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This is the main page banner.  If you've got graphics turned off or left your pointer here for a second, congrats, you've found my secret game. Point to other graphics on this page to find remarks about stuff :)  Sorry this game has no prize! But it can be fun
More X heads ^_^ANNOUNCEMENT:7/5/04 This site is now STATIC. I've unfortunately run out of space to run this site properly, and I really HATE tearing apart my old stuff for space here. I'm two megs till the end of my space and I can't post too many more pictures before this page goes kaput. SIGH. Enjoy what I have up. I'll still be doing stuff at my Deviant Art account, and my Fan account. It looks like it's going to be awhile before I can finish "The Dream Machine" and I'm really really sorry to keep the people who read it hanging. Meanwhile, enjoy this hot linked (legally XD) picture of my Rockman EXE army as a parting view.

Did I mention we're worshiping Omega X? *HEART*UPDATES: 5/1/04
The The Dream Machine has finally been updated with five pages of chapter 27 in fan comic form. Updates will happen every five weeks, with hopefully five pages. Read the comments on that page to find out more!

Zero! Yoo Hoo! ^_^ *heart*UPDATES: 02/15/03
The Manga Translations has been updated, with Chapter 4 of the Rockman X5 Manga, along with fixed Chapters 1-3.

Ceil is one of my favorite characters from the Rockman Zero Series.  I want her hair XDUPDATES: 08/30/03
Massive SCRAPART and OEKAKI ART update. STill bumming and haven't written The Dream Machine Chapter 27 yet *bricked* Sorry peoples.

X's head is so cute!UPDATES 05/16/03
I finally have an update of the FAN ART update! The fic is sort of going... erm... I've been kind of distracted by my job and working. But look forward to another art update within the next couple of weeks! I'll be coloring another pic soon. ^_^(incidentally, sometime in April was the 1 year anniversary of this site... I really should keep track XD)

Lan is cute too.  I wonder if anyone is reading this note. :)UPDATES 05/03/03
Oops, didn't make the mid April deadline for my fic. Forgot completely about tax day. ^_^;;; As for updates, you can go to my deviant art account for a prelim version of a pic I'm working on for display at Fanime Con.

I would also like to point out that SOMEONE ripped my story "The Future is Coming" off this or another site where it has been posted since the 1990's. *flaming eyes* Check out My Fic then go laugh at "his" fic Flaming for his story is not necessary (but appreciated). I just want to make everyone aware that this kind of thing does happen. Lucky for me a lot of people read this fic before this "author" probably even learned how to type. (Now I feel old).

Of course, of the EXE characters, Megaman EXE is my favorite!UPDATES 03/14/03
As promised by the mid-March deadline, The Dream Machine has been updated with Chapter 26! ^_^ I've stuffed as many canon characters in that chapter as well. Alia and Dr. Cain will be in actual scenes! Ooooo. Not nearly as nail-bitingly cliff hanger (is that even a phrase?) as chapter 25, but it's okay. I don't think I've ever worked this long on a chapter! The story might wind up in the next couple of chapters, so look for that. Next expected update: Mid April. (Sorry, I have a job now, so there's much less time for me to write!)

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