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FAQ BANNER.  Gate is awfully cute, too.  ARe the evil characters just all gorgeous looking? :::Suddenly remembers Dr. Wily::: ICK.  I guess not.
Frequently Asked Questions
This is X's head.  His real question is, why aren't you out on dates instead of buring all your time on the computer? Q: What is this site, and who are you?

This is EXE's head.  The answer to the real question is that I'm taking my time looking for the right guy... yeah... that's it... A: This is a site that showcases my fan works for the Mega Man and all the Megaman spin-off series from Capcom. I have been a long-time Mega Man/Rockman fan, ever since I played the series a long time ago. I got back into the mainstream online fan community around April of 2002, and after delighting in the series again, I put up this site. This site is entirly run by me, Cloud no Miko. I have no staff. I am not looking to employ staff since I don't really see the need (this isn't a news-site, afterall.) I am currently employed at a really sad almost minimum wage job(meep!) so cash donations are totally welcome *wink wink*, you can also send me canned tuna (mmmm, dinner). Since I'm busy looking for another job and contemplating my future in general, time to devote to this site has dimished greatly, but I still find time to draw and write bits here and there :)

This is Lan's head.  His real question is, how come this site doesn't use the cooler more advanced language? Q: How come you use official art for a FAN WORKS site?

This is EXE's head again.  The answer to the real question is that I don't have THAT much free time to learn another langauge.  I'm just getting good with HTML anyway. A: This is done firstly because I had no scanner when I started the site. Another reason is so people can recognize this as some kind of Rockman/Megaman site. My fan art isn't all that good right now, my friend :)

This is Kobun's head.  His real question is, how come I made him so rectangular. Q: Awww, what a kawaii chibi site you have! Let's affiliate/link!

This is EXE's head agin.  Your head is so rectangular due to the fact that I made it using the rounded rectangular tool on photoshop. A: Doing affilations would require a massive redesign of my site, and I'm REALLY not up for all that work right now. As for linking, I'd like to think that the links on people's webpages are their personal recommendations of where to visit on the net. That is how I treat my links page, so I keep the list short (that, and I've got a vertical size limit on my page.) Please understand that as the reason I might not link to your page, as wonderful, well made, and informative as it is. I feel REALLY REALLY bad and generally a big snob when I have to say no... so please don't e-mail me about adding your site to my links page. On the other hand, please DO e-mail me your site's URL for me to visit. There, now I feel all guilty and stuff, but someone had to say it.

Q: I have fan work too! Can you host them on your site?

A: Unfortunately, no. I'm running out of space already, and I want to keep this as a site for my work. It wouldn't hurt the space that much for me to host a couple pieces of someone else's work, but then I would have to get all judgemental and mean again about whose work is good enough or not, and I'd like to avoid that whole problem altogether. There a lots of site that want people to submit art! Check out some of those ^_^
Biggest Relevant Pet Peeves
People writing me letters that contain only one line. People asking questions on the guestbook (that's what e-mail is for people). People plugging their own site in a very obvious way in my guest book. (At least try to make is subtle, people!)