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My Greatest Loss

I didn't mean to hurt you and yet, somehow I did.

I know I broke your trust. I know I hurt you deeply.

If you only knew how sorry I am. If I could show you just how much.

How could I have done what I did? And how can I make it right again?


After the initial hurt I know you needed time to heal.

I told you I'd give you that but in my need to be reassured that you still loved me and to compensate for the physical distance between us....

I struggled and wasn't always able to keep that in mind and, in the process, I hurt you even more.

You told me that long distance relationships are hard and that you made mistakes yourself in the past.

You tried to caution me from making the same mistakes, but I made them just the same because of my inpatience; because of my intense desire to be with you.

I needed my feelings to be heard but it was more than you could take then.

You were hurt and needed to be listened to, as well.

Had I known how badly you needed your feelings heard and honored

I would have stuffed my own aside for awhile to respect your request.

I guess that was a love lesson I had yet to learn.


When you told me goodbye it was so short, cold and impersonal.

You seemed so heartless, so unfeeling...

but I know you needed to be that way to preserve yourself.

I understand your need to leave.


Our romance is over now and this is my greatest loss.

Only you have been able to touch me in the ways you have; to fill all the needs that have gone unsatisfied in my life until now.

I'm certain I'll never find anyone who will be able to do that for me again.

It sounds so cliche', but ours truly was a relationship that literally comes once in a lifetime and even then only a lucky few ever get a chance at it.

I can't believe we had that and I let it slip away.


I know you still love me, as I do you...

but sometimes love is simply not enough.

Still, my heart hopes that there's enough there so that, maybe in time, you'll leave a door slightly ajar through which I can walk back into your life.

In spite of the hurt and the differences we've had, I still hold dear the hope that in the end,

love will prevail.

little_PUP * 6-30-99

(photo removed)

"Remembering a happier time"



(Air Supply)



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