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Specialized online counseling and consultation services now offered!


Many people who have never been in traditional psychotherapy in the past may initially feel quite apprehensive or even anxious about doing so. That is quite normal and appropriate. For this reason, our online consultation may be the option you wish to choose. Mr. Rosenberg or his associates will assist by answering many of your questions about therapy, the relationship, expectations, difficulties, and so forth, in the comfort of your own home (via the Internet). Please review each clinician profile, and choose the person who: A)has experience in the specific areas that concern you, and B) that you will feel most comfortable with.

Mr. Rosenberg carries a full case load (approximately 25 clients) in his therapeutic services. Most of his past and present clients emphasize his ability of forming a comfortable and solid therapeutic relationship. Moreover, his experience and knowledge in the area of sexual abuse and deviancy assists in offering information and treatment tools to effectively institute change in the individual.

His therapeutic approach can be considered "eclectic" with a slight emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy. He helps to create the insight for his clients that they are in control of their own lives, and have all the tools inside of them to create effective change.

To schedule an "in the office" appointment with Mr. Rosenberg, you may phone his office directly at 586-275-0657, or email him He will contact you personally within a few hours.

Rosenberg & Associates is located at 31201 Chicago Road, Suite A102, Warren, Michigan 48093 To set up an Internet Virtual session with Mr. Rosenberg, please email him directly at Mr. Rosenberg can typically schedule an Internet session on the same day. It is an easy process and it is secure and HIPAA compliant, as well as confidential. The rate is $85.00 per hour, or $42.50 for a half hour session. You can easily pay with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or American Express Card. You can talk directly with an expert in the area of sexual abuse and sexual acting-out today. Once a time is arranged, Mr. Rosenberg will send you a link to get started with your session.