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Just Remember I Love You

Our time has been so measured,

so few the days we've spent together

And yet they have produced such treasured memories.


I met you here, not seeing your face or hearing your voice

but we connected instantly and talked for hours.

We shared our first sunrise together even though hundreds of miles apart.

It took nearly no time at all to realize the attraction for each other

and in virtually no time at all you broke down my defenses and we declared our mutual love.

It's as if we both knew from day one that it was kismet.


I remember the first time we spoke in person.

I anticipated your call, pacing the floor, wringing my hands,

and fearing that every word I would speak would sound like "Klingon-ese".

I was so afraid I'd say something stupid or fall over my tongue.

And yet, when I heard your voice, when I heard you ask, "Is this my Pup-Kin?",

everything afterward seemed so natural.

It's funny that with as many times as we told each other "I love you", in the excitement of our first call we both forgot to say that.

But I guess we more than made up for that afterward, didn't we?

"I love you" was a heartfelt phrase we said to each other at least twenty times each time we spoke.


Time passed. Our love continued to grow.

We could not bear being out of touch with each other for more than a few hours.

With the giddy enthusiasm of school kids we planned to meet.

Weeks of my tummy churning in anxious anticipation were replaced with an unexpected and welcomed calm as I drove to the airport to meet you.

I was on the way to meet my lifetime lover; the one who I had waited all my life for.

I knew in my heart this was so right.

It amazes me still how as you got off the plane, in the crowded mass, you were able to immediately focus on me

as if there was no one else in the room.

Just like in a romance movie -- but oh so much better.

Your first smile......our first kiss,

they will stay in my memory for all time.

For the next few days we talked, we kissed, we laughed and loved.

I remember the sunny spring day at the lake

with a nip in the air and the sun sparkling on the water.

I saw the sparkle in your eyes, too, and felt my love growing deeper.

In the evening we talked for a time as shadows began to appear,

sharing drinks,

talking about how we wanted to have other nights like this together,

for the rest of our lives.

We made love.

It was a time we didn't want to end.


The day you left I cried as you boarded the plane.

I stopped and watched, straining to see you through tears as you flew from sight.

You had told me you'd be back but now it appears that may never be.

So much has happened since then.


But I need to know, do you remember those times?

Can you remember still how happy we once were?

I know I've hurt you, My Love, but I can't believe we were brought together as we were,

and have felt the things we have,

only to have it all end like this.

I still believe we're destined to be

and, at one time, I know you felt the same, too.

Can't we begin again from here?


Hello, my name is Deb. What's yours?

little_PUP * 7-4-99


(Little River Band)



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