This map satisfies the following conditions set forth in China Mieville's Novel The Scar
Bask--Tailor's Moan is the largest ship of Bask, 336
Clockhouse Spur (Booktown) two names for same place 79

Borders Garwater, and meets Shadder at the Castor 94, which is at the forward tip of Garwater 132;
Basilio Harbor is part of Booktown 103; and it lies Aft-Aft-Starboard of Garwater's Grand Easterly 104, 83
Krome Plaza is a great suspended platform lying between Aronnax Lab and Pinchermarn
Aronnax Lab a fat factory ship lying next to Compound Dust and separated from Pinchermarn by Krome Plaza 80,
Badmark outer edge of Garwater alongside Darioch's Concern 233
Corrosive Memory a library ship on its outer edge 115,
Compound Dust a farm ship lying near Garwater's Severe and next to Aronnax Lab 80,
Dancing Wight a library ship, connected by a walkway to the Pinchermarn 102b,
Dober near Sorghum 391
Duneroller, a fat old gunship, location not specified 128
Glomar's Heart lies aft-aft-starboard of Grand Easterly 83
Pinchermarn the aftmost of the library ships 80, separated from Aronnax Lab by Krome Plaza 80; see also b102, 136;
Psire largest ship in Booktown, overlooks Basilio Harbor 103-4
Sorghum a drilling rig in Basilio Harbor 128,


Borders the starboard-aft edge of Garwater 148-9
Terpsichoria is on the starboard edge of Curhouse close to Garwater 150-151

Dry Fall

Borders the Haunted Quarter194 and probably Thee-and-Thine 194
Uroc is flagship 82,


Borders Booktown, and meets Shadder at the Castor 94, which is at the forward tip of Garwater 132;
Borders Jhour, between which there is a swimming area 156b;
Borders Curhouse (see Croom Park)
Urchinspine Harbor is near Curhouse 112,
Croom Park is on the starboard aft edge of Garwater 148; is, made up of four ships is it also partly on Curhouse Riding 149;
The Lyceum is a noncontiguous part of Garwater that lies between Curhouse and Bask 159;
Cable's Weft lying between the Surge Instigant and the Plengant, 240
Castor is forward tip of Garwater and borders both Shadder and Booktown 132, 109,
Chromolith, lying next to the Jarvee, 79;
Gigue is an industrial ship in the Garwater riding, perhaps between the Chromolith and the Grand Easterly, 216. 
Grand Easterly Flagship and largest in Armada, lying in the center of Garwater Riding 82,
Jarvee lies between Chromolith and Lynx Sejant 79; 
Lynx Sejant, lying next to the Jarvee, and connected by the Taffeta bridge to the massive clipper Severe 79;
Magda's Threat
Plengant, a submersible, lying next to Cable's Weft and the Grand Easterly 240
Raddletoungue lying starboard 82;
Severe a massive clipper on the edge of Booktown and connected by the Taffeta bridge to the Lynx Sejant 79;
Shadeskinner lies on the water's edge 205
Surge Instigant lying beside the Cable's Weft 240

The Haunted Quarter

In city's fore-port corner, bordering Dry Fall and Thee-and-Thine 194
Wordhoard is the largest 445 of only ten ships, 194.


Borders Garwater, between which there is a swimming area 156b;
Saskital is the largest ship of Jhour, 336.
Custody Aeroworks 230-231


Shadder and Booktown and Garwater meet at the Castor 94 which is at the forward tip of Garwater 132,
Therianthorpus Flagship: 84c
Darioch's Concern alongside Badmark 233
Sculpture Garden a corvette 234
Tolpandy borders Garwater 339b


One must go thru Shadder to get to T&T from the pinchermarn 137 or from Garwater 143
Borders the Haunted Quarter 194
Asylum Steamer is next to the Haunted Quarter 159;