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I wish to explain something to everyone who visits my site. My site is a collection of pictures of wrestler's TATTOOS. I agree that both of the Hardy Boyz are hot, but as far as I know, Matt Hardy does not have a tattoo. There are many fan sites with pictures of the Hardy Boyz, but I have never seen a site devoted entirely to the tattoos that wrestlers sport. That is the reason I made this site.

I've got quick links to all the superstars on my site at the bottom of the page

This site does not work very well with older versions of Netscape. Many pictures will not work. It works fairly well with Netscape 6.

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WWF Superstars
Albert Goldust Rey Mysterio Jr.
Big Bossman The Hurricain Reverend D'von
Big Show Hugh Morrus Rikishi
Billy Jackie The Rock
Booker T Jazz Saturn
Brock Lesner Jeff Hardy Shawn Michaels
Christian Kevin Nash Steve Austin
Deacon Batista Kidman Steven Richards
D'Lo Kurt Angle Tazz
Diamond Dallas Page Lita Terri
Droz Maven Test
Edge Nidia The Undertaker
Funaki Randy Orten William Regal
Godfather Raven X-Pac

OVW Wrestler's
Big Bad John Payne Sean O'Haire
Damien Redd Dogg Shelton Benjamin
Mark Jindrack Ron H20 Waterman Trash

Other Wrestler's
The Baldies Essa Rios The Sandman
Balls Mahoney Goldberg Scotty Anton
Bam Bam Bigelow The Harris Brothers Shane Douglas
Chaz Kid Kash Super Crazy
Chilly Willy Legion of Doom Thrasher
Chris Chetti Little Guido Tori
Chyna Mideon Big Vito
Disciples of Apocolypse New Jack Vampiro
Daffney Rick Steiner The Wall

WWA Wrestler's
Brian James Connan(Konnan) Psychosis(Psichosis)
Juvetud Gurrera Luna Vachon Vampire Warrior

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