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Specialized online counseling and consultation services now offered!

Online Consultation

Rosenberg & Associates offers online consultation and supervision in the areas of sexual abuse, sexual deviancy, sexual addiction, sexual offending behavior, forensics, assessment, and treatment issues. For each service provided, the consumer will receive a professional, confidential, and descriptive response, which will include resources, feedback, information, referral information, and more. There are a number of different options available to meet your specific needs, such as:

-Real-Time Online Consultation. This is achieved through texting with Mr. Rosenberg. This service may be particularly helpful for people and professionals in search of sexual abuse or sexual offender therapy supervision and case consultation. Moreover, many individuals and/or family members may find this option very beneficial.

Unlimited Monthly Email Dialog. With this service, you can email Mr. Rosenberg or his associates as many times as you wish, and receive a detailed, descriptive, and beneficial response each time usually within 6-12 hours.
Individual Email Responses. With this service, you can email Mr. Rosenberg or his associates once, twice, or however many times you wish. You will receive a prompt, detailed, and informative response. The fee is set per mail transaction.
Phone Consultation (50 minutes). Many people who feel more comfortable speaking on the phone, rather than typing on a computer, choose this service.
Record/document/case review. People who would prefer a specialist to review documentation, procedures, medical records, interviewing tactics/techniques, and so forth will find this service very beneficial. Mr. Rosenberg will review the records and procedures, and detail his findings of the material in a written report. Many attorneys utilize this option to assist in determining if the correct procedures were followed, if there was evidence of "coaching", or if another professionals recommendations may be inaccurate.
E-Therapy and Consultation. Easy to use, confidential, and HIPAA compliant option to have a video session with Mr. Rosenberg. One hour sessions are just $85.00. Rosenberg and Associates staff, once a time is scheduled, will send you a link that you can use on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Mr. Rosenberg can typically schedule an E-session on the same day.

Who can benefit from these services?

-Individuals who have questions regarding his or her own behavior, or someone you know (such as a husband/wife, son/daughter, or other relative).
-Family members of offenders or survivors who are seeking support, direction, and information.
-Individuals who are unsure whether he or she is in need of treatment services, or who have questions to ask and discuss with a specialist.
-Interns, instructors, and researchers who have specific questions regarding sexual abuse and sex offending behavior.
-Clinicians who are in search of solid clinical feedback and supervision in the areas of sexual abuse and sexual offending behavior.
-Attorneys and law enforcement officers who would like to consult and obtain feedback with regard to behavioral evidence, trauma stemming from sexual abuse, sex offender profiles and mode of operation, victimology of a particular case, or any other information with regard to case review.

Please note: All information exchanged will be kept strictly confidential. The only information that cannot be kept confidential will be suicidal or homicidal thoughts or behaviors, or if there is specific information (name, whereabouts, etc.)regarding a child under the age of 18 who is currently being physically and sexually abused. This service is by no means in place of, or presenting itself as, individual psychotherapy. Mr. Rosenberg is well aware that many people who may be in need of individual psychotherapy may be apprehensive about initiating it. Moreover, others, especially at first, feel more comfortable and confident discussing their lives and the possibility of engaging in individual psychotherapy, using a medium such as the Internet. Mr. Rosenberg can and will refer individuals who are in need of therapy to a clinic or private practitioner in their area. If you feel suicidal, or feel like you are going to hurt yourself or others, contact your local emergency services telephone number or call 9-1-1. Mr. Rosenberg and his colleagues cannot help individuals in a crisis/emergency situation online or through email.

If you are interested in the aforementioned services, and would like to find out more about them, please email Mr. Rosenberg or call, Mr. Rosenberg at 586-275-0657 anytime.