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Deuce, the Caledonia Library Cat.

Welcome to the homepage of Deuce, the cat in charge of the Caledonia Library in Caledonia, Michigan.

I hope you can get to the library soon.
If you can't, check in here to enjoy watching me at my work.

"As long as you're this close...kiss me!
I am the handsomest cat in Caledonia!"



I got it for free at

My adoring public
It is always nice to be admired by my friends!

"Doesn't this look like hard work?
I am incubating copy paper."

"I take this job very seriously!"

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Deuce's awards page.
Why I decided to live in the library.
How I became nationally famous.
I also hang out in the Caledonia Historical Society Museum.
Learn about wildlife in my community. (Hey, I like wildlife very much!)
How to keep a cat busy.
Deuce's Magic 8 Ball! Ask me a question.
Deuce says thankyou.
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages (even a cat can do it).

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Last updated March, 2000.
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