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Thank You

Bridges symbolized much of our relationship.

They were often approached with a degree of timid apprehension but more than welcomed.

The first was crossed quickly and was the one most exhilirating......

That was when we acknowledged our love for each other.

There were others.

When we physically met.....

Our first kiss........

The first time we made love......

Those were also bridges that were gladly crossed.

Our last was to walk into the world together as husband and wife;

to spend the rest of our days in what was believed to be the beautiful reward for two who had not found the sweet romance in the lives we knew before there was "us".

Sadly, we never crossed that last bridge together but you helped me see the possibilities on the other side.

little_PUP * 7-9-00

(published 3-1-01)

The Dance

(Dave Koz/Bebe Winans)

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