley, Linda Gelb, Janice R., Bonnie F., Dawn, Audra P., Ramona S., Simone, Jolene, Shelly C., Cami A., Kelly, Sandy H., Karen H., Darlene H., Cis H., Cynthia Z., Kathy M., Ruth K., Lauren B., Irene V., Kris K., Susan W., Carol D., Becky D., Lisa, Robin K., Karen, Marylou, Deborah E., Nancy, Dorothea S., Dawn H., Karen B., Jan A., Colleen P., Holly H., Tammy L., Melissa D., Nicole D., Hope B., Ivy, Susan V., Kris S., Esther P., Jeanne L., Rita C., Sharon B., Kara, Tricia B., Sarah, Unknown, Laura, Debi, Mary, Elaine, Lioness, Liz, Sally/Giselle, Donna, Lorraine, Lady BeBop, Clara, Erica T., Bibbi K., Darlene, Melissa H., Diana B., Barbara B., Emily Q., Peg (Peg35), Carol M., Ava, Gwen E., Clara Y., Crystal K., Valerie H., Helene H., Gina, Barbara H., Belinda, Beverly K., Patricia H.

  11. Cool Tie Information and Links:  Updated!23 October 2008
    The information and links that I have gathered for making your own cool tie with some links for online ordering for the crystals used in the making of cool ties. Also some links to different groups you may join if you want to help/show your support for our troops.

  12. Troubleshooting:
    Information for some frequently encountered problems especially with Epson photo albums. I'll try adding more here as they come up.

  13. FAQs For/From Newbies:  Updated!26 Sept. 2008
    A work-in-progress. Please e-mail me if you have some questions that you would like to add to this section.

  14. Rey & Luna's Corner:  Updated!13 April 2009
    A page introducing you to Rey and Luna, our Chihuahuas, along with lots of pet links. You should read the Letter to Pets if you're looking for some laughs.

  15. My Index of Annie's Attic Free Daily Patterns:
    A simple .txt file that lists all of the free daily patterns from Annie's Attic that AA started offering 1 January 2006 through the current date. It's a page that I started when some of the people in the different online groups were talking about the patterns and trying to find out what pattern was available from AA on a certain date. It includes the name of the pattern along with the date it was offered as well as source information for each of the patterns if known.
    If you want more information about the patterns along with links to where to find at least some of them, you may want to visit my other web site here.
    FYI - Please do NOT e-mail me to ask for any copies of the free daily AA patterns as such requests will be ignored/unanswered as it is against the current copyright laws to share such patterns.

  16. Cheryl's Crafts:  Updated!5 June 2008
    Photos of some of my completed works and/or WIPs along with my comments and other information. I have added another page for my notes about making my version of the Spiral Doily Table Runner pattern from the Russian site.
    You can go here to view my knitting pages about my Great American Aran Afghan (GAAA) project and to see my status for it. I have created another page that is just for GAAA helps, hints, & links that you can find here.

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