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WWF Wrestler's Tattoos Page

Big Bossman
Big Show
This is the tattoo on his right leg
This shows exactly where the tattoo shown above is
If you look closly at his neck, you will see a tattoo that is reportedly the name of his wife.
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The one on his left leg is a rose.The top is his wife's name Tina.. followed by my oldest sons name, then his youngest sons name.
The one on his right leg is of a boot, and a steers head, A rope goes around the outside surrounding Badd ASS Billy Gunn, Road Dogg Jesse James, and The New Age Outlaws.
This is his finger tattoo
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Booker T

On the July 8th edition of raw, Booker T was shown to have a new tattoo on the upper part of his back. A picture will be put up when I can find one.
Brock Lesner
This is a bulldog with a rose.
Deacon Batista
D'Lo Brown
D'Lo Brown has two tattoos on his legs. One is the logo he used to have on his pants and the other is a band across the outer part of his other leg.