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Angel's Broken Wing

I'm sitting here on the front step on a calm summer night,

slowly sipping a drink, and sadly remembering a night very similar to this that I shared with you.

It was seven weeks ago tonight.

Then it was two,

Now it is one.

Warm tears begin to well in my eyes.

One escapes and trickles down my cheek.

My body shutters in grief.

The fireflies perform their glitter dance across the evening sky,

winking in and out in silence,

seeming to me to imitate the relationship we once had.

With you, everything was bright and beautiful,

but like them, the fire burned out all too soon.

We had a love I thought would last forever.

We both said that we never loved or felt love like this before.

You called me your Angel and you were my Lancelot.

But as quickly as you came into my life

You also left.

Oh, how I long to have you here with me,

How I long to be your Angel again.

little_PUP * 7-7-99


(Lionel Richie/Commodores)

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