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The books below are often recommended for eight-grade students.  




Eight-grade students may also choose from the 9th grade book list.  

Eight-grade students may choose a 7th grade book  and receive 90% of the grade.  

Eight-grade students may choose a 6th-grade book and receive 80% of the grade.

Eight-grade students may choose a 5th-grade and receive 70% of the grade.

Eight-grade students may not choose a 4th-grade without a specific IEP.   



Aaseng, Nathan.  

You are the General. 

148 pgs


in the library at 355

Austin J., 8th grade

     It was good a book but not my favorite.  My favorite thing about it is that you get to make a choice on what is going to happen during the battles. During the battle scenes, the reader gets to guess from a couple choices of what is going to happen. The book is pretty easy. The descriptions of the battles are very good.  Austin recommends this book for people 11 and up.


Anderson, Laurie.  


Printz Award Finalist

National Book Award Finalist

198 pgs,  690L

In English Room.

Maggie, 8th grade

 Melinda Sordino had good friends and was pretty popular all through middle school until she goes to a party at the end of the summer and gets in a bad situation and she ends up calling the cops. Now she is going into high school and everyone is mad at her for ruining the party. She has to go through high school alone and afraid. This book wasnt hard to read for me, it is a good book for any teenager girl. I would recommend it.

Jane, eighth grade 

     In a world where it seems like no one understands you, keeping quiet doesnt help.  The main character, Mel, called the cops on the end of the summer party, and spends a year regretting it.  She went from just going into the cool group to being the most avoided in the school.  For me, this book put me in an all-too-real situation, I felt like I was right there with Mel.  Its was an easy read for me, and I would recommend it to an age group of about 7th grade on up to 9th, for content and difficulty.  Will Mel tell her secret, or keep quiet, and stay the school outcast?

Shelbie M. , eighth grade 

       This book would be one I would recommend .A girl is popular in middle school and now her first year of high school, she calls the cops on the end of the summer party.  No one likes her anymore .People are throwing her stuff on the floor, pulling her hair, and making her life miserable just because she called the cops.  However, she didnt really call the cops on the party.  There is something else

Kate, ninth grade 

Melanie Sordino lives in fear. Shes afraid to express her feelings to her parents or her teachers. Shes afraid to tell her ex-best friend, Rachel, what really happened the night of the party and why she called the cops. Shes afraid to give any effort to make friends. Shes afraid to speak out.

Throughout the year events in Melanies life cause her to become more scared. With the help of only herself, she learns to find her voice.


Melinda Sordino started her freshman year of high school as an outcast. Not one person in her school would talk to her or even look at her without a disgusted look on there face. It turns out Melinda called the cops on end of the summer party and got a lot of people in trouble. Melinda has no desire to speak to anyone after the incident. She doesn't have any friends to talk to and she doesn't communicate well with her family. Melinda is the only person who knows the real reason of why she called the police and she can't tell anybody. She goes through her whole freshman year as and outcast not talking hiding in the janitor's closet using it as her safe haven. All she did was eat, sleep, and observe. When reading this book you are getting the story from Melinda's point of view. When you read you are in her depressed sad mind and you wonder if she will ever speak her mind.  


Carter, Forrest 

The Education of Little Tree.

pgs, 890L


in our library, 813.53

Forrest Carter lives with his Cherokee Granpa and Granma, who call him "Little Tree" and teach him about nature, farming, whiskey making, mountain life, society, love, and spirit by a combination of gentle guidance and encouragement of independent experience.  This book has a strong message of simple living, tradition, and love of nature.


Carroll, Lewis.

Alice in Wonderland.

A Classic Youth Novel



Not yet available in our school


Carroll, Lewis.

Through the Looking Glass

A Classic Youth Novel

the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.



Not yet available in our school

   Duncan, Lois. 

The Third Eye. 


Jane, 9th Grade 

Karen was born with the gift of the human psyche, or is it a curse?  All of these images of kidnapped children pop into her head, and its too much for her to bear.  When a detective shows up at her door asking for help, will she turn him down to keep her mind clean of the horrors, or will she give her gift to help the children?  This book was written in current times, with current teenage troubles.  The author likes to slowly unveil the characters so that their real being is revealed in the end.  It is a fast easy read I would recommend to someone that isnt looking for a book that takes months. 


George, Jean Craighead.

Julie of the Wolves.  

Newberry Medal.

170 pgs, 860L


In English Room




George, Jean Craighead.

My Side of the Mountain.

Newberry Honor Book. 

also its sequels: Other Side of the Mountain and On the Far Side of the Mountain

176 pgs,  810L


formerly in English Room.



Gipson, Fred.

Old Yeller.   

A Classic Youth Novel

117 pgs, 910L


In English Room.


Paul F., eighth grade

This book is about a family back in the late 1800s or early 1900s, their dad left home to go on a cattle drive to make some money for the family.  Now, his 14-year-old son, Travis, has to take care of his younger brother and mom.  They run into some of trouble with wild animals but luckily, they found a dog that will protect them from all their troubles.  The dog is able to fight off bears, wild hogs, wolves, and other wild animals.  One of the main problems is that there is a bad case of rabies going around in the wild life around them.  Will Old Yeller get rabies or live the rest of his life peacefully?  I would recommend this book to people who like outdoor adventures. 


Hautman, Pete.


National Book Award.

198 pgs,  700L


In English Room.


Scott, senior 

Although it starts off interesting, maybe even a little exciting, Godless soon becomes quite an average book after the first couple chapters. The story is about a teenage boy, who is a proclaimed atheist until he creates his very own religion. The few people that join his church of the ten-legged god worship, of all thingsa water tower. Its pretty lame and only some witty dialogue exchanges between the town trouble maker and our protagonist kept this book from sinking below average, oh and the occasional X-Men references that the Asian nerd makes. Things go from bad to worse for the characters of this story and the exact same can be said for the story itself.  The ending completely dragged.  After all these complaints, Godless still has some good things going for itmost just didnt appeal to me personally, and I tended to focus on the negatives.  Its hard for me to recommend this book. You may like it, you may hate it. I found it average.



Hautman, Pete.

No Limit.  

(formerly Stone Cold)


In English Room.

Tymon, ninth grade

 I really thought that this book wasnt going to be good at all, but once I started it I couldnt put it down.  It seemed like it could be so real.  The main characters name is Glenn Doyle and he has a pretty successful lawn business.  He was making pretty good money and was trying to buy a car.  One day an older friend asked him if he wanted to come over to play some poker and have a few beers.  Glenn couldnt say no because no one has ever asked him to have a beer with them.  It was his first time playing poker and he won all of their money.  People say gambling is bad because you lose your money, but they hardly ever say it is bad when you win too much.  This was an easy read and it is suitable for any age higher than middle school students.

Robert Chmb, 10th grade

 A nice good friendly game of poker cant hurt anyone right? Wrong. In this story, Dennis Doyle starts off his summer as a kid who runs a lawn business and makes a decent amount of money for his work, when Jason Hicks asks him tom play poker he thinks its going to be a normal poker game, but he was wrong. Dennis becomes addicted to poker. This book is good because it tells the reader what an addiction can do to a persons life and how it can make it seem like its the best thing in the world when at the same time its the worst thing in the world. 

I suggest this book to everyone.

Michael, 10th grade  

No Limit is a great book about a teenager named Dennis Doyle who plays poker and then doesnt stop. Dennis plays for fun with his friends one time and when he wins he knows its his game. When Dennis starts buying books about poker he really gets into it. He eventually gets a fake ID and is playing in casinos and winning ten grand or more a night. Then money gets the best of him and he gets addicted and loses everything except money including two good friends. He finally decides to stop playing poker eventually. When he goes to help one of his friends who is playing poker, he gets in on a couple hands to try and talk him out of it. That night he ends up winning one of the biggest pots of his life.    

 Tyler M, 10th grade 

 No Limit was a good book it was about a kid named Dennis Doyle he has a good life with great friends.  He does lawn service that his friends help him out with.  One day Dennis got into the poker games in the casino with a fake ID.  He loses interest in his lawn service and his friend has taken over.  Dennis gets so carried away in poker that he goes to the casino every day to play.  Denniss mom and his friends are worried about him so does Dennis listen to his friends or does he keep doing what he loves best getting money by playing poker.

Klavan, Andrew.

The Last Thing I Remember.


 376 pgs


 and its sequel The Long Way Home and The Truth of the Matter.  

in the English Room 


MT, 9th grade

The Last Thing I Remember is a mystery book.  This book keeps you wondering what going to happen. However, I would not recommend this; I found it hard to understand. All though I do give the book three stars out of five. The last thing I remember is not a horrible book, I feel some people would enjoy it, it was just a bit more on the difficult side for me.

Jeremy, 8th grade

The Last Thing I Remember was an ok book it had a good plot and lots of action. There so much for the me to figure out that the book dident tell me. I did not like the book much, and would not recommend it.  

Collin, 9th grade 

A very action packed book with no reel slow parts through the entire read. very strange at the beginning leading the reader to want to find out what happens in the end. Good read and the beginning of a very good series.

Mr. G. 

Action all the way through!


O'Brien, Robert.

Z is for Zechariah.

250 pgs, 820L


In school library under fiction


Collin, 8th grade 

A teenage girl survives a post nuclear war era on her own in a small valley.  As time goes on, she teaches herself how to grow crops and raise animals, until a stranger show up and changes everything.  The book has a gradual start then it slows down towards the middle with an exciting ending that keeps you reading. 



O'Dell, Scott.

The Black Pearl.

Newberry Honor Book 

100 pgs,  980L

In English Room.



O'Dell, Scott.

Sing Down the Moon.

123 pgs,  820L


In English Room.

Halee, 8th grade 

The book Sing Down The Moon is an awesome book, it tells about the ways if life of tribe who live in a canyon. They live there for a long time and then are driven out by the Long knives. When their homes are destroyed, they are brought to all new land that is bad for growing crops. It also tells about the struggles of the moving of many tribes. This book is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone because of its easy reading level and it is easy to understand as well.



Oppel, Michael.



Printz Award Finalist. 

501 pgs, 760L

In English Room.


   Matt Cruse has worked on the Aurora, which is their ship, for a long time.  His father died, and his only family left is his mom and sisters.  He is a good worker and wants a promotion.  However, one day he spots a dying balloonist who speaks of beautiful creatures in the sky.  Matt Cruse meets up with a passenger named Kate, and they seem to like each other.  She wants to find those creatures that her grandpa wrote about in his journal.

Mr. Greenlee

This is a fun, fun book.  Okay, so the escape from the pit was hokey; perhaps the whole plot was somewhat hackneyed.  But the characters were likeable and the action, given the swashbuckling circumstances,  flowed out of that situation in an uncontrived manner.  The airship concept was fascinating, and I enjoyed the blueprints and the website.  It was paced well, and I read through it without setting it aside once - a very good tale.  


Paterson, Katherine. 

Jacob Have I Loved.  

Newberry Medal 

244 pgs,  880L


In English Room.

Her sister Caroline is talented and beautiful.  Everyone admires her.  It's plain that she's going somewhere in life.  Louise, however, will probably live the rest of her life on her little island home.  


Paulsen, Gary. 

Harris and Me.

157 pgs,  1060L

In English Room.


Tyler C., 8th Grade 

The book Harris and Me is a wonderful book, I would give this book a rating of 5. There is a 11 year old boy that is sent to live with his cousins because his parents are alcoholics. His Cousin Harry (Harry is my favorite character) has already got him in trouble just as he got there. He experiences his new and strange life with mean farm animals and his crazy cousins. This is a great book of comedy and adventure. I suggest you read this hilarious book, and find out what happens in the end.    

Michael, ninth grade

 Harris and me is a great book, it is a short easy read packed with adventure and comedy. When this city boy is dropped off to live with his cousin and his family it will be a summer he will never want to end. He is at first shy and not used to farm life. By the end he eats and works just like the rest of the family. He experiences mean farm animals and his crazy cousin on a motor-bike. There is always action throughout the whole book and it keeps you laughing. Finally he gets used to the farm life and loves it and hoped he wouldnt have to leave at the end of the summer.   

Tymon, eighth grade

This is one of my favorite books.  It was extremely amusing.  Gary Paulsen has the characters do what real kids would imagine.  He must have had kids come to a farm and used their imaginations to give him ideas for Harris and the main character.  It was a very easy read, but it never told the main characters name.  This book has profanity in it so it would not be suitable for elementary kids, but high school kids should enjoy this book.

Tyler M., ninth grade

    Harris and Me is an excellent book. It is about this eleven-year old boy who is sent to live with his cousins because his parents are alcoholics. The boy has barely any time to settle in before his younger cousin Harris has them to in trouble. Went it is time to cut the field, Harris and the narrator have to go and catch mice and for each mice they catch they get a penny. When they are done with that, Harris goes to show him what exactly he needs the mice for. They go to the top of the barn in a small room and see that Knute has been making their farm out of the fur of the mice. He also sees himself in the pigpen with Harris full of mud. Finally he has found his home, somewhere he actually fits in, but when summer comes he does not want to go back to school, or to his parents. But when the cop comes and takes him back he wants to return again next summer. 

Paul F., eighth grade

Commie Japs! the two kids yelled as they fought with the pigs.  The kids loved playing games like army and cowboys and Indians, it is all they did to keep themselves entertained during the long summer days.  Henry went to live with his relatives in the summer, he didnt even know who they were, but the Sheriff made him go somewhere else every summer because his parents were drunks.  This story is about two kids getting in all the trouble they can get into. This was a good book; I would recommend this book to all boys of any age.  

Robert Chmb., ninth grade

Orange pop, pig wrestling, cowboys all some off the casualties of summer for a city kid who is sent to his cousins farm for the summer. This story brings summer on a farm to life with a city kid and unpredictable cousin Harris. In Harris and Me there is a first for everything. Love, homemade motorcycles, movies, and orange pop. I liked this book because it reminded me of summer and the great times that happen. I recommend this book to boys of all ages.


Paulsen, Gary. 


Newberry Honor Book

195 pgs,  1020L

in English Room.


Todd, 8th grade

The book Hatchet was a good book because it was exciting.  Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson becomes stranded on an island in Canada while on his way to see his dad.  While he is on the island, he has to catch his own food and finds out it is not easy.  He also has problems with animals on the island.  These events are fun to read about and it is a good book for anyone who is looking for a good book to read.

Caleb K, 8th grade

There is a kid who goes up to Canada to see his dad for the summer in an oil field.  On his way there the Brian gets in a crash in a plane he tries to fly plane on to water.  His mom gives him a hatchet before he gets on the plane.  On the way there the pilot died and Brian the kid tries to radio in to tell someone that the pilot has died.  Eventually he gets someone for about 1 minute and then he loses signal.  He crashes into a lake shaped like an L.  Brian tries to stay alive by eating one turtle egg a day.  And he makes fire by hitting his hatchet on a rock to make sparks.   

Andrew, 8th grade

 Hatchet is a good survival story about a boy who is flying to Canada to see his father, but on the way, his plane crashes into a lake and me must survive until the rescue party comes. This story rarely has a slow spot and at many times you wonder is he going to live, and at most of those times it seems almost certain that wont.  I recommend this book for anyone likes a nice read.

Fuller C., ninth grade

Brian Robenson was a typical boy going through every boys life with his parents getting divorced and the average teen problems.  During the summer Brian decided to go up to visit his father when he boarded a single engine plane for the first time. It was only Brain and the pilot flying together up into the wilderness of northern Canada.  During his flight, problems arose with the pilot causing the plane to come crashing down out of mid air. So follow along with Brian as he fights to stay alive in the wilderness with nothing but his hatchet.  I rate this book a five stars and it is fairly easy reading level. I recommend it to all readers.     

Caleb, tenth grade

     I thought this book was going to be very boring when I first started to read it, but then as the story moved on it started to get more interesting.  This book is about a boy whose parents get a divorce.  His dad lives in Canada and owns an oil company in the Canadian wilderness and Brian is going to visit him.  While he is in the plane he is thinking about the Secret- why his mom and dad were divorced.  Then in an instant, the pilot has a heart problem and they crash into a lake.  The pilot dies, but Brian is still alive and he has to fend for himself in the wild.


Rawls, Wilson. 

Where the Red Fern Grows.

A Classic Youth Novel

249 pgs, 700L

In English Room


Dillon, 9th grade 

In this book the main character 10 year old Billy who lives in the ozark mountains during the great depression and wants a pair of coon hunting dogs. His parents tell him they cant afford them so he saves his money for two years, and buys two pups out of  an article he finds by the river. He names them old dan and little ann. He goes through many experiences with the dogs while hunting and takes them on a big coon hunting trip and he looses both of his dogs when a mountain lion attacks them.

Robert Chmb.

Fuller C.

Ben M., Junior

Where The Red Fern Grows is a great book.  If you like to read and adventure story about a boy and how he works to get his hunting dogs.  Then he works hard to train and hunt with them.  This story is meant for readers of all ages.  I would recommend this book for any one that is over the age of eleven or twelve. The author Wilson Rawls does a great job of getting the reader involved in the story.  I could not put the book down because in every chapter something was happening and you just wanted to find out what it was.  I would recommend this to almost any one.

Recommended by Ben for people that like to read about people trying to get what they like and believe in.


Rowling, J.K.

Harry Potter  and The Sorcerer's Stone. (1)

309 pgs, 880L


In English Room. 

ND, 8th Grade

I really enjoyed Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone. I recommend this book for people who enjoy suspense and action. The book is about a young kid who was a son of two great wizards. Although his parents died and he had to stay with his aunt and uncle. He kept receiving  letters but his uncle kept on taking them. They received so many letters they moved to an island in the middle of the ocean. In the night a huge man broke through the door, tells Harry the truth about his parents, and reveals the secret that he is a wizard. He then goes to a school for witch and wizardry and reveals the deepest secrets and learns of a dark wizard that got the name Voldemort and Harry soon finds out Voldemort was the murderer of his parents.     

Morgan, 8th Grade

Fans of this movie will love the book. The movie and the book are almost the same. Some parts in the book are cut out of the book. If you havent seen the movie or read the book, it is about a boy named Harry who is living with his Aunt and Uncle. What he doesnt know is that he is a Wizard, a very famous wizard. Voltimore killed Harrys parents. Harry is famous because he was the only one that survived his evil powers, and he was only a baby. Because he is a Wizard, he has to go to a wizard school, Hogwarts. On his way to becoming a great Wizard at Hogwarts, he has to face many challenges and solve one big mystery that lies beneath the school. With his two best friends by his side, they will try and make it through the school year alive.  



Rowling, J.K.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (2)

341 pgs, 940L


In English Room.  

  Morgan, 8th grade 

Fans of this movie will love the book. The movie and the book are almost the same. Some parts in the book are cut out of the book. If you havent seen the movie or read the book, it is about a boy named Harry who is living with his Aunt and Uncle. What he doesnt know is that he is a Wizard, a very famous wizard. Voltimore killed Harrys parents. Harry is famous because he was the only one that survived his evil powers, and he was only a baby. Because he is a Wizard, he has to go to a wizard school, Hogwarts. On his way to becoming a great Wizard at Hogwarts, he has to face many challenges and solve one big mystery that lies beneath the school. With his two best friends by his side, they will try and make it through the school year alive.



Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (3)

435 pgs, 880L


In English Room.  

  Morgan, 8th grade 

  This book is the third book of the seven books of this series. A famous Wizard named Harry Potter who is in his third year of Hogwarts, and is starting his new year in hiding. He is hiding from the one person that wants to kill Harry and that would be Serious Black. A murderer with dark spells unlike any other Witch or Wizard.  Black is the only one in history that has ever escaped from Azkaban, a jail that only the worst Wizards or Witches go. Harry soon finds out that not all things appear to be what they actually are, and thats not all the trouble Harry has to face, he has many challenges he has to face through out this book. This book I think was better than the rest because it has much more action and adventure through it. 


Sleator, William. 

The House of Stairs.

157 pgs

Lex: 810  AR: 6.3


In English Room.


Talon., eighth grade

This is an awesome book. It was a book that really twisted your mind to think about what is going on, why whoever put them there is doing this, what are they going to do to survive? Its one of those books that have a hint of truth about it; it gives you a this really could happen sort of feeling. Thats what makes a good horror story or mystery. This is a book that makes you wonder; what if this is really happening right now?

Christian, 8th Grade 

 I really enjoyed this book because it has a great plot. It is about a group of five kids who are all 16 and orphans. Each of them have a different personalities and they have to work together to get food. A couple of kids in the House of Stairs dont get along, but that makes the story so much more suspenseful. 

Chris R., 8th Grade 

 I thought this book was ok. I thought it had too much drama and all of the kissing romance and awkwardness. I liked it because it had some hilarious parts like when Oliver peed on Abigail and Blossom and all of the pranks that Abigail, Blossom, and Oliver pull on each other.

Malissa, 8th Grade 

The book the house of stairs was a good book it had a good beginning not so bad in the middle it had some cussing but still ok all the characters still argued but they were all ok with getting along. Two of the five characters were beaten by the other three because they didnt agree with what they thought about the food machine. 

Morgan, 8th Grade 

 Five teenage boys and girls are all orphans and were sent to a house of stairs. There were no walls or ceiling or anything, just a house of stairs. They found each other one by one; they had many conflicts between one another, and it was harder for them to get along with each other, than it was finding food and water. They had to survive together with not enough food and little water, and the water they do get comes from a toilet they found on a narrow bridge. This book went a little slow for me.  

Marie, 8th grade 

     Lola, Peter, Oliver, Blossom, and Abigail are all stuck in a secured area with only stairs. What they dont know is that they are being studied. While there in this area they figured out how to get food and water, but when the food stopped coming they had to figure out another way. What they had to do now was beat each other up, verbally and physically. Finally two of them stop doing what the others are doing and go away, starving themselves almost to death. These 5 kids arent sure if they will ever get out.

Jane F., eighth grade

What would you do if you were trapped in a house filled completely with stairs? In the book House of Stairs group of teenagers are put in that exact situation, for a reason they have to figure out.  They have nothing but a machine that feeds them rarely, and each other.  This book is filled with the struggles of the teens, and how different people act under pressure.  The author keeps you wanting more in this chilling mystery.  I thought the book was a very fun read; it puts you right in there with the characters, and is not difficult.  If you want to be scared, this book is not scary, just disturbing.  Will they ever get out, or more importantly, live? 


Twain, Mark.

Tom Sawyer. 

A Classic Youth Novel

319 pgs, 830L


In English Room.

   Voigt, Cynthia.  

Solitary Blue.  


lex:770, 304 pages

Ashley,11th grade

 I recommend that people read this book. It is a good book there is this Boy named Jeff and he is an only child and he lives with his father. His mom moved away when he was a little kid and he doesnt see her that often only in the summer time. His father has a friend that is over all the time and help Jeff cook dinner sometime because his father works all the time.



Westerfield, Scott.


448 pgs, 790L

 in English Room.

Chris, 8th grade 

Leviathan is a great fiction book. This book was based during World War I, but has the machinery of the future. In the book, there are two nations about to go to war, the Clankers and the Darwinists. The Clankers are mostly German, Austrian, and Hungarian, with a few exceptions like the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). The Darwinists are mostly Russian, British, and French, with an exception of Serbia. Another fact about the Clankers is that they fight with machines, not beasts. Darwinists on the other hand fight with beasts and not machines. No matter what side you think is better, Leviathan is still a great book.

Talon, 8th grade

I rate Leviathan 5 stars because it was an adventure story set on a living, genetically created, blimp. The main characters, Deryn and Alek are both trying to survive a war between the Darwinists, that create weird animals to be in their army, and the Clankers, who make machines to fight in the war. Deryn is a girl that pretends to be a boy so she can join the air force, and Alek, who is a prince, is pretending to be a commoner so the emperor doesnt kill him. Eventually, they both end up on this huge, living, blimp named Leviathan.


Weyn, Suzanne.

The Barcode Tattoo.

 250 Pgs,  880L


in English Room.

   Jeremy, 8th grade 

The Bar Code Tattoo was a interesting book that has a good plot. There were twists that kept me reading all through the book. There are no boring parts in this book and many things for me to figure out on my own. The book is fast paced and very sci-fi, and I recommend this book.        

   Robert, eighth grade 

  What if everyone around you is getting a new bar code tattoo? The tattoo is a credit card, its an ID, it makes your life a lot easier. However, what if you say no? Seventeen-year-old Kayla is soon to be 18 year old and she decides not to get the tattoo because she thinks there is something the government isnt telling her. She meets up with a group of people that go to her school who call themselves Decode who are people just like her. This book is a non-stop thriller there isnt one boring part in the whole book. I thought the book was very good but the only thing that I didnt like was how it ended in the last 30 pages.

   Arial, ninth grade 

The barcode tattoo separates people from fitting in or being an outcast. The world around Kayla is changing. They all want her to get the barcode, everyone is doing it.  Kayla doesnt want it. She joins a decode group to stick up for what she believes in. There is something wrong with the codes, something the government is not telling her. 

This is a very suspenseful book.  The relationships Kayla makes are interesting and fun to read. I definitely enjoyed reading this book. The only part I did not like was some parts were unrealistic.  The writer pushes on you too much to believe that it is the future by saying things are holographic or neon jumpsuits.  I enjoyed the originality of the story line. 

   Shelbie M., eighth grade 

 Do you want to become a code? For a girl who is about to turn 17 that is a choice she has to make. Everyone is getting one and they are supposed to make life easier. The bar code becomes everything like credit cards and drivers license. On top of it all, everyone, is doing it so why not? As she researches the tattoos, she realizes that they are so much more complicated than that. Her dad has committed suicide, now her best friends family cant get a mortgage so they are moving right away. On top of it all, the kids at her school are saying she is an outcast for not getting the tattoo. She joins a group called Decode. Which is a group trying to stop all these people from getting tattoos before they are the next one to fall into the unforgiving side of this life-destroying tattoo.   

  Danielle, ninth grade 

       Kayla goes through a hard time with everything going on around her. Her parents have each gotten the bar code and not it seems to be -driving her father crazy. When things go wrong with her dad, her mother starts to get really weird. And when Kayla finds out what happened with them, it sends her into shock. When Kaylas friend gets the tattoo, things start to go wrong with her family too. Kayla finds relief in a group of friends that she makes at school. They are all against the bar code and Kayla is very attracted to them. They are part of a campaign called Decode. After a while Kaylas friend Amber moves away because of how the bar code has messed up her familys life so much.      


Whelan, Gloria.

Homeless Bird.  

National Book Award. 


In School Library under fiction


Jen W.

At the surprising news that her parents tell Koly, she has to leave everyone she knows and move on to a new life without her parents and without her brothers.  She moves in with her new parents and discovers her new husband has a very bad illness.  She goes to places and meets new people and goes on many adventures.  Gloria Whelan shows readers how Indian women are treated in everyday life.







Anderson, Laurie Halse.


231 pgs, 580L

In English Room.

Bauer, Joan.  

Rules of the Road.  


In school library under fiction

Bauer, Joan.  




In school library under fiction

Bell, William.

Forbidden City.

197 pgs, 870L


In school library under fiction

Boyne, John.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

In English Room. 


Brink, Carol Ryrie.  

Caddie Woodlawn.

Newberry Medal

284 pgs, 890L


In the English Room.  

Brooks, Bruce.

What Hearts.

194 pgs, 900L


In school library under fiction


Choi, Sook Nyul.

Year of Impossible Goodbyes.

168 pgs, 840L


 in English Room.  


and its sequel, 

Echoes of the White Giraffe



 in English Room.  


Christopher, John.

The White Mountains.  

213 pgs, 920L

and sequels The City of Gold and Lead

and The Pool of Fire


only the sequels are now in English Room

Cooper, Susan.

Over Sea, Under Stone. 

243 pgs, 830 L


In English Room.

Dowell, Franes O'Roark.

Shooting the Moon. 

163 pgs, 890 L


In English Room.

Hahn, Mary Downing.

December Stillness.

181 pgs, 860L


In school library under fiction

Hayes, Daniel.  

The Trouble with Lemons.

188 pgs, 830L


In school library under fiction

Hamilton, Bethany.

Soul Surfer: 

A  True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Bet Back on the Board.  

186 pgs, 960L


In our Library under Biography

Hesse, Karen.


304 pgs, 8L


  in the English Room 

Ingold, Jeanette.

The Big Burn.

283 pgs, 860L


In school library under fiction

Jacques, Brian.


351 pgs, 800L


  in the English Room 


Jacques, Brian. 


376 pgs


  in the English Room 

Judson, William.  

Cold River.

182 pgs, 830L


In school library under fiction

Lasky, Kathryn.

The Bone Wars.



In school library under fiction

Morpurgo, Michael.

War Horse.

165 pgs 


  in the English Room 

Moskin, Marietta.

I Am Rosemarie.

248 pgs, 880L


In school library under fiction

Myers, Walter Dean.

Bad Boy 

Printz Award, 

National Book Award Finalist

205 pgs,  970L


In English Room.

Patterson, James. 

Suzanne's Diary 

for Nicholas.

289 pgs

In school library under fiction

Paulsen, Gary. 

The River

sequel to Hatchet 


 in English Room.

Paulsen, Gary. 

Brian's Hunt.

sequel to The River 


JJJ    $

in English Room.

Paulsen, Gary. 

Woods Runner.  

164 pgs, 870 L


In English Room.

Paulsen, Gary. 


132 pgs, 1090L


In Our Library under biography

Pelzer, Dave.

A Child Called "It".

153pgs, 850L


In English Room.

Pinkney, Andrea. 

Silent Thunder. 

217 pgs, 880L


In school library under fiction

Portis, Charles. 

True Grit. 

235 pgs, 800L


In English Room.

Razzi, Jim.

Custer and Crazy Horse: A Story of Two Warriors.

168 pgs


In our Library under Biography

Rivers, Francine.

The Last Sin Eater.  

324 pgs 


In English Room

Shulman, Polly. 


198 pgs, 820L


in English Room

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley.

The Witches of Worm.

183 pgs, 920L


In English Room 

Speare, Elizabeth.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

Newberry Medal

248 pgs, 850L


In English Room.

Steinbeck, John. 

The Red Pony.  

810 L, 119 pgs.

In English Room.  


Tregaskis, Richard.

John F. Kennedy and PT-109

185 pgs


In our Library under Biography

Twain, Mark.

The Prince and the Pauper. 

A Classic Youth Novel

222 pgs, 890L


In English Room.


Vande Velde, Vivian.

Heir Apparent.

315 pgs, 820L


In school library under fiction


Veciana-Suarez, Anna.

Flight to Freedom.

205 pgs, 850L


In school library under fiction

White, Ryan, & Ann Marie Cunningham. 

Ryan White: My Own Story.

296 pgs, 860L


In our Library under Biography

Wilson, Diane Lee.


336 pgs, 840L


 in English Room.



Eighth Graders May also Choose from the Seventh Grade List and the Ninth Grade List.