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Banner Exchange

Hello! I've been making banners, and honestly, I have nothing to do with them. But, I enjoy making banners.. so I came up with an idea. (One that's been used a bunch of times, but whateva.)If you put one of my banners on your website, i'll return the favor! It's a win win situation. I get more traffic at my site, and you'll get more traffic at yours. Isn't this simply genius? Just email me with a link to your site after you put my banner on it, and i'll put one of yours in my "Thanks/Banners" section.
Thank you very much,

Email address:
Web site address:
Directions: To make it link you have to upload the banner of your choice to your site.. check and see the file name.... then you put it where ever you want and you do the code:
(a href="")(img src="SickandTired2.jpg" [or whatever the files named] border=0 ) (/a)
except the ( are <

Thanks To Katie for 2 of my banners.. you rock sweet pea.