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The Last Michigan Covered Bridges: Location:
Ackley  Covered Bridge in Greenfield Village ABOUT? Lat: 42.305278 Lon: -83.224722
Ada Covered Bridge Lat: 42.952553 Lon: -85.486033
Fallasburg Covered Bridge Lat: 42.980426 Lon: -85.326769
Frankenmuth Covered Bridge Lat: 43.3252 Lon: -83.73886
Langley Covered Bridge  Lat: 41.930336 Lon: -85.528266
Fisher's Covered Bridge West of Mount Pleasant ABOUT? Lat: 43.587629 Lon: -84.905882
Whites Bridge  Lat: 43.0146 Lon: -85.298033
If you know of other Michigan covered bridges please let me know.

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