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Greetings From Ann Arbor, MI

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This page is about the Video Games I collect, and many other old game systems and cartridges.
I have added a list of Atari 2600 carts I'm looking for and a list of my for trade 2600 games...

 My 2600 want list:   
 My 2600 Extra cart list:  
 Intellivision Trade List:     
 Odyssey2 Trade Things:  
 Fairchild Channel F:              
 Handheld and "Game & Watch" Trade List:   
 Vectrex Trade List: 
 Other Stuff I want, or have for trade: 
 And even more for trade odds and ends!   
 I have on eBay: 
 DougM's Classic Videogame Collector's List:
 The Interact Computer: - new 09/27/98 
 Michigan Covered Bridges GPS waypoints - new 

I have a PXL2000 Camcorder I may trade for a Sony Shortwave Radio? I'm Looking for anything "Marquis De Lafayette", letter openers, pictures, whatever... Also looking for info on the "Interact Family Computer" by Interact Electronics Inc. Ann Arbor, MI. I traded my Omnibot-2000! Now for sure I'm looking for Flipbot, Hootbot, Spotbot, Chatbot, Dingbot, Omnibot, and Verbot robots by TOMY or most any robot. On 03/11/2000 I got a Maxx Steele robot, complete!

The Atari Want List:

A Game of Concentration 9/6/97
A Mysterious Thief
AD&D Treasure of Tarmin
Acid Drop
Action Force
Aerial Ace
Artillery Duel 9/20/97
Bachelor Party
Bachelorette Party
Bear Jam
Beat 'em and Eat 'em Mystique 10/1/97
Berenstain Bears
Bi! Bi! Sea Hunt Panda
BMX Airmaster Atari
Bobby Is Going Home Bit Corp
Bobby's Cosmic Adventure
Bogey Blaster* 08/04/97
Bouncing Baby Monkeys
Brick Kick
Bumper Bash
Burning Desire
Canyon Bomber Sears
Cathouse Blues
Chess, Funvision
Chuck Norris Superkicks got 10/8/97
Circus Charlie
Clown Down Town
Coke Wins!
Color Bar Generator
Cosmic Avenger
Cosmic Corridor Emag
Cosmic Swarm CommaVid
Crab Control
Crazy Climber
Cruise Missile Froggo 9/20/97
Cubicolor Imagic
Custer's Revenge 10/1/97
Dancing Plate
Dare Diver Sears 9/20/97
Death Trap
Dice Puzzle 9/20/97
Dishaster Emag
Donald Duck's Speedboat
Dragon Defender
Dragon Treasure
Dumbo's Flying Circus
Dungeon Masters
Eli's Ladder
Exus Health Cycle Program
F-18 Vs. Aliens
Farmyard Fun
Fatal Run
Fire Spinner
Flesh Gordon Wizard Video
Frog Pond
Frogger Starpath
Galactic Suntek
Galaxy Invader
Gamma Attack
Gas Hog
Ghost Manor
Ghostbusters II
Glacier Patrol
Glactic Tactic
Good Luck Charlie Brown
Great Escape
Gremlins 10/20/97
Grover's Music Maker
Halloween* 08/05/97
Harbor Escape Panda
Hey! Stop!
Hole Hunter
I Want My Mommy
Ikari Warriors
Immies & Aggies
Jumbo Jet Pilot
Jungle Fever
Killer Satellites Starpath 02/28/98
King Kong 9/20/97 now have two! 12/08/97
Knight on the Town
Kung Fu Superkicks
Lady Bug
Lady in Wading
Laser Gates
Laser Volley 06/07/99 thanks Kev!
Leo's 'Lectric Paintbrush
Leo's Links
Leonardo's Logo
Lie Low
Look Ahead
Lost and Found
Marine Wars 09/25/98
Master Builder 06/07/99 Thanks Kev!
Meteor Defense
Micro Maestro
Mines of Minos
Misison Survive
Miss Piggy's Wedding
Missile Attack
Missile Control
Mission 3000 A.D.
Motocross Racer 09/07/98
Mr. Do's Castle
Mr. Postman 07/13/99
Music Machine
Music Math
My Golf
My Way
Noah and the Ark
Ocean City Defender
Off Your Rocker
Open Sesame
Out of Control
Party Mix Starpath 10
Pepper II
Personal Game Programmer
Phantom Tank Bit Corp
Philly Flasher
Pick 'n Pile
Picnic 9/20/97
Pigs in Space 10/8/97
Pink Panther
Pizza Chef
Planet Protector
Pooyan 10/04/97
Pyramid War
Quest For Quintana Roo
Quick Step 9/20/97
Rabbit Transit
Ram It 10/01/99
Repro Cart
Rescue Terra I
River Patrol
Road Runner
Robin Hood
Rock 'n Roll Escape
Room of Doom
Rubik's Cube
Save the Whale
Scraper Caper
Scuba Diver
Sea Hawk 9/20/97
Sea Hunt
Sea Monster
Secret Agent
Sentinel 9/20/97
Shootin' Gallery
Shooting Arcade
Shooting Gallery
Shuttle Orbiter
Sir Lancelot
Ski Hunt
Ski Runner
Smurfs Save the Day
Snail Against Squirrel
Solar Storm 10/04/97
Space Canyon
Space Grid
Space Maze
Space Monster
Space Robot
Space Tunnel
Spike's Peak
Spy Hunter
Star Fox 01/18/98
Star Wars Ewok Adventure :)
Stella Gets a New Brain! CD
Street Fight
Submarine Commander Arari
Suicide Mission 9/20/97
Super Cycle Epyx
Superman, Sears 6/21/97
Surf's Up
Surfer's Paradise
Survival Island Starpath
Sword of Saros Starpath
Swordquest Waterworld 6/22/97
Tank Brigade
Tank City
Tanks But No Tanks (zimag) 9/20/97
Task Force
Tax Avoiders 9/20/97
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The A-Team
The Earth Dies Screaming 9/20/97
The Impossible Game
The Lord of the Rings, Journey to Rivendel
Time Pilot 01/24/98 first new 2600 of the year
Time Race
Time Warp 10/04/97
Tom Boy
Tomarc the Barbarian
Tomboy, (Pitfall!)
Tooth Protectors 01/24/98 found this in a ladies used clothing store (Virginia's Resale) that I entered by mistake!
Tooth Protectors 12/26/98 found this one in the small flea market (Van Dyke Flea Market) two doors from where I found the first.
Track & Field (l CX26127) CX26125
Treasure Below
Treasure Island
UFO Patrol
Universal Chaos
Up 'n' Down 09/06/97
Video Jogger
Video Life
Video Reflex
Wall Ball 9/20/97
Wall Defender
War Zone
White Water Madness
Wing War
Wolf Fighting
Xenophobe 04/05/97
201/Philly Flash Playaround
201\Cathouse Blues Playaround
202/Bachelorette Party Playaround
202\Burning Desire Playaround
203/Knight on the Town Playaround
203\Jungle Fever Playaround
204/Beat 'em and Eat 'em Playaround
204\Lady in Wading Playaround
205/Bachelor Party Playaround 04/19/98
205\Gigolo Playaround 04/19/98
206/General Retreat Playaround
206\Westward Ho Playaround
6002/ Ghost Manor Xonox 05/13/00
6002\ Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox 05/13/00
6003/ Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox
6003\ Spike's Peak Xonox

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This is My Trade List of 2600 carts: (What I have for trade)

Beany Bopper
Bermuda Triangle
Berzerk Sears
Blackjack Sears
Capture Sears
Chase Sears
Checkers Acti
Coco Nuts
Code Breaker Sears
Commando Raid
Congo Bongo
Cosmic Creeps
Crash Dive
Cross Force
Dark Chambers
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong Junior
Fantastic Voyage
Fast Eddie
Fast Food
Final Approach Apollo
Flash Gordon
Front Line
Fun With Numbers
Gangster Alley
Ghostbusters Activ' blue
Kaboom Activ' blue
Kool-Aid Man
Lost Luggage
Masters of the Univ: He-Man
Math Gran Prix Sears
Mega Force
Miner 2049er
Missile Command Sears
Montezuma's Revenge: Starring Panama Joe
Mountain King
Pete Rose Baseball
Pitfall II:
Planet Patrol
Plaque Attack
Pressure Cooker
Q*bert Atari
Radar Lock
River Raid Activ' blue label
River Raid II
Robot Tank
Secret Quest
Sky Jinks
Sky Skipper
Sneak 'n Peek
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Space Shuttle
Spelling Sears
Spitfire Attack
Squeeze Box
Star Ship
Star Trek Str Operations Simulator
Star Wars: Jedi Arena
Star Wars: Re the Jedi: Death Star Battle
Star Wars: The Arcade Game
Stellar Track Sears
Strategy X
Summer Games
Super Breakout Sears
Survival Run
The Challenge of.....Nexar
Title Match Pro Wrestling
Tomcat F-14 Flight Simulator
Soccer Sears
Warlords Sears
Winter Games Epyx
Wizard of Wor CBS
6210/ Ghost Manor Xonox 6210
6210\ Spike's Peak Xonox 6210
6230/ Artillery Duel Xonox 6230
6230\ Chuck Norris Superkicks Xonox 6230


** Intellivision boxed and complete games (some are Intv) **
** I'll trade for 2600 & 5200 carts **

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3410
Armor Battle 1121
Astrosmash 3605
Atlantis 700006
Auto Racing 1113
Auto Racing Sears
B-17 Bomber 3884
B-17 Bomber 3884
Baseball sears
Beauty & the Beast im7401
Bomb Squad 3883
Bowling sears
Boxing 1819
Boxing Sears
BurgerTime 4549
Buzz Bombers 4436
Buzz Bombers 4436
Congo Bongo 006-06 TRADED
Demon Attack 700005
Diner 8800 traded
Dragonfire im7603
Frogger 6300
Frogger 6300
Frog Bog 5301
Golf Sears
Happy Trails M-003-04
Hover Force 8500
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 2611
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack 2611
Lock 'n' Chase 5637
Lock 'n' Chase 5637
Major League Baseball 2614
Major League Baseball 2614
Major League Baseball 2614
Microsurgeon 720013
Mission X 4437
Mouse Trap 2479
NBA Basketball 2615
NFL Football 2610
Pac-man A-70251 traded
PGA Golf 1816
Pitfall! M-002-04
Popeye 6370 traded
Sea Battle 1818
Sewer Sam 8010002
Shark! Shark! 5387
Sharp Shot 5638
Skiing Sears
Snafu 3758
Snafu 3758
Soccer Sears
Space Armada Sears 75226
Space Battle 2612
Space Hawk 5136
Space Spartans 3416
Star Strike 5161
Sub Hunt 3408
Super Pro Football 8400
Swords & Serpents (2) imagic 7602
TRON Maze-A-Tron 5392
TRON Solar Sailer 5393
Truckin, imagic 710023-1a
Utopia 5149



For Trade Only:

 I have a boxed MicroVision that has no screen rot and it works about as new, I also have
 one boxed unit that has some rot that is also up for trade.
I also have the following MV games for trade: BaseBall, box, manual and all tabs #1 BaseBall, box, manual and all tabs #2 Baseball, box only (traded) Block Buster game only(about 4 of them) Bowling, box, manual, all tabs Bowling, box, manual, and all tabs Bowling, box, manual, and one tab is missing Connect Four, box, manual and all tabs #1 Connect Four, box, and all tabs(very nice box)#2 Connect Four, box, manual and all tabs(very nice box)#3 Connect Four, game only, all tabs (two loose) Cosmic Hunter, box manual and cart (all tabs) #1 Cosmic Hunter, box manual and cart (all tabs) #2 Mindbuster, Box, manual and cart (all tabs) Pinball, cart, box and manual. Sea Duel, game, box, manual and all tabs. Sea Duel, game only, all tabs. Star Trek Phaser Strike, box, manual and all tabs. 

           My extra Channel "F" stuff:
      Boxed Channel F system I
            Channel F system II
      Loose Systems I's & II's
               Cart #1 Tic Tac Toe      #12 Baseball
                     2 Desert Fox        14 Solar Search
                     3 Blackjack         17 Pinball
                     5 Space Wars        21 Bowling
                     8 Magic Numbers     24 Pro Football
                     9 Drag Race         26 Alien Invasion
                    11 Backgammon
    My Channel F wants are, CARTS #19, and 22 plus any demo carts.
                I am ready for trades, what do you have?

       I plan on adding more as time allows, please check back.  
           I have Atari 5200's                    Atari 7800's                       Atari 8bit on my trade list:                 Lots of loose Intellivision games and hardeware                 Colecovision and Adam games and hardware                 Channel F stuff for trade, games and hardware                 Bally games and hardware                 Timex, and more    If you don't see it here, it dosn't mean I don't have it.      ---Please Email with any wants---


Other stuff I want:

I'll trade for or buy game watches or the Nintendo "Game & Watch" hand-held
pocket watches.

I'm also looking for a Grundig Satellit 700 or Sony
ICF-2010(ICF-2001??) shortwave radio.

I have a Chase the Chuckwagon that I'll trade for either of the radios.

            Atari 2600 carts from want list
            Timex 2068 carts
            Robots by Tomy or just the remote for my Omnibot RX
            Nintendo Game & Watch games
            Game watches
            Table top handheld games
            Old pocket watches
            Spiro Agnew wristwatch
            Anything made by Marble's of Gladstone, Michigan 




That's it! if you made it this far, EMAIL ME! :)

I have two PXL-2000 and I'll trade one, other than that a few links:
PXL2000 PXL 2000 PXL-2000 Pixelvision Pages: (1)http://www- (2) (3) Coming soon My Robot Page? Stop in now and see the