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Macphail, Catherine. Missing.


 Maxine knows she is sinning with every thought, but she cant help it, some days she wished Derek had just died.  Then maybe her family could move on, instead of suffering with meek hope. Maybe then, her parents will notice her instead of spending every moment searching for there precious missing Derek.  Yet when a body is found, and her father identifies his as Derek she knows he is finally dead and there family can move on.  Yet her mother has some trouble letting go of the past.  Her mother starts to see fortune tellers and clams it she feels Derek with her all the time, she even starts to talk to him.  Maxien things her family is going to the loony-bin.  Derek is dead, yet one day she gets a call from him.  Her dead brother Derek is calling her, she sees him in the shadows and he talk with her.  Is Maxine crazy? Or in Derek not really dead? 


Somewhat Difficult

Maguire, Gregory. Wicked.

Adrienne, 8th grade 

Most people know the Wicked Witch of The West as a wretched woman from Oz.  What most people DONT know, is that she did everything she did for a very good reason.  Elphaba was born green, she was bullied all her life and had a wonderful caring for animals.  Her goal in life was never to hurt anybody or anything its just fate and bad luck that made it look like SHE was the bad guy.  This is a wonderful story that will take you on a journey through the wonderful Land Of Oz.

   Onaca, 8th grade

Conspiracy, magic, romanceWicked, a twisted version of The Wizard of Oz, has it all.  The book is full of interesting, and realistic, characters like Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West herself. It is filled with secrets that sometimes are never revealed, even to the reader (though it hints at things now and then just to make the reader guess)!  Wicked is a great read for someone who really wants to have to think, and not have facts the facts laid out in plain view.



Marino, JanSearching for Atticus.  

   Melissa, junior

Tessa Ramsey is a young girl growing up in a large city.  Her mother, father and her all live together with her mother being a homemaker and her father being a doctor.  She thought everything was great, her family was together, she had many friends, and she was one of the more popular girls at her school.  When her father leaves for the Vietnam war and then comes back with post war syndrome things start to change.  Her father has bad nightmares and sees things that really aren't there.  He is not fit to be a doctor anymore so he has to travel across the country for a new job.  The summer there has just started and while her father is getting help Tess makes new friends and even gets a little love from a guy named Caleb this summer is the best but will it last for Tess or will things change to the worst? Recommended By Melissa for ages 13 and up. 

Markas, Jenny.  The Perfect Man.  New York.    


    Holly, fifteen years old, tired of moving with her single mom Jean and little sister Zoe. Every time Hollys mom broke up with a guy, she would move from the city or state. Holly decided that the only way her mom is going to get a perfect man is if she invented one and have an imaginary secret admirer who would romance her mom and make her happy. 

    What I like about this book from, it gets more Interesting, and its funny, it tells you that when a person is in love, it changes everything.   What I dislike is Jean always make her daughters feel uncomfortable and lonely she wouldnt ask her daughter what they think about anything , she only thinks about herself .The only  time she is a mom is when she is in love and that the only time she is happy.

554 pgs, 800L


Marillier, Juliet.  Daughter of the Forest.  Tor Fantasy. 


Lord Colum of Sevenwaters is blessed with six sons: Liam, a natural leader; Diarmid, with his passion for adventure; twins Cormack and Conor, each with a different calling; rebellious Finbar, grown old before his time by his gift of Sight; and the young, compassionate Padraic.   But it is Sorcha, the seventh child and only daughter, too young to have known her mother, who alone is destined to defend her family and protect her land from the Britons and the clan known as Northwoods. For her father has been bewitched, and her brothers bound by a spell that only Sorcha can lift.  To reclaim the lives of her brothers, Sorcha leaves the only safe place she has ever known and embarks on a journey filled with pain, loss and terror.


Nobel Peace Prize

Oprah Book Club

 Marquez, Gabriel.  One Hundred Years of Solitude  

The book is considered Garca Mrquez's masterpiece, metaphorically encompassing the history of Colombia or Latin America. The novel chronicles a family's struggle, and the history of their fictional town, Macondo, for one hundred years.  

Famiily Tree of Characters 

  Marques, Gabriel.  Love in the Time Of Cholera.   


Medium Difficulty


    Martel, Yann.  Life of Pi

8: Moderately Difficult

312 pgs

Matheson, Richard.  I Am Legend.  

Tyler J., 11th grade 

I Am Legend is one of the best books Ive read. Its just action and understandable from page one and on through. The author just really gets to the point and doesnt waste time writing down pointless information. This is the type of book Im really into, unlike the books that are very slow at explaining things. I definitely think people who pick this book up would enjoy it as I did.

189 pgs,  750L

Newberry Honor Book

Martin, Ann M..  A Corner of the Universe.  Scholastic.  

Mackenzie, 8th grade

A Corner of the Universe is a great book. If you are looking for a sad but good book, then you should read this book. Hattie is bored at home until she finds out that she has another uncle that is coming to live with her grandparents for the summer. He has mental problems, and he has been gone for the past 12 years and Hattie never knew about him.

Kyra, 8th grade

A Corner of the Universe is definitely in my list of favorites.  It focuses on a man with mental disabilities and his relationship with his family.  The book kept me guessing and there was a surprise around every corner.  As the pages kept turning, I kept a smile stationary on my face.  It is absolutely a book that I recommend.  

Jane, 9th grade

 Hattie Owen had never heard of her uncle before her twelfth birthday, and it had been done deliberately.  Hatties Uncles Mental institution was shutting down.  He was going to be staying with his mother and father, her grandma and grandpa.  The two of them form a bond that is so immense they become almost inseparable.  The story talks about how they make it through the summer with each other, with good and bad times.  Ann M. Martin tells the story beautifully.  You get a glimpse of what it is really like to live the life of a mentally challenged man.  It is an uplifting story, good for families to read together, and for people who are looking for a nice read.     

Marie, 8th grade

Hattie is having a good summer. The circus is coming to town and she thinks it will be the best. When her Uncle Adam shows up her whole summer changes. She starts to become good friends will Adam. After awhile Hattie realizes that Adam has a mental problem and that he loses his temper really easy. Other people in her neighborhood do not like Adam and shes upset by this. She wants to show people that Adam is just a normal person. I liked this book because it always had something going on. There were never any slow parts. 

Shay, tenth grade 

The Corner of the Universe is a different book. Hattie gets thrown for a loop when she finds out that she has an Uncle Adam. Adam has some sort of mental problems. Hattie gets caught in the middle of everything when her own family and neighborhood is not very accepting to Adam. Hattie is very hurt by that. She accepts him with open arms. Hattie finds out how to deal with people that dont know how to treat others with respect. Hattie learns how small people can be.  

356 pgs, 720L

 Martin, Rafe.  Birdwing.  

224 pgs, 1000L

National Book Award


Martinez, Victor.  Parrott In the Oven: MiVida.  

Morgan Lee, 9th grade

Manny Hernadez a fourteen-year-old boy lives a not-so-good life. His dad is an alcoholic and his mom doesnt know how to treat him. He also has two sisters. He is just trying to fit in and doesnt know where he belongs. He has trouble deciding if he should be in a gang or not. He has to face different problems like trying to get into the gang, girls, money, and his family. 

   I didnt like this book very much. I thought that there wasnt really a main point or subject to it so it just made it boring.  

Paul, 9th grade 

 Fourteen year old boy Manny Hernadez puts up with all his familys problems he is the only normal one out of his whole family his dads an alcoholic and his mom is kind of loony, his sister is a little out there, and has some problems, and he has a little sister, that is sort of normal. His brother is okay, but he is always getting into trouble with his family and with other people so he is never around. Manny is just trying to be normal, and not be poor when he in older he wants to have a good life. So now he is trying earning some respect from other people and making it so he will have a better life. He has to keep putting up with his familys problems right now, so he has troubles trying to fit in at school and get some respect.


Medium Difficulty



 Mathew. The Gospel of Matthew.   


Jesus came from heaven to die for the sins of man.  He died on the cross so we could live.  The story of Jesus is so beautiful.  He did such wonderful and amazing things for us.  He healed the sick, and fed the needy.  Jesus spread Gods word and love all over the land.  However, God gave us all free will and there are some evil people in this world.  One of his dear friends betrayed Jesus, and the people who claimed the cherished God the most killed his only son.  Jesus hung on the cross while people mocked him.  He was filled with great pain and agony for every sin anyone had ever or would ever commit was laid on his shoulders.  With his last cry and breath he descended into heaven to be with his father.  Nevertheless, the story didnt end there, for in fulfillment of the scriptures Jesus rose again three days later!  This story sounds like fiction, but what makes it marvelous is that every word is true.  Jesus wants all of us to join him in heaven.  His love and life still has a grip on the worlds heart today.  He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end.  There seems to be a gap between Jesus as a baby and when he became a man.  It would have been nice to be enlightened on Jesus childhood, but Mathew did not record it. 

Mazer, Harry.  3: Heroes Don't Run.  

 Tyler M., 10th grade

     This book could have been a lot longer and it would have been better.  It pretty much sums up the book in the back.  It tells how his life was and what had happened.  First his father and grandfather were in the wars so he thought that he had to be in.  So he gets his grandfather to sign for him and he is In the Marines.  While there he hates boot camp and his instructor.  Finally they get to go to war he is excited but no one knows where they are going they just know they are going to war.  While in combat he has been there for about two weeks and gets hit by a mortar and is sent back to the United States.  His war time was short but he was happy he joined up.

Robert Chmb., 10th grade

After his dad was killed at the infamous attack Pearl Harbor, Adam Pelko joins the United States Marine Corps in search of getting revenge and bringing honor to his Family. This it the third and final book of Harry Mazers series. The writer of this book seems inexperienced and clueless to what war really is, compared to other war stories like Fallen Angels Under A War Torn Sky, and The Red Badge of Courage, This story ranks at the bottom. Anyone who like to vomit should read this  book 


  Very Easy


Mazer, Norma Fox.  Silver. New York: Morrow Junior Books.

Melissa, tenth grade

A young girl growing up in a trailer park, Sarabeth Silver's family is always on a budget.  Her mother is a maid and her father died in a car accident when she was young.  Her mother has very high expectation for Sarabeth and wants her to go to a good school.  A fourteen year old in middle school and she transfers to Drumlins School District.  Full of rich snobby people, Sarabeth doesn't really fit in there.   She tries and tries to make friends but she just isn't brave enough.  Finally things start to change at a school dance when she meets this boy.  Will she start a relationship? Your book collection will not be complete without this heart-tugging story.   

416 pgs, 1010L

McCall, Nathan.  Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America.  in our library under biography


National Book Award

Book Critics' Circle Award

McCarthy, Cormac.  All the Pretty Horses.   

Paul F., 12th grade 

John Grady Cole a 16 year old boy with a goal to be a cowboy, has made the decision to run away from what used to be his ranch until his mother sold it and his grandfather had passed away. He brings along his friend Rawlins and they start heading for the Mexico boarder. They face many problems in this novel and they manage to keep fighting there way through it.  They started working on this ranch and end up getting turned into the police by the owner so now they are in a Mexican jail and have to face some intense situations. The book has a name that makes most male people shy away from it, but it is nothing like that its action packed and full of adventure.   

Michael, 12th grade 

All the Pretty Horses is a good read about two teenagers that run away to Mexico . They are a couple cowboys that are very good in the outdoors. John Grady Cole and his friend Rawlins are the main characters but eventually they meet Blevins who is kind of an odd character. Blevins claims he is sixteen like John Grady and Rawlins but they think he is more like fourteen. Action starts up when Blevins loses his horse and they go to retrieve it. Before they know it the boys are on the run and lose Blevins but Rawlins thought he was just trouble anyway. Things settle down when the boys get a job on a ranch. When they think their in the clear the two boys get a surprise visit from the authorities. The book is a great read that involves adventure, love, and murder all packed into one book with great detail.

Mr. Greenlee 

John Grady Cole runs away to Mexico with his buddy  Lacey Rawlins.  Trouble begins shortly after they meet another runaway, much younger, named Jimmy Blevins.  

7: Somewhat Difficult

287 pgs

Pulitzer Prize 

Oprah Book Club Selection

McCarthy, Cormac.  The Road.    

Leo, 9th grade 

In The Road, a man and his son must survive the Postapocalyptic world that they now are stuck in.  The land is covered with ash, pillaging bands of lawless raiders, and very little is available.  That is what the world looks like after the Searing.  And they have to live with it. 

Tyler J., 11th grade 

The Road was in my opinion an OK book. To me the story was a little slow and little action but overall it is not exactly bad for a slow story. I rated it with 3 stars because the storyline is kind of good and it is not really a difficult book. There are sad parts in the book, but the whole book is mainly sad because they have no one but each other and it is a dad and son the whole time. No food or anything and people are eating each other, they are trying to survive in the even crueler world that they live in. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy slow stories with little action.

Morgan, 11th grade 

What would you do if the world ended and only a handful of you were still alive, scattered through out the world? Well, thats what the story is all about, trying to survive in a deserted world. A young boy and his father walk through America with only a shopping cart and a pistol. Walking through burnt towns with nothing for them to use or take. Their journey and will too keep each other alive is very powerful. The way McCarthy wrote this book, it was like you were taking and experiencing this journey with them.

Marie, 11th Grade

Hopeless. Thats how the whole book reads. I could never put it down though. It was a heart-wrecking story of a father and son traveling the road. The road was an old highway. There are no cars, hardly any food, and all sorts of bad people. It never explains what happened to the world, but everything is burnt. The skies are grey and the ash overrules everything. As the boy and father make there way to the coast looking for something better, they tell a story of their journey. On this journey they see things that will leave them scarred forever. All they can do is hope. Even though this book was just downright unpromising when reading it, it was overall a great book. I would read it again, and would recommend it to anyone who can handle a story of this kind.

Andrew, 11th grade 

The road is a story of a Man and his young son struggling to survive in the wake of a planet wide catastrophe. The story is paced well and the style of writing is simple, though based on content I suggest it for older audiences.

  Kyle, 12th Grade

The Road takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in which most of the human race has been destroyed by some great disaster.  Two lone wanderers, a man and his son, attempt to reach the coast by foot, their only possessions kept in a rusty shopping cart.  The man struggles to keep their hopes up during in the terrible depressing situation.  It is a story of faith, determination, and unrelenting love.  The book does not use quotes, or much punctuation at all, but rather reads as if told by a single narrator, face-to-face.  This method has a profound effect on the reader.  McCarthys vivid description of every situation is unmatched.  

Mr. Greenlee 

This is a harsh book.  Deliverance and Lord of the Flies are sometimes thought disturbing, but they don't hold a candle to this.  It's after a world-wide disaster, and a father and son are on the road amongst cannibalistic killers - a sort of literary Mad Max, but with a very serious tone.  


 Moderately difficult

459 pgs, 1110L

Pulitzer Prize, 

National Book Critics Circle 

Memoir / Hard Times

McCourt.  Angelas Ashes.  Find in the biography section. 


Angelas Ashes was the best book Ive read this year. Frank McCourt did a great job telling his life story.  Frank and his family move back to  Ireland from  New York , hoping that their life would become better.  Rather than becoming better it gets worse. Franks dad drinks away the money every week and Frank and the rest of the family have to live on bread and tea, just making it by. Finally Frank gets sick of his life and starts saving money to go to America . He has many family members and friends die throughout the book, which makes it really hard to read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read an amazing memoir, but if you cant handle a sad book then I wouldnt recommend it.

Michael, 10th grade 

 Angelas Ashes was a great book, a memoir by Frank McCourt a young Irish boy. His Father was an alcoholic and Frank wanted to help the family so bad but he was so young. Some terrible stuff happens to the family but they always found a way to slide by. Franks mother goes through lots and loses many babies throughout the book because of the way they live. Frank eventually gets a job and starts helping the family. Frank motivation was always to get all the money he can to help his struggling family and get the best for them, especially for his younger brothers. Frank is a very hard worker and supports his family while saving money to try to get to  America . Eventually Franks hard work pays off and he helps the family get out of terrible life he had to live for years.      

Robert Chmb, ninth grade 

     Because of a family tragedy and a lack jobs in New York, the McCourt family moved back to Ireland in hope of a brighter future, However, things get worse from there. They settle in the small Irish town of Limerick only to find out that there are fewer jobs in Limerick than in New York. This magnificent story is mainly about how a boy survives his childhood when his father is a drunk, his house is falling apart, and when there is no money in his pocket or food in his stomach. This is one of the greatest memoirs ever written, McCourts Irish style of writing is one of a kind. This book gives hope to people who are at hard times in their lives. I recommend this book to everyone, especially people who have Irish Heritage. 

Danielle, ninth grade 

In this book Frank McCourt does a great job on telling his life story. His life is filled with many difficulties and many great adventures. 

Frank McCourt was five yeas old when his family moved from New York in America to Limerick in Ireland. Before moving the family to Ireland, the McCourt family suffered the death of their youngest and only daughter Margaret, who was barely seven weeks when she died. 

Once the whole family was completely settled in, they come to find that life in Ireland would be harder. They come to find that the jobs in Ireland were scarce and thus forcing Malachy to move to England to get a job over there. When Malachy leaves, he promises that he will send money every month like all of the other families. After a while no money came. The neighbor that went to England with him tells the family that he does the same as always and drinks the money away. 

The family is forced to move in with relatives. After a while, they move to another relatives house and Frank gets a job. He moves from a couple of different jobs and saves half of the money for himself so that he can someday go to America and then gives the other half to his mother so she can buy supplies for the family.

This was a great book and I recommend it to anyone. However this wouldnt be the greatest book for people who dont like sad stories. But if there is ever a time when you need a book or something to make you realize that your life may not be as bad as it seems, this would be a great book to read.

Recommended by Tamie, junior 

This is an autobiography that tells the life of a boy, Frank McCourt, born in New York during the Great Depression. His parents are from Ireland  and he spends great part of his childhood in Limerick, a small Irish town. Although Frank has a miserable life and his dad is an alcoholic, he makes his sad and hard childhood into a fun and hilarious comedy.  He tells very interesting and peculiar experiences he's had.  Frank makes any reader enjoy the story, despite of the struggling and very bad circumstances of his life.
    The book is recommended by Tamie to early teenagers and adults.  Fun and delightful from the beginning to the end, the story is a life lesson that proves that people can overcome the difficulties and reach for their dreams.


Moderately Easy

 McCormick, Patricia. Cut. 

Amelia, 8th Grade

Cut is one of the best books Ive read. Callie is a teenage girl who has stress so she cuts herself. She gets sent to live at a counselor facility to work with other girls her age who have problems. Callie wont talk to anybody, but her counselor finally gets her story out of her. What happens next Im not going to ruin, so read it. I liked this book because there are millions of people who share her case and could relate to this, not me though. After reading this book they can solve their own problems.

Paul W., 8th grade

Cut was an interesting book to read. Reading it, anybody could feel the main characters pain and struggles throughout the book. Living in a clinic and not wanted to speak around anybody isnt as easy as it seems.

Amelia, 8th grade

Cut is one of the best books Ive read. Callie is a teenage girl who has stress so she cuts herself. She gets sent to live at a counselor facility to work with other girls her age who have problems. Callie wont talk to anybody, but her counselor finally gets her story out of her. What happens next Im not going to ruin, so read it. I liked this book because there are millions of people who share her case and could relate to this, not me though. After reading this book they can solve their own problems.

Danielle, 10th grade

Throughout this book, you can really feel the reality of the book. The author wrote this book in a way that makes you feel like you are actually there. 

       This book has some stuff that I can relate to in a way. I know people who have gone through the same type of thing. 

       When the girl makes her big break through, everything in her path just seems to run much smoother. 

        The book held a much higher quality than I thought that it might. It was a good book, and it really changes your mind on a lot of things that may happen in life. 

Shelbie, 9th grade 

Callie, a girl that is hurting herself physically for things she is feeling mentally, is not only hurting herself but all the people that love and care about her. She has now gone to home to get help for it, but she is just completely refusing the help, the problem is she cant leave until she completes all the stages. She found out that her parents insurance would not pay for her to be there and decides to accept the people that are trying to help her and get better.

Arial, 10th grade 

Callie is hurting herself, she is hurting everyone around her, and shes also not talking. Callie is in a mental ward.  Sea Pines, or Sick Minds is full of teenagers and adults searching for help.  Throughout the beginning Callie doesnt say a word.  Her roommate calls her S.T. for silent treatment. She goes to group therapy and single therapy and still refuses to say a word.  But when Callie finds out that her familys insurants wont pay for her stay there Callie knows she need to get better.  Callie chooses to get help, and she has to start by helping herself. I completely adored this book.  The writer is amazing and made all the characters seem real.  The writer makes Callie a person that deserves to get better.  I think this book is very empowering, and highly recommended.


Moderately Easy

263 pgs, 820L

McCormick, Patricia. Sold. 

Michi, 10th grade 

     Nepali girls as young as 3 get sold by their parents to a life of sexual slavery in the brothels of India.  Avaricious parents sell their children just for money (80 rupee that is about 300 US dollars). Lakshmi was one of these children; she was a 12 year old girl that lived with her mom, sister and step dad.  Her step dad was a drunk who had nothing and didnt like doing anything but drinking and gambling. Lakshmis mom Ama, had no saying in anything. In their village women had to listen and honor their husband say. All Lakshmi wanted was to help her family by working in the city and when weekends came she would give her money to her family.

     When she left home, she didnt know her step dad sold her to a place call Happiness House.  She had to have sex with different guys of different ages doing whatever they wanted or else she would be beaten and thrown out on the streets.

     Overall, its a good book but the story about those children was just sad, terrible, and disturbing.


 Somewhat Difficult

306 pgs, 760L


McCullers The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter. 

McDaniel, Laurlene.  Angel Of Mercy.  

Arial, ninth grade 

 Heather is so excited to go on her trip to Africa.  Shes ready for the work, but she is not ready to see the heartbreak.  She joins a crew on a floating hospital, a group of men and women that travel to Africa, to help children.  There she meets Ian, the gorgeous, romantic, Scottish guy that will be accompanying her on the trip.  Ian and Heather get along great, but she refuses to let a romance get in her way of helping others.  People come from miles around to get help form people on the mercy ship. Heather is young and strong, but some of the sights break her heart. 

   I laughed, cried, and got very in touch with the characters. This book gives a great view of some of the hardships other countries are facing and how selfish we are with all we have.  It helped me realize all I take for granted, like running water or just having enough to eat.  Lurlene McDaniel is a wonderful author and I would suggest anything by her.  




Romance/ Death



Family relationships

McDaniel, Lurlene. Starry Starry Night


This book has three stories.

"Christmas Child"

It is about a fifteen year old girl and her parents find out they are expecting another child. Her mother is 42 and her father is 45, Melanie thought they were too old to have any more children. Melanies friends found out that she was going to be a big sister and they were excited. After that she was more okay with it. 

Four days before Christmas her mother went in to labor. Melanies father drove them to the hospital and her mother had the baby. After she gave birth the nurses rushed baby Jennifer away. What is wrong with baby Jennifer? 

"Last Dance"

Julie and Brenda are best friends. They work at a frozen yogurt stand in a mall. Matt would stop by every once-in-a-while that Brenda thought was cute.

Julies uncle works at the local hospital where this guy that Julie has a major crush on works. They go to her uncles office. He tells Brenda that one of his patients, Doug, thought she was the most beautiful. 

In a couple days there was a big dance at their school. Brenda really wanted to go with Matt but did not want to ask him. Doug called Brenda and asked her if she wanted to go to the dance.

What is Brenda supposed to do?

"Kathys Life"

Kathy and Ellie become good friends. Ellie started hanging out at Kathys house with her. Kathy is the nanny for a really rich family. She takes the baby with her everywhere she goes. One day the babys parents want to take him to get his pictures taken with Santa. 

They got back and Kathy and Ellie wanted to go to the mall to pick up a few last minute gifts. They brought the baby with them and they saw Santa sitting in his chair getting his picture taken with all the little children. Kathy wanted to have her picture taken with the baby and Santa. Ellie and Kathy walked over and got it done. 

They finally got back to Kathys home and went into Kathys room. Ellie sat down on her bed and knocked over a little box. A bracelet from the hospital that the baby wore, a couple pictures, and the picture that they just had taken today. 

Ellie was confused. Kathy could only have one of to things: 

1) They baby was hers and she did a really good job of hiding it.

2) Kathy was just really close with the baby.



McDaniel, Lurlene. Telling Christina Goodbye.  

Marie, eighth grade 

Christina is having a great senior year until the night of car

crash and she ends up dying. Christinas best friend Trisha has a couple injuries and Trishas boyfriend is in a coma. Also Christinas boyfriend the one who was driving came out with hardly a scratch. Trisha is having a hard time coping with this and tries to realize that shes not coming back.  Will she ever be able to let Christina go before she has to go to college? I liked this book because it seems that many people do deal with accidents like this one. It also is a good book because it keeps you always wanting to read more.   


Michi, ninth grade

  This book is about two teenage couples who was coming from a basketball game and had in an accident. Christina died and her boyfriend Tucker had minor injuries and so did Trisha her best friend. Trisha boyfriend Cody was in coma. When Cody woke up from coma he didnt remember anyone or anything not even his mother. Trisha had a hard time recuperating because she couldnt accept that her best friend was gone and was not coming back.

     Its really a good and a sad book. What I dislike is the writer didnt explain or tell the feelings that Tucker had until the end when he told everyone what had really happened that night when Christina died.

Emily S., senior

Christina was one of the most popular girls in school. She had great friends and a boyfriend, she had it made.  Everything was perfect in their lives until one night when they were driving home from a basketball game.  Tucker, Christinas boyfriend, gets them in a car accident.  Everyone got hurt but him.  Can they still be friends even after Christina is gone

Shayleen, ninth grade

Telling Christina Goodbye is about Christina, her boyfriend Tucker, Trisha, and Cody.  They went to a basketball game and on their way back home, there was black ice and the car in front of them kept slamming their breaks on.  Tucker was the only one in the car that had a seat belt on.  Tucker decided to pass the car.  Was not the best choice?  

This book was a great way to learn.  It tells what can really happen in life when you dont where a seat belt.  It is hard on a lot of people to here that somebody got killed.

Christina, senior

This was a great book. It was about two couples on driving home from a basketball game. Who end up having a car crash. The kids have to learn to move on and put the crash behind them. The crash has changed a lot of things and it will take a while before they get used to the new way of life. With all the changes new things have to be accepted and not all changes are bad.

Melissa, senior 

In the book Telling Christina Goodbye the four main characters, Christina, Tucker, Trisha, and Cody go through many different stages throughout their friendship.  Different conflicts take place between Christina and her boyfriend Tucker while Cody and Trisha, their friends try to stop the two of them from fighting so much and they want them to have a good relationship with no fighting just like the two of them have.  The group of four go to a local high school basketball game and on their way home run into some trouble with some other teenagers on the highway.  Tucker the driver tries to outsmart the other people in the big van and pass them on the inside of the road but it doesn't go very well and the car goes into a ditch.  When Trisha wakes up there is no one around her and her head really hurts she looks around but all she sees is the upside down car.  This book is geared towards people over 13 and in 8th grade and up. 

Mr. G.

I thought the characters were stereotypes, the dialogue clichd and the plot predictable.  However, there is clearly a demand for this type of material that presents people dealing with death and sickness in a realistic setting.   Ordinary People, which deals with death in a family,  is available in my room, but the reading-level is higher than Lurlene McDaniel's; The Language of Goldfish by Zibby Oneil deals with facing serious illness and it  is available in the library.  Many books by Paul Zindel deal with death, such as My Darling, My Hamburger.  Lisa, Bright and Dark by John Neufeld is on our shelf in the room.  





McDaniel, Lurlene.  Time Capsule.  

Arial, ninth grade 

Adam and Alexis are best friends, and womb mates. These to twins can read each others minds.  But Adam is special, Adam has leukemia. The twins family is falling apart right in front of them.  With Adam coming out of remission can there family be saved?  This is a heart wrenching story about beautiful bonds. 


 Very Easy




Maclachan, Patricia.  Sarah, Plain, and Tall.

Michi , 9th grade 

Anna and Caleb lose their mom in childbirth.  They are now seeking a mother.  Their father is still not over his wifes death, but as soon as Sarah came in their lives, he finally got over her.  Sarah was a woman that lives in a town that was busy and where she could go the beach anytime she wants.  She now wanted a change in her life and now wanted to give up all that busy stuff.  She went to live with Anna, Caleb, and their lonely father.  The place where Anna and Caleb lived was a farm on the prairie.  There was no house near by and the town was miles and miles away but all the doubts were if Sarah would like it.  Its pretty easy and Ok.


Somewhat Easy

McKinley, Robin.  Beauty.   

Kristi K., 11th grade 

      The book Beauty retells the story of Beauty & the Beast.  It is a great book full of detail.  Beautys father was one of the wealthiest merchants in the city, he owned several ships.   All the ships set out to sea and were destroyed by a storm.  They had to sell everything they owned and move to the country with Gervain because it was the only thing they could afford.  When they arrived at the country, Ger made it very clear to the family that the forest was enchanted with a man who was turned into a beast for a punishment.  Father traveled through a bad storm and became lost in the forest and ended up at the enchanted castle.  The castle was very inviting and let him stay the night.  When he left the next day, he tried taking a rose back home to his daughter Beauty, but the beast stopped him and told him the roses were his only delight, he must return in one month with one of his daughters, and they must come live with him on her own free will, or Father would be killed.  Beauty was very brave and decided she would take a chance and live with the beast.  The ending of this book is great!  I recommend this book to young girls with imaginations.


Somewhat Easy 

Pulitzer Prize

McMurtry,  Larry.  Lonesome Dove.  

Captain Augustus "Gus" McCrae and Captain Woodrow F. Call, two famous ex-Texas Rangers, run a cattle ranch called the Hat Creek Cattle Company and Livery Emporium in the small dusty Texas border town of Lonesome Dove. Gus is a romantic figure whose happy-go-lucky nature and good fortune with women and prostitutes, especially Lorena Wood, prohibits him from doing much real work around the ranch. Call, however, is a no-nonsense, hard-working taskmaster, though his industrious nature has not rubbed off on Gus in the thirty years they've been together.



Somewhat Easy 

McNeal, Laura and Tom Crooked.

Paul, ninth grade

Crooked was an okay book. It had its ups and downs, there would be exiting parts, but there were also parts where nothing would happen for about thirty to forty pages. It had three main characters, Clara who was pretty boring, she had a rough life, her mom left her to go teach in Spain and her father was never there. Then there was Amos, Amos was like an average boy who didnt do so well in school and was made fun of for having a dad that was a milk man. The Trip brothers are Charles and Eddie. They were trouble makers they kept the book alive, leaving mysteries every where, and trying not to get caught by the police. This book shows how the main characters have problems with each other and how they solve them.



114 pgs, 1450L

 Melville, Herman.   Billy Budd.


  For Advanced Readers

Melville, Herman.   Moby Dick.



Metzger Missing Girls.

Recommend by Emma to teenage girls.

Carrie Schmidt's Mother died when she was a young girl now she is a teenager and she just moved in with her grandmother. She is having problems making lots of friends and her and her grandmother don't get a long well. Carries only friend Mona has the life and the mother Carrie has always dreamed about having. This book has very good description in it.


  For Advanced Readers

234 pgs

Meyers, Nicholas.  The 7% Solution. 


A Sherlock Holmes mystery. 



Somewhat easy 

498 pgs, 830L

Romance / Horror

Meyers, Stephanie. Twilight. 1st in series

 website      Map 

Jane, 10th grade 

When Isabella decides that she needs to move in with her dad to give her mother a break, she didnt realize how much her life would change.  She knew she was going to a small town in the middle on nowhere, where is rained all day, and was always cold, but what she didnt know, was what was hiding in that town.  Isabella slowly realizes that her town is a little more interesting than she had originally thought.  Her town is the home to a small clan of vampires.  The story goes into the relationships that she makes with them, and the adventures that they go on.  The book was very interesting because of how they would add in facts about vampires every now and again to make the idea seem more realistic.  This is a book that everyone of this reading level should read, it is defiantly worth it.

Arial, ninth grade

This is probably the best book I have ever read. Edward and Bella were always meant to be together; from the time he was born he had been waiting for her.  The problem is Edward isnt like other people; actually hes not a person at all. After Bella finds out his secret, she loves him more then ever. Then there is another problem, Bella is meant to meet another fate.  Can Edward keep her out of harms way, or will he hurt her himself?

Danielle, ninth grade 

  Twilight was one of the best books that I have read. It is about a girl, Bella, who moves to Forks, a small rainy town outside of Seattle, to live with her father. Bella is convinced that moving to Forks will make her life a living hell. When she was forced to go there as a child she hated it. But when Bella gets settled in and meets some new people, her view of Forks changes. A big part of the change is when she meets Edward Cullen. 

     Edward saves Bellas life, and after how weird he had been acting around her, Bella doesnt understand why. She found that the strange thing was that Edward and the other kids in his family are kind of outcasts in the school, they seem to keep to themselves, and everyone seems to keep away from them.

      Bella finds this strange due to how beautiful they all are. The way that the author has her describe them, makes them sound as if they would be some of the most popular kids in school, due to the fact that it seems that in all schools the beautiful people seem to be popular. The way that Bella describes Edward makes him sound absolutely gorgeous. She often compares him to a runway model. But when Bella finds out Edwards secret, she becomes closer to Edward than he thinks is safe. But the more time they spend together the stronger Edward gets.

     Im most defiantly a sucker for a good romance novel, and this one really kept me reading. It was one of the best books, one that makes you think, wow, and why cant something like this ever happen to me? It was a great book and I think the way that the author told it was very good. She made it sound so real. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels mixed with a little bit of mystery. 

Mr. Greenlee 

an unexpected pleasure 


Somewhat easy

Meyer, Stephanie.  New Moonwebsite   2nd in series

Ashley, 11th grade

New Moon is the second book of the Twilight serious. Edward is scared for Bella. He decides to take Vampire out of her life and run away. Bella doesnt know what to do because her true love is gone. She didnt have that good of a life until she started hanging out with Jacob Black. The changed her whole life she hung out with him all the time. There was one day that decided to do an adventure and Alice sees what she did in her vision. Then Edward came back to Bella because of what happened. Now that Edward is back, everything changed for Bella again. Bella doesnt know who to choose either Jacob or Edward to hangout with. Does Bella believe what Edward says that he is never going to leave her again? Or does she stay with Jacob?

Marie, 10th Grad

New Moon is the second book of the series Twilight. Edward is scared for Bella and doesnt want her to get hurt. He decides to take vampires out of her life and run away. Bella doesnt know how to cope. Her true love is gone! Shes miserable until she starts hanging out with Jacob Black. He starts changing her world around. They never stop hanging out and doing daring adventures. One day Bella goes beyond adventurous and Alice sees what she did in her vision. Edward comes back for Bella because of it. Now that Edward is back everything is changing again. Bella is stuck in a space between Jacob and Edward. Edward promises he will never leave her again. Can Bella trust him? Or will she stay with Jacob?

Danielle, 10th Grade 

While reading this book, the reader is sucked into the love between the two characters. From already reading the first book, Twilight, the reader knows how much in love they characters are, they know the plot, and they know most of what is going on. 

     Quite often, while reading this book, the reader may find themselves being sucked into the book. While reading, the reader is usually not able to put the book down. But when they do, they may find themselves constantly thinking of what may happen next in the book. Thinking if the couple will take a turn for the worst or if they will do something that will cause them to fall further into the helpless well of love. 

     This book was unbelievably moving, I loved it so much. I cannot wait for the arrival of the third book.


Arial, 10th Grade 

The gripping sequel to Twilight is just as good as the first book would lead you to expect.  I love how the author describes the feeling of lost love in such a real way.  This book had me somewhat frustrated through the middle of it; but when you find the reasoning behind it all its truly beautiful.  The author knows how to pull out all types of emotions: love, sadness, frustration, humor; all of these I felt as the characters felt them too.  In this book Bellas vampire boyfriend leave her.  He thinks this is what is best for her, as if he never existed.  Bella feels completely torn apart, like there is a hole ripping out her insides.  When she finds comfort in a new best friend Jacob she feels that maybe things will heal.  Yet again the rug is pulled from under her and an entirely different adventure folds out before her.


Somewhat easy

Meyer, Stephanie.  Eclipsewebsite   3rd in series

Jane F., 12th grade 

The main character, Bella, is graduating not only from highschool, but from a chapter of her life.  She is deciding to become a vampire after her graduation, but as in the other books there are many complications that get in the way.  This book is a good read that passes very quickly.  I wished it would never end!  I would recommend this book to anyone that knows how to read!  It is not difficult to read, and it is very enjoyable. 

Hailey B., 9th grade 

I really liked this novel also.  This book was full of action, especially the part of the invasion when the vampires and werewolves had to work together in order to win.  That particular part in the novel brought everybody closer together.

Ashley, 11th grade

I like this book a lot better than the first two. It is full of all kind of action, friendship and love. Eclipse is one of the four books in the serious.  Bella is about to graduate from high school and she will have a completely different life. Bella is the main character in this book. She is in love with Edward and her best friends are Jacob, which is in love with her. She has a major life decision that she has to make and she had better do it fast. Will the danger ever end for her? What guy will she end up choosing?

  Marie, 10th grade 

Eclipse, the third book of the four starts right of from New Moon. Bellas high school graduation is coming up and her life will soon change. Edward wants Bella to stay human and go to college, but Bella is convinced that she wants to become immortal. To stir up the romance between Bella, Edward, and even Jacob, dangerous new born vampires are attacking Seattle. The battle goes on through the whole book. Also through this book much history is told about Jacobs werewolf background. Id have to say the only boring part of this book was reading the werewolf stories. Everything else was jammed-packed full or romance and excitement.

Morgan, 10th grade 

This book was the best one of the 3 that Ive read. It is full of action, friendship, and love. Once you start reading it you will never want to put it down. Eclipse is one of four books in this series. Bella is one of the main characters in this book and has so many emotions. She is torn between the love of her life, Edward, and her best friend, Jacob, who she is starting to fall for. She also has a major life decision to make and she has to make it fast. There is danger lurking in the air once again for Bella Swan. Will the danger ever end for her? Which guy will she choose? 


Somewhat easy

Meyer, Stephanie.  Breaking Dawnwebsite   4th in series

Hailey B., 9th grade 

This was an excellent book. It did an extremely good job finishing up the series of Twilight. The main character got married and went on a honeymoon. While on her honeymoon she got pregnant. She has the baby and they live happily ever after. Bella is turned into a vampire to save her life during her pregnancy with her baby. They all have to work together to fight off the Volturi in the end. I wish it hadnt ended.

Ashley, 11th grade

This book was all right it wasnt as good as the third book. However, Bella marriages Edward and then they go on there honeymoon. While they were gone on there honeymoon Bella got pregnant. She got sick and she had to drink blood all the time so that the baby would stay healthy. Everyone in Edwards family help Bella out with the baby so that she can get some rest. Then one-day Bellas father called and asked if he could see her and the baby. Therefore, I recommend that you should read this book.

Michener, James.  Bridges at Toko-Ri.  New York: Random House.

Mieville, China.  The Scar.  

Mr. Greenlee 

The weirdest book I've ever read.  Map of Armada 



 Somewhat Difficult

947 pgs, 1100L

Pulitzer Prize

Mitchell, Margaret.  Gone with the Wind.  New York: Macmillan Children's Book Group.

available at the city library

198 pgs, 970L

Pulitzer Prize

Momaday, N. Scott.  House Made of Dawn. 

307 pgs, 900L

Montgomery Anne of Green Gables. 

Moore Campbell, Bebe.  Sweet Summer. 


It was her last summer with her father... 




Moreland, Peggy. The Texans Honor Bound Promise.  


 Sam wants to honor a promise that he made to one of his friends and busy working woman named Leah that makes a huge misunderstanding. She thinks that he is a mechanic coming to fix her brothers car, who was killed in the army. He ends up sticking to her assumption and lives there a month with her. The lies just keep getting bigger even though she is trying to be as truthful as possible. He gets in too deep and when he is called to go back across seas the nasty truth comes out and the whole thing snowballs from there.    

An Oprah Book Club Selection

in our library

Morris, Mary McGarrySongs in Ordinary Time.  

National Book Award

Most Honored National Book Award Finalist

MorrisWrightPlains Song.  

The heart of the book is its tactful rendering of the emotional history of several womenThey are such a real presence that its hard to think they havent actually lived


Pulitzer Prize

Morrison, Toni.  Beloved.  

Morrison, Toni.  The Bluest Eye. 

Morrison, Toni.  Song of Solomon.  

nominated for the National Book Award

Morrison, Toni.  Sula.  


Somewhat difficult

191 pgs

Mowat, Farley.  Lost in the Barrens.  New York: Little, Brown.

Joe R., 10th grade 

Lost in the Barrens was a great outdoor novel. Anyone who enjoys reading about the outdoors and survival should read this book. It is very similar to the Hatchet series by Gary Paulson.

Michael, 10th grade 

Lost in the Barrens was a good book about two teenagers that get stuck in the wild and have to survive during a cold winter. James and awasin are the two teenagers that have to survive the Barrens. Both boys are very experienced with the outdoors especially Awasin who is an Indian. They run into many problems throughout their time in the Barrens but always seem to have a solution. The two try to escape with the dogs they find but even with nice weather they still run into problems. After deciding to head back to camp they run into a storm and think they are dead for sure. Then they find themselves crawling into a house of their enemy. Later the boys and their enemy is not so bad, they saved their lives and brought them back home. 


Somewhat difficult

206 pgs, 970L

Myers, Walter Dean.  Bad Boy

  Fuller, 10th grade        

Walter Dean Meyers was a young African American growing up during rough times, and in a bad town now known as  Harlem .  Not knowing his own father and his mom struggling to support five kids, adoption was looking like a major issue.  Throughout, the book Walter explains his hard times with a sense of humor.  His style of writing turns everything around to make you view your life not so bad.  One example of his sense of humor is that while his moms at work he stayed home, and the food was scarce so all he ate was red freeze pops.  After weeks and weeks of red freeze pops his waste became pure red water and was easily mistaken for blood.  His mom rushed him to the hospital and turns out it was just the red food dye.  Having no food and starvation would be a serious matter to some but to Walter it was a joke, he explains through out the book that he never too anything for granted because it could always be worse.  I gave this book four out of five stars because it was cleverly written and funny form time to times.  I suggest this book to everyone with a sense of humor. 


Moderately difficult 

308 pgs, 650L

war, Vietnam

Myers, Walter Dean.  Fallen Angels.  New York: Scholastic. 

Michael, ninth grade

     Fallen Angels was a good book with lots of action. It was narrated by Richard Perry, a guy from New York who joins the army and is sent to Vietnam. He doesnt think war is that bad until he sees it and really starts to feel sick. Him and the group of guys really start to become friends as the war goes on. Peewee is his best friend and a crazy friend, them two get into some tough situations during this story. There is some great action in the book. If youre a fan of war books at all this is the book for you. 

Thomas R., eighth grade 

  This is another astounding book that I have read this year. This book is very descriptive book. There is a load of swearing and killing and it really gets into the action scenes and deaths.

     This is a pretty difficult book to read and I dont suggest anyone under eighth grade to read, this not only for the difficulty, but for the profanity and most of the other things the squad does. People above eighth grade who does like action books and think they can handle the goodness of this book, read it.         

Robert Chmb., ninth grade 

Perry shares the dream of getting out of the Nam alive, along with Peewee, Brunner, Lobel, Johnson, and Monaco.  The only way this will be possible is if they work together on the battlefield.  This book is about Perry and his struggle to get through the war, his fear of death, and his relationships with the men around him.  In this action packed-story, the characters travel through Vietnam and fight many battles against the VC and that is why I liked it so much.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes action books and war books.

 Scott R., junior 

     Intense, riveting, and inspiring, this is the true story of a band of friends during the Vietnam war. I couldnt put this book down, as I was completely immersed in its gripping action and driving plot. Readers will develop relationships with the in-book characters and it will hit hard when a beloved character is wasted. This book doesnt beat around the bush when it comes to the brutal realities of war. There are extremely detailed depictions of gore and the soldiers have quite a harsh vocabulary. I strongly recommend this book to those who like war stories, as this is one of the best ones Ive ever read.

Thomas S. , junior 

Many men that that joined the highly political war in Vietnam did not do so for the stereotypical purpose of saving the world from the Red threat. Some of our brave boy's joined because there was no where else to go.  the people they were sent there to protect distrusted them. Fallen angels is a story of friendships forged under fire. The story takes place in Vietnam in the midst's of war.  striped of all the luxuries that even third world take for granted. Sleeping in fox holes trying to elude the commie threat hiding in the steamy jungles, every moment threatening the GI's lives.  I recommend this book to any one who enjoys action an exciting plot  and character growth.  Recommended by Thomas for every one between 12 and 121 years old who is not afraid of a little blood. 


Somewhat easy

375 pgs, 800L

Southern Life, Struggle 

Myers, Walter Dean.  Glory Field.  New York: Scholastic.




Sports, Friendship, Trust

Myers, Walter Dean.  Hoops.  

Christina, senior 

The book Hoops is about teens from Harlem get a shot to play basketball to get a scholarship into a college.  The main character Lonnie has to trust his coach Cal, to get him thought this tournament.  Cal has a bad past and he is using Lonnie to fix his problems.  With Cal being the coach and everyone know his past, more problems are coming up.  This book has action and always keeps you wanting to read more.



279 easy pgs, 670L

Printz Award

National Book Award Finalist


crime, trial

Myers, Walter Dean.  Monster.  

Devon Hunt, 8th grade

Steve Harmon is 16.  He is on trial for his life.  Steve is accused of murdering Mr. Nesbitt, a shopkeeper that runs a drugstore.  He tells the reader what is happening in the trial and around him while he is in jail.  There are flashbacks of his life before and after the killing of Mr. Nesbitt.  This is a good book for people that dont like reading very much, because the words arent bunched together, and its easy to read.

Robert Chf, 8th grade 

  An 18-year-old boy who was accused of a murder of a store clerk owner. The story is told about what his life was like staying in jail. He tells his story as if it was a movie. The main question is if he turns out innocent or is he guilty. I thought this book was a must read book, it is very well paced and you just dont want to put it down.

Michael, 10th grade 

Monster was a great book that told the story of a teen that was accused of a robbery and murder. Steve is the young teen who is on trial for a possible life sentence in prison. The story gives great detail of the prison and about Steves thoughts about the place. Steve knows hes innocent but getting the jury to believe him is tough when there Is no hard evidence. Steve is very nervous during court sessions but who wouldnt be if you could possibly be in prison for life. Steve knows he has to get the people in the court to believe him, but he always wonders how if they already labeled him a monster.   

Fuller, 10th grade 

Steve Harmon, 16 year old African American, height: 62, weight: 200 pounds, charge: felony murder, sentence pending: 25 years to life  These are the details on the back of Steves mug shot. Hes on trial for assisting an armed robbery of a local drug store.  Local store owner shot and killed by two young men, more details after this.  Thats what the local news displayed on July 7th.  James King and Richard Evans on trail for felony murder and Mr. Harmon is right along side him for being a so called lookout.  However, he claims he wasnt there, he claims he was out filming for a school project in his local Harlem neighborhood to show what the ghetto was really like.  Guilty or not guilty? That is up to the jury to decide, so read along and follow the twisted trails of evidence and watch what turns up and what people who are facing life in prison do to hold on to their freedom.  Monster is by far one of the greatest if not the greatest books Ive ever read, it keeps you wanting to read more and the style and font makes the reader feel as if they were one of the jurors.  Its almost as if the evidence is being presented to the reader for them to decide life or death for the three monsters as the prosecutor named them.  I suggest this book to anyone and everyone. 



Newberry Honor Book



Myers, Walter Dean.  Scorpions.  New York: HarperCollins Children's Books. 

Tymon, eighth grade 

Tito and Jamal  are faced with a situation that could change their lives.  A bad kid named Mack gives them a gun because he wants them in a gang called the Scorpions.  This book doesnt have very much action in it besides a few school fights and a killing.  Its about how Jamal deals with school and his brother in jail.  This book puts the reader in the story; I was thinking as if I were in this book.  It was a good, easy read.  It doesnt have a ton of profanity in it, so younger kids would be able to read it also.




Myers, Sunrise Over Fallujah.

Dillon, 8th grade 

In the book sunrise over Fallujah the main character Perry a new army recruit is not sure why he joined the army, when he finds out how the war really is he regrets joining. The story is about Perry being shipped into  Iraq, and finding out the dangers of the war.  He gets sick of the killing and heat quickly.  I liked this book a lot because It shows you the heroics and horror of the war and how it can make a person react.




female relationships

Myracle, Lauren.  ttyl.  

Shelbie, 8th Grade 

 Maddie, Angela, and Zoe that have been friends for a long time. This is their first year of tenth grade, but the girls are all different from each other, similar to The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. This book is good. It is real, and it talks about things that do happen in life and that arent made up once upon a time sort of things. This book is good for girls that are just starting high school. I think it is a little too much drama for boys to like a lot. 

Danielle, ninth grade 

  Zoe, Maddie, and Angela, like all friends, have their times where they really dont get along and times where they dont think their friendship will make it. But throughout the book they go through their ups and downs of friendship.       v

     Angel goes through some hard times of liking a boy and then having him be to chicken to tell her that he likes another girl and that hes cheating on her. Zoe has a hard time with developing a thing for a teacher and him trying to take it too far. Maddie gets hooked in with some people that she thought she hated but then got the wrong idea. She gets taken to a party where she does some pretty wild things and pictures of her get spread around the school.

       This book was pretty good. Sometimes it got kind of confusing as to what had happened or what they were talking about because the whole book was in instant messaging. But all in all it was pretty good and I recommend it to people who like books that are about friendship. 

Arial, ninth grade 

   Written entirely in instant messenger, ttyl is a very intriguing book; it is about three girls who are best friends, but of course as with every teenager, they run into problems. Boys, peers, cliques, religion, teachers and parents are some of the struggles these girls go through while trying to beat the odds that say high school friendships never last. This book is funny and cute. After getting the characters figured out, its a fairly easy read. I enjoyed this book and would recommended it to any teenage girl.   

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