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Sick and Tired of The Laughing World

Who is Everclear?


A moment with Art. (Pictures and bio.)
A few things about Craig. (Pictures and bio.)
Here's Greg. (Pictures and bio.)
Let's see our boys together. (Everclear Pictures and bio.)
Take my Everclear polls. Many to choose from.
Everclear Videos
Everclear Audios
Everclear Postcards. Many styles to chose from.
Everclear Parodies
The Everclear Trivia Game
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Everclear Plays (These are so great.)
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- Pictures! Yes, that's right. I've added:
54 Art Alexakis pictures.
43 Craig Montoya pictures
39 Greg Eklund pictures
And a whopping 101 pictures of Everclear!
And the best part is, some of these are SUPER ULTRA RARE!!!
You deserve it for putting up with the same ol' same ol' for so long. But when I update, I.. UPDATE.

- Good Time For A Bad Attitude lyrics are now up.

- I've added an Everclear bio. Sure okay yeah, I ripped it off from but it's the thought that counts, right?

- New polls are up. Fresh new look, new questions, fun times. Check 'em out and let your vote be heard!

- A new message board!
- Another Everclear play. "Everclear's Big Day Of Fun"
- Everclear postcards. New pictures. Enough said.

What to expect in the future:
It's been awhile since i've done anything to my site. But I did not forget about it. You see, i've been thinking. Thinking about how i'm going to make this one of the coolest Everclear sites around. So.. here's a few things to expect in the future:
A section added about the touring members of Everclear. With bios, pics, and fun information. Everything you ever wanted to know about the guys on stage with Everclear.

Now please bare with me. It may take a SHORT while to get this on here, so i'm doing one thing at a time. If you have any other great ideas for my site, please email me! Heck, even if they're not-so-great. I love hearing from you all. Much love,

You can email if you have any comments or questions. Thank you.

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Davey loves Katie. Katie loves Davey.
So she made him a site, a damn fine one at that. Check it out here:

Finally I would like to thank my good friend Sara. She worked her butt off for me at 1 am putting up the stars and the Santa Monica midi in the background.Isn't she the coolest you guys? I figured she had done so much to make my page great that she didn't deserve to be on my, 'Thanks/links' section. She made it all the way to main page baby! ;) Thank you Sara so much. ::claps::.. ::claps harder because she doesn't have to pay Sara a thing:: What a cool chick you guys.