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Everclear News

Everclear will be shooting a video for their next single, "AM Radio", in Los Angeles later this month. Art will be directing the video himself! ______________________________

Happy birthday Craig Montoya! He turned 30 September 14! ______________________________

Everclear will be in Europe from October 2nd to the 14th. They will be there to promote their newest album, Songs from an American Movie, Volume 1: Learning How to Smile. As of now, tour dates are expected, but not confirmed. I'll keep you posted.

Next single from Learning How To Smile is: AM Radio. It will go out to Modern Rock radio stations Monday, August 21.

Arthur tied the knot. He and new wife, Stephanie got married in mid August. Art says he's never been more in love, and for once, his life is happy. We wish you the best, Art!

'Wonderful'.. first single from Everclear's latest cd, is #10 on the charts!

The cd, 'Songs From An American Movie, Volume 1: Learning How To Smile' hit stores recently. The cd, so far, is a big hit. (Wow.. Everclear coming out with another hit cd.. like we didn't see that one coming.)

Brian Lehfeldt has left Everclear. He will no longer be touring with the group but will be replaced for another Sweaty Nipple. (Brian's old band.) The new touring drummer's name is Basil. Everyone is disappointed Brian has to leave the band but they're sure Basil will do a great job.

Everclear was on the shoot of an up and coming movie, 'Losers'. Star's the boy who was in American Pie and the girl who was in American Beauty. It's about a geeky guy who wants to go out with this girl. She loves the band Everclear, so when the band comes to town the boy buys tickets in hopes she'll go with him.

Everclear Will be on The Woodstock '99 cd. It will be released October 19th There will be two discs. A red one and a blue one. Everclear's Santa Monica will be on the blue one. Other bands include: KoRn, Metallica, Buckcherry, Creed, Bush, Jewel, Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, Elvis Costello etc.

Art will appear on the Spitfire spoken-word tour this fall. (No sorry, I don't think Art will be playing guitar or singing..)

Everclear will put out two albums next year. The first record will be more pop with a few songs that would have been included on Art Alexakis' solo album. That will be released in March of 2000. The other album will be more rock and will come out in July hopefully.

Everclear might appear on a new Dust Brothers record. They have already written a track for the Brothers. The album, due sometime in early 2000, will also include many other various bands. _________________________________

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