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Everclear Look Alikes!

Now, i'm not saying I agree with these. (But with some, I do.) I'm just going by what i've heard from fellow Everclear fans through out the years. So sit back, relax, And take a look at.. Everclear look alikes!

Everclear Look Alikes I couldn't find pictures of:

Art look alikes:
-Justin Jeffre of 98 Degrees
-Brian Brian Mcfayden of Mtv News.
-Anthony Keidis (wha? okay..)

Craig Look alikes:
-"The Columbian Coffee Guy"

Greg Look alikes:
-"The Starburst Guy"

P.S. If you happen to know a famous person, who you think looks like a member in Everclear, email me at

Art Alexakis Look Alikes

Perry Farrel from Jane's Addiction.
Bobcat Goldthwait
Matthew Good from the Matthew Good Band. (The guy with the sun glasses on.)
Eminem. (I don't see this one at all, but hey, Arthur said so himself.)
Scottie, the lead singer of Big Bad Voodoo Daddies.
Basil, Everclear's touring drummer. (Behind Greg)

Craig Montoya Look Alikes:

Keanu Reeves
Joesph Gordon-Levitt (Kid from Third Rock)

Greg Eklund Look Alikes:

Joey Gladstone from Full House.
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