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Undertaker's tattoos

Sara Callaway

He has many tattoos. One is the word Sara on the front of his neck which is the name of his wife. Undertaker's "Sara" tattoo on his neck was his wedding gift to his wife; Sara has "Mark" (Taker's real name) tattooed on the back of her neck, and has 3 other tattoos hidden somewhere on her apparently. He has a dancing skeleton on the back of his neck. He has both arms done. He has one on his stomach which reads B.S.K and under it PRIDE. The B.S.K PRIDE stand for back stage krew, which was a group made up of The Undertaker, Mideon, Rikishi, and one other person. It is rumored that the tattoos on one of the Undertaker's arms stands for the future and his other arm stands for the past.

In an interview on Undertaker was asked how much the tattoo on his neck hurt. Undertaker replied "The one on my throat? Yeah, it tickled a little (smiles). It was one of the shorter settings I ever had, but it was pretty intense. When it came across the Adam's apple area, I knew where he (the tattoo artist) was at. Fortunately for me, I have a very high threshold of pain. To some extent, I guess I enjoy it. But it's not for the weak at heart.

On Off The Record in Canada just before Wrestlemania, a reader asked what the tattoo on the back of his neck is. Taker says it's the fighting skeleton. He says he has one tattoo on each arm and a few scattered around, but he's not really tattoo motivated as much as he used to be.