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No Right Click

Updated Aug 3, 2002

I've added pics of Rey Mysterio Jr. to my site and added a picture of Randy Orten.

Updated July 08 2002

I've given Hugh Morrus, and Jazz some new pics that are clearer of what their tattoos look like. I've also added a pic to Road Dogg's, Daffney's, Diamond Dallas Page's, and Essa Rios's sections.

Updated July 07 2002

I've added pictures of Deacon Batista and Nidia to the WWE section and added them to the quick links on the main page.

I've also added a new picture to Raven's page showing his leg tattoo, added 4 new pictures to Saturn's page and took out 2 old Saturn pics, I've changed one of Kidman's pics to show a better picture of his tattoo, and I've added some more pictures of Randy Orton's tattoos.

Updated July 06 2002

I've added a message board for everyone to come and comment on.

Updated May 29 2002

I've added Manny Rodriguez, Rosita Rogriguez, Officer Osborn, The Dragon, Morte D'Amore, Queen of Nightmares, Belle Morte, The Travler, Padma and Peter Burke to the Anita Blake character profiles. I've also updated some of the character info like what books they appear in etc...

Updated May 27 2002

I've changed around some of the Anita Blake character pages. Instead of all the members of RPIT and Animators Inc being on their own pages, I've compiled them onto one page for RPIT and one page for the members of Animators Inc. This is to give me less pages with one or two sentances on them and makes it easier to manage.

I've added Ronnie Sims and John Burke to the character list and updated a little info on Anita's page.

I've taken the pictures of the Anita Blake characters out as they were hard to load and didn't look great.

Updated May 25 2002

I've changed the colors of the scroll bars of evrey page on the site.

I've also updated a little bit of information on some of the Anita Blake pages and put a little bit of info on a possible tattoo on Shawn Michaels.

Updated May 22 2002

I've added a little bit of info about Daffney's tattoo and I've posted the following message in the other wrestler's section. "Rey Mysterio Jr. apparently has signed a WWE contract and is being sent down to HWA(Heartland Wrestling Association). When I put any pictures up of him, it's going to be in here untill he comes onto WWE tv."

I've placed a quick link to every superstar on my page at the bottom of the index page so everyone can go to a certain superstar much quicker.

Updated May 19 2002

I've added a page with wrestler's who are in OWV(Ohio Valley Wrestling).

Also I've changed the way some pictures are on the screen to hopefully make the page less long.

Updated May 18 2002

I've moved the wrestler's who are in the WWA(World Wrestling Allstars) from the other's page to their own page. I will move other superstars to a page with their current companies soon. These other companies will include OVW, and XPW.

Updated May 11 2002

I've added a little bit of information of Sean O'Haire's tattoo.

Updated May 8 2002

I've added 2 new pictures of Goldust's tattoos, 2 pictures of The Big Bossman's tattoo, 2 pictures of Sara Callaway's bikini line tattoo, a picture of one of D'Lo Brown's tattoos, and a picture of Mark Jindrack's tattoo.

Updated May 7 2002

Sorry for the lack up updates. I've added a new picture of Big Show's leg tattoo, 2 pictures of Jazz's chest tattoo, 2 pictures of Randy Orton's tattoos, 2 pictures of Maven's tattoos, 2 picture's of Gangrel's upper arm tattoo, a fairly clear picture of Goldust's upper left arm tattoo, 3 pictures of Brock Lesner's tattoos, and a picture of Tori's back tattoo.

Updated Mar 18 2002

I've added a little bit about undertaker's tattoos that he talked about on a candian tv show just before Wrestlemania.

Updated Mar 12 2002

I've fixed small errors in the Anita Blake character pages.

I've added Pete, Alfred, Polly, Deputy Aikensen, Mary, Elizabeth, Gretchen, and Enzo to the Anita Blake character pages

I've added several new pictures of wrestler tattoos including one on Jackie's bottom, 2 of William Regal's, 1 of Tori's, and 1 of Funaki

Updated Mar 11 2002

I've added several new character pages for the Anita Blake section. They include Beau, Dorcas Bouvier, Maguns Bouvier, Elvira Drew, Estelle, Evans, Fred, Merlioni, Harvey, and Karl Inger.

I also have fixed and added a little bit of information to Dolph's page, Larry's page, Phillip's page, Lillian's page, Richard's page, and to Anita's page.

Updated Feb 24 2002

I have moved the WWF pages from 3 pages to 4 to try and make the pages shorter.

I have put Saturn on his own page

Updated Feb 20 2002

I added a couple of new wrestler's I support pics.

Updated Feb 19 2002

I've added several new pics to almost every page so go and look. These pics include Maven, Jazz, Droz, Dvon, Daffney, William Regal, Saturn, Chaz, Kurt Angle, and Raven.

I've fixed a couple of broken images, put up some new info about Jeff Hardy's tattoo, rewrote a little bit of info about Undertaker's and Sara's tattoos, and put a The Wall's name under his pic on the fourth other wrestler page.

Updated Feb 15 2002

I've added several new pictures including a better picture of the Undertaker's "Sara" tattoo, 2 new Road Dogg pics, and many others. Also I'm reorganizing the pages to have less pictures on each page and some wrestler's that were on incorrect pages have been moved to their correct pages.

The Godfather page link has been put onto the WWF main page.

Updated Feb 14 2002

I have changed the no right clicking javascript because I have received mail that people can't click on anything. It should be less sensative to left clicking now.

I have added a small trivia game to the front page. Hope you enjoy it.

I am currently moving the WWF wrestler's around to make the pages less long and fixing small errors in the pages.

Updated Feb 4 2002

I have moved all the superstars off of the WCW page and moved them to their current appropriate pages untill a split is completed.

Updated Jan 13 2002

Added info on Maven's and Jazz's tattoos

Updated Jan 13 2002

Added info on new tattoos for Dvon and Saturn under their respective sections

Updated Jan 03 2002

Put the Undertaker, Raven, and Droz links on the WWF page, put the Bam Bam Bigelow and Mideon on the other wrestlers page

Updated Nov 14 2001

Added 2 new character profiles to the Anita Blake section - Mrs. Pringle and Madge

Updated Nov 12 2001

Updated the information in Anita Blake's character profile

Added 5 characters to the Anita Blake section - Willie, Ki, Rochelle, Roberts and Larry

Updated Nov 11 2001

Added 6 characters to the Anita Blake section - Malcolm, Alejandro, Louie, Lillian, Marguerite and Buchard

Updated Oct 31 2001

Added 7 awards

Updated Oct 30 2001

Added a new fan fiction to the Anita Blake page called Pool Sharks

Updated Oct 29 2001

Added 5 new characters in the Anita Blake section - Mr. Oliver, Albert, Rafael, Bobby and Melanie.

Updated Oct 28 2001

Added 7 new characters in the Anita Blake section - Katie Zerbrowski, Bruce, Jeremy Rubens, Phillip, Shahar, Luther, and Beatrice

Updated Oct 27 2001

Added Jason to the Anita Blake section.

Updated Oct 26 2001

Added 9 new character profiles in the Anita Blake section - Mr. Javad, Beverly, Buzz, Bert, Zerbrowski, Robert, Stephen, Rania and Marcus.

Added wrestler's I support and/or adopted page.

Updated Oct 25 2001

Added 4 new character profiles in the Anita Blake section - Dolph, Dominga Salvador, Amazing Albert, and Dead Dave.

Updated Oct 23 2001

Put in 6 character profiles in the Anita Blake section - Anita, Aubrey, Richard, Christine, Craig and Jean-Claude