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In 1998 I started to write my first completed novel (I was used to write tons of them from when I was 10, but always my gigantic projects were left at the middle, unfinished, since I easily get bored of my everything..), and in around 9 months, by the end of that year's October, I had completed it.
The sparkle to it, was a decision by a musician, Noel Gallagher, to walk out from Oasis ' tour in February, a fake news, but being me a big fan of the band, that put me in will to create a story able at once to tell about a beautiful lovestory, while celebrating the career of the band which is (I know, I am gonna be criticized for this) the band which has created my teenager days and let me enter in the adult life.
The idea of creating a novel made of pure fantasy while inscripting it in a context of true facts was stimulating me really much: that's a very "Italian" thing since one of our best Literary masterpieces , the "Promessi Sposi" by Alessandro Manzoni uses the same idea, and all of us students have been fascinated by this I believe. And another thing happened while writing, that is writeable into the line of another major Italian write whom I adore, Luigi Pirandello: with my book, it did happen that the story that should have been at the start, changed totally, cos of the independent life of each character, developed beyond my starting will and wish. A miracle in so many ways. That's why prolly the novel saw the end: because the lazy writer that I am had just to "listen" to the characters's life and put it in words.
Another important note is that the characters have a very few to do with real people of the same names in my life (the main one too: she's not me that much.. I am more the male half, really!): although every writer writes real experiences always, you know. Just maybe in diverse orders ;).

Anyway, by the end of 98 my novel was completed, and I was and still really proud of it.
What has always made me sad is that it's written in my mother language, so all my friends from all around the world who doesn't know my beloved talking tongue were in the impossibility of readin it.
And so the project came in my mind renewed: "Why I cannot try a translation and publish it on the Web?"
One of the reasons actually could be that I don't know English well, and especially -since I never learnt it at school- I can't use any proper literary form, which already is and will be the main lack in my online version of the book.
That made me doubtful, cos in my own language my literary style is not only really good, but it's got a very personal imprint which is going to be totally missed here.
You'll ask yourselves at this point "So what's the point in this online translation then?"
The point stays in that first will of mine of making this story (which I think is worthing ) available to all my friends, included those who cannot read anything but English.
I am gonna therefore publish one Chapter every two-three months, and hopefully let you know how the story will end in less than some years! (the book in Italian is like 450 pages, but here the lenght of each page is gonna be composed differently).
NOTE that some of language and descriptions could be not suitable for children.

Have fun alongside me, and remember that "All you need is Love".

Last Updates:26th Of June 2005, FIFTH Chapter Translation COMPLETED!!! and from 5th of July, 2005, ENTIRE SIXTH CHAPTER!!
Images in my book section that are not my own Poser Illustrations, are courtesy of Jo Ann Sommer, Jean-Marc Rulier and Andreas Lober, whose pages you can find from LINKS Page in my Gallimel's Door Home.
Take a look also at my Old Website Literary Contributions: Choco M&M's Candies Tale
and some poems and Lyrics at Lyrics from Moonlight and Soul
-------------------- And now, also available the Meli's Poser Illustrations Page for the book! All made by me, of course, with Poser5&Photoshop7&Pics (when needed). EEEEEEEEEEEEEENJOY!!! ------------------------

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