Colecovision Trade List
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Colecovision Trade List

This list may have a few errors, or more! :)

                                                M   C
2010: The Graphic Action Game   CO    R	      |_1_|_1_ 
Alphabet Zoo                    SP    VR      |___|_1_ 
Antarctic Adventure             CO    R       |_1_|_4_ 
Artillery Duel                  XO    R       |_1_|_2_
B.C.'s Quest for Tires          SI    U       |_1_|_2_
B.C. II: Grog's Revenge         CS    R       |_1_|_1_
Beamrider                       AC    U       |___|_2_ 
Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom      CO    R       |_1_|_2_
Bump 'n' Jump                   CO    U       |_1_|_1_ 
Burgertime                      CO    U       |_1_|_3_
Cabbage Patch Kids              CO    C       |_1_|_3_
    Adventure in the Park		 
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show CO    R       |_1_|_1_ 
Carnival                        CO    C       |___|_3_
Centipede                       AT    U       |___|_1_
Choplifter!                     CO    VR      |_1_|_1_
Chuck Norris Superkicks         XO    VR      |_1_|_1_
Congo Bongo                     CO    R       |_2_|_3_
Cosmic Avenger                  CO    C       |_1_|_5_ 
Dam Busters, The                CO    R       |_1_|_1_ 
Decathlon                       AC    U       |___|_3_
Defender                        AT    R       |___|_2_
Destructor                      CO    U       |_1_|_1_
Dr. Seuss: Fix Up the Mix Up    CO    VR      |_1_|___ 
Donkey Kong                     CO    C       |_2_|_7_
Donkey Kong Junior              CO    C       |_1_|_5_ 
Dukes of Hazzard                CO    VR      |_1_|_1_ 
Fortune Builder                 CO    R       |_2_|_2_
Fraction Fever                  SP    VR      |___|_1_
Frantic Freddie                 SV    R       |_1_|_2_
Frenzy                          CO    R       |_1_|_1_
Frogger                         PB    U       |_1_|_4_
Frogger II Threedeep!           PB    VR      |___|_3_
Front Line                      CO    U       |_1_|_1_? 
Gateway to Apshai               EP    R       |_1_|_1_
Gorf                            CO    C       |_1_|_3_ 
Gyruss                          PB    R       |_1_|_2_ 
Heist, The                      MF    R       |_1_|_2_
Illusions                       CO    R       |___|_2_ 
James Bond 007                  PB    VR      |___|_1_ 
Jumpman Junior                  EP    R       |_1_|_1_ 
Ken Uston Blackjack / Poker     CO    U       |_1_|_2_
Keystone Kapers                 AC    R       |___|_1_ 
Lady Bug                        CO    C       |_1_|_5_ 
Looping                         CO    C       |_1_|_4_ 
Miner 2049er                    MF    U       |___|_2_
Mr. Do!                         CO    C       |_1_|_3_
Mr. Do!'s Castle                PB    VR      |___|_1_
Monkey Academy                  CO    R       |_1_|_2_
Montezuma's Revenge             PB    R       |___|_3_ 
Moonsweeper                     IM    U       |___|_1_ 
Mouse Trap                      CO    C       |_1_|_1_ 
Nova Blast                      IM    R       |_1_|_2_
Oil's Well                      SI    R       |_1_|_1_
Omega Race                      CO    R       |_1_|_3_
One On One                      MF    VR      |___|_1_
Pepper II                       CO    U       |_1_|_2_ 
Pitfall II                      AC    R       |1_1|_3_
Pitstop                         EP    U       |___|_ _ traded
Popeye                          PB    C       |___|_3_ 
Q*bert's Qubes                  PB    VR      |_1_|_1_  
Q*bert                          PB    C       |___|_4_ 
Quest for Quintana Roo          SU    R       |___|_2_
River Raid                      AC    R       |___|_2_
Robin Hood                      XO    VR      |_1_|_2_
Roc 'n Rope                     CO    U       |___|_3_ 
Rocky Super Action Boxing       CO    C       |_1_|_2_ 
Root Beer Tapper                CO    R       |_2_|_1_ 
Sir Lancelot                    XO    VR      |_1_|_1_ 
Slither                         CO    C       |___|_1_
Slurpy                          XO    VR      |_1_|_1_
Smurf Paint 'n' Play Workshop   CO    R       |_1_|_2_
Smurf Rescue in Gargamel's      CO    C       |_1_|_5_
Space Fury                      CO    C       |_1_|_2_
Space Panic                     CO    C       |___|_2_ 
Spy Hunter                      CO    VR      |_3_|_3_
Squish'em Sam                   IN    R       |_1_|_2?
Star Trek: Strategic            CO    VR      |_1_|_1_
    Operations Simulator
Star Wars: The Arcade Game      PB    U       |_0_|_1_ 
Subroc                          CO    U       |_1_|_2_
Super Action Baseball           CO    C       |___|_2_
Super Action Football           CO    C       |_1_|_2_ 
Super Cobra                     PB    R       |___|_1_ 
Super Cross Force               SV    R       |_1_|_1_ 
Tarzan                          CO    R       |_1_|_1_
Telly Turtle                    CO    R       |_1_|_1_ 
Time Pilot                      CO    U       |_1_|_4_ 
Turbo                           CO    C       |___|_3_
Tutankham                       PB    U       |___|_1_
Up 'n Down                      SE    R       |___|_1_
Venture                         CO    C       |___|_6_
Victory                         CO    U       |___|_1_ 
War Games                       CO    U       |_1_|_3_
War Room                        PR    U       |_2_|_4_
Wing War                        IM    R       |___|_1_  
Word Feud                       XO    VR      |___|_1_ 
Zaxxon                          CO    C       |_2_|_5_
Zenji                           AC    VR      |_1_|_1_