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Rockman X5 Translation

Original story and comic by: Mmm Hup Yee (Cantonese Pronunciation?)

Translator: Cloud no Miko


This document may only be linked from the Mega Man Fan Works Site.  Remote linking is strictly prohibited.  If you find this document linked from a site other than Mega Man Fan Works, please notify the translator by e-mail at


Table of Contents:


0. Updates

I. Legal Notice

II. How to Read Manga

III. How to Read the Translation

IV. Translator’s Notes

V. The Translation


0. Updates:


03/06/03: Chapter 6 added, meaning that manga is completely translated.  I might revise it a bit to make it easier to read later.  If you do have trouble reading it alongside the book, please e-mail me and let me know, specifying which part is difficult. 

03/05/03: Chapter 5 added, minor typographical mistakes corrected.  Updated Translator’s Notes (section IV).

02/15/03: Chapter 4 added.  Edited Chapters 1-3 to change Chinese sounds to their English equivalent.  Changed ordering of dialogue slightly so the translation reads better.

01/13/03: Chapter 3 added.

12/04/02: Chapter 2 added.

12/03/02: Begin Translation.


I.  Legal Notice:


Story content copyright by CAPCOM and Mmm Hup Yee .  This translation was written and posted by a fan for other fans.  The translator (me) is making no profits from writing or posting this translation.  The translator’s intention is to promote Rockman fandom by making non-English comics of the Rockman series more accessible to more fans.  Should Capcom or any party with the legal right to reproduce the comics announce they will print this comic in English, I will remove this translation from the public as soon as I hear about it. 


Reproductions of any part or this entire document is prohibited unless specific written permission is given by the translator (hey, I worked hard on this!)  For corrections and questions about this document, contact the translator at, with the subject heading: “Rockman X5 Translation.” 


The translation is based on the Chinese comic.


II. How to Read Manga


Read the boxes from right to left, top to bottom.  Text sometimes goes from right to left.. sometimes left to right.  Don’t ask me why.  The translation will be done this way.


III. How to Read the Translation.


“sample” indicates speech in speech bubbles  Even if it’s the same person talking, with three different speech bubbles, I will use three sets of quotations.

[sample] indicates narrative or other text in (usually rectangular) boxes

*sample* indicates other text on the page

(sample) indicates translator comments or a note indicating something I was unable to translate, or story text that are themselves contained in parenthesis.   You should easily be able to tell the two types apart.

ONE SPACE between lines will indicate a new picture box.

---- indicates the end of one and the beginning of the next page

Background sound effects sometimes will not be translated, since sometimes they’re still in Japanese, and I can’t read it.


Names used will be the Japanese names when I know them, English names when I don’t know the Japanese ones.  Sometimes when I’m unfamiliar with the character and cannot read their Chinese name, I’ll just give it a name.  Sorry.  Please send me actual names at my e-mail address.  Be polite.  I’ll treat you in kind.  If you think this document “sucks” because I can’t get the names straight, then stop reading it!  On the other hand, corrections given by mature individuals who know how to choose their words will be corrected as soon as possible.


Figures of speech without English equivalents will be matched with something that is different but with very close meaning to the Chinese text, sometimes with figures of speech, but if it’s makes sense, I’ll do a direct translation.  Sometimes when I don’t know exactly what they’re saying in Chinese I’ll give my best stab at translating the lines.  I’ll usually indicate those with notes.  Sentences might be reordered or broken up so the English translation will make more sense and read better.


IV. Translator’s Notes


This manga contains Chinese beyond my abilities.  Usually titles, and names give me the most problems.  I will usually get he gist of what is going on, but may not translate everything exactly as it is written.  Sometimes I will have to just say I cannot translate that part.  Sorry!  If you can read Chinese, please feel free to send me the correct translation of a part that’s bothering you, but don’t bother sending me an e-mail telling me I probably translated it wrong unless you have a correction in mind, since I am aware of deficiencies in my Chinese reading skills, since I only read up to 4th grade level in Chinese.  Bah.


And definitely DO NOT wave around my translation and go “HA!  See, this is proof of my theory on (insert theory here.)”  My translation is not that accurate, but accurate enough for you to enjoy the comic.  If you want to do that, please consult me first, and let me make sure that my translation on the pages on interest are error free before you go make a fool out of both of us.


V. The Translation


(Starting with Dust Cover notes)

Author’s Notes

Hello everyone!  I am Mmm Hup Yee!  Rockman X5 One Shot Book is finally on sale, (it’s so great…..because again I have money to spend….)  Getting back on topic, Sigma’s evil plans does not end with the lost of Eurasia….X and Zero’s brave passion will allow them to fight until the end!

Their exciting and dangerous story will begin right here!!

…….If you haven’t bought it, hurry to go buy it!!




Rockman X5


Comic/Mmm Hup-Yee © Capcom [2002]. All Rights Reserved.




Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Colony Crisis

Chapter 2: Collision with Earth Crisis

Chapter 3: Virus Crisis

Chapter 4: Chase the Abducted Car

Chapter 5: Fierce Electric Trap

Chapter 6: Calling The Hidden Armor




[The year 20XX, in the faraway time, the space Colony Eurasia has been invaded…..]


[We must save them….]


[Because a horrifying plan is in motion!]




Rockman X5


Chapter 1>>> Colony Crisis




“Fu, fu fu!!”







“Wah ah!!”


“Let’s see where you run now, you deserving to die lab rat!!”

“I don’t want to be treated as a lab rat!!”


“Mmm… Wah ah!!”

“I don’t want to die!!”

“Please let me go!!”


“Save me!!”




“Master Dark Necrobat, report: the virus testing has already reached the last stage!!”

“Another three unfit humans have died!!”




“You idiot!  Just call another three to replace them!!  Next time, don’t bother reporting these kinds of things to me!!”

*stomp stomp stomp*

“Yes!!  Master Dark Necrobat!!”


“Huh!!  Pissing me off!!”


“Leave already!!”


[Dark Necrobat’s personality is low, and is very cruel….] (ack, sorry, in Chinese this sounds much cooler)




“It’s you who leaked the news!!”





“So what if it’s me?!  Earth will soon send people to save us!! “

“You pathetic traitors will soon be caught!!”


“The Legendary B Class Hunter will surly come to save us!!”






“Right!!  The Legendary B Class Hunter will definitely come to save us!!”




“We’re not afraid of you!!”


“Right!  Get out of our colony!!”


“Stupid Reploid!!  Get out of our colony!!”


“Get out of our colony!!”


“You guys still talking!!”

“Die!!  You humans who don’t deserve to live!!”








“I’m going to kill you all!!”





“AH!  Kill!”




“Chill out, Crescent Grizzly!!”






“Impressive, boy!  You actually stopped my strike with one hand!!”


“Foolish boy! Who are you?!”


“Everything’s fine, little girl.”


“Unless you are….”


“The Reploid who protects the human’s safety and the peace of earth, X!!”





“Yay!!  Hurray for the B Class Hunter!!”



“Commander Grizzly, we can’t just let them go!”


“The mission this time is to save the hostages, so I’m taking all of these people!!”

“If you find anything unsatisfactory, I can teach you a lesson, anytime!!”



“Commander, if the people get taken away, then we’re finished….”




“You, shut up!!”


“Hold it, X!!”





[Experiment Room]







“This is the last subject?!”






“…it seems so…”




“Damn it!!  This is all your fault, didn’t I tell you that you should reduce the dosage?!”

“Forgive me!!  Master!!  It’s you who said we need to increase the dosage!!”


“What?!  You dare pass the blame onto me?!”

“No.. no… master…”


“I should trample you to death!!”

Waah!  Save me!!”












Waah!!  Let me go!!”


“You idiots!  Get up!!”


“Master Sigma!!”


“You idiots!  The experiment is a success and you still don’t know…..”

“Now we can freely control him!!  The Sigma Virus can successfully tap into the human’s nerves, the humans are now puppets for me to control…”




“We only need to spread large quantities of the virus on earth!!



“The Earth’s humans will be under my control…”


“Conquering is Earth is no longer a dream!!”



“Master, quit joking!!”

Waah!  Let go of me!!”




“It’s quite fabulous!!  Sigma….”


“Huh?! Who’s there!!”




“Don’t recognize me?  Commander Sigma!!”




“A Class Hunter!!”


“I would never have thought that the mastermind behind the Eurasia Crisis…”


“Is you!!”




“Five years ago, during the Maverick Revolution, not only were many of Earth’s cities destroyed,”


“In their hearts, the trust that humans had for Reploids was also destroyed…  Everyone had to work together very hard to put that nightmare to rest… and never imagined that you would still be alive…”


“Now you want to use a virus to control people’s hearts…”

“That’s really impressive…”


“This must be the new virus bodies!!”



“How did it get in his hands!!”




“Since the last live experiment is complete, then the last investigative work…”

“Let me handle that!!”




“One more!!”










“Come on!!  Sigma!!”




“Master Grizzly!!”




“What did I miss?!”










“My grand plan will not be foiled by you two!!”


“Oh no!”






“The debt from five years ago, you will both pay today!”


“Let’s get out of here, Master Dark Necrobat!!”


“You don’t need to tell me!!”




“Things are getting more and more interesting!!”


“Tonight’s battle begins now!!” (Okay, he says something else begins now… but I have no idea what.)


“Attack with all your might, Sigma!!”




[Earth’s Headquarters]


“Report: the colony Eurasia is on a course to collide with earth.”



“When does it enter danger range?”


“Thirty minutes until collision with earth!”




“Okay!!  Prepare GIGA blast!!  In thirty minutes we fire!!”




Chapter 2>>> Collision Crisis




“Zero Z-Saber Slash!!”







“That didn’t even itch!!”


“It didn’t hurt him at all!!”

“Even my saber can’t cut through, then it must be…”


“Super Metallic Alloy!”


“With your current weapons, you cannot hurt me!!”






“Zero, attack his back engine!”


“What do you think you’re doing!!  Boy!!”




“Sigma Virus Bite!!”






“Heh…heh, tastes pretty good!”


“You bastard…”


“Give Zero back!!”




“The wires here seem to be incorrectly connected!!”





“How can this be possible?!  You should already be dead!!”


“That’s great, Zero’s still alive!!”


“Since I’m already here, let me help you organize a bit!!”


“It doesn’t seem to be this wire!!”

“Not this one either!!”

“This one is connected wrong as well!!”

“This one is too long!!”


“This one isn’t right either!!”

“This one is too dirty!!”

“I’ve never even seen this one!!”

“What is this?!”


“Zero, if you’re going to kill, then do it, don’t mess around!!”



“I was waiting for you to say that…”




“Zero Three-Day Moon Strike!” (Uh.. don’t ask, I’m just translating.)




“Super metallic alloy can only be destroyed from inside!!”





“You, you okay!!”


“The Sigma Virus is indeed powerful!!”






“Entering critical stage, engines are at full power, and in five minutes we will enter orbit to crash with Earth!!”




“Even if I die, I’m going to drag the people of Earth with me!”


“(blank bubble)”



“Huh!  He who deserves punishment.”  (there’s just no exact translation…)


“Now what should I do….”






“Report, Eurasia is gaining speed!!”




“How long until it enters danger zone?”


“Three minutes until it enters orbit!!”



“In three minutes we fire!!”




[I can’t shut off the guidance system,]


[Then I can only…]


[Destroy the engine!!]




“This is the engine room.”

[Caution!! Extreme Temperatures!]




“Entering Earth’s orbit in thirty seconds!”


“Ah!!  I only have to destroy you, then everything is done!”









“Hurry and stop!!”


“The people of Earth and the colony,”


“Cannot die because of you!!”






[On the other side, escaping in an escape pod are the bad guys….]

Waah!!  Master Dark Necrobat!”



“The escape pod power source seems to be compromised!”

“What?!  I don’t wanna die!!”


Wah ha!!  What’s happened here?”

“The high rise is collapsing!!”


“Everyone, get out of here!!”








“Everyone get to the emergency shelter, the emergency shelter!!”


“The engine’s power has already been stopped!!”


“Why do I feel something is about to happen?”




“GIGA weapon is charged!”


“Target is set!!”


“Begin countdown!!”










“Report! Eurasia’s engines have stopped!!”



“Stop the gun!!”


“Report: it’s too late----”






“Change the trajectory!!”



*Boom* (firing/explosion  sound)




(Page of just pics)






“Reporting…if you can hear me, please respond…”

Eurasia’s engine parts are destroyed…”






“The hostages have all been rescued, mission complete!”



“That’s great…”


“Hurry and send a team of medics to receive them!!”



[Even though the citizens are all safe…]




[But on Earth, another evil power,]

[is gathering right now]


“Everyone is here?”




Chapter 3>>> Virus Crisis


“Virus infection 30 percent.”




“Zero has been stabilized, but to get back to normal----”

“Right now all we can do is to wait for the anti-bodies to appear…”


“When will the anti-bodies show up?”

“It’s impossible to guess…”


“Shut down all of Zero’s systems,”

“We’ll wait until things are back to normal.”






[Zero is unable perform his duties because of the virus….]


[And at this time, HQ received news…that inside a small town on Tiger Forest Mountain,]

[A strange disease appeared…]


[Why an outbreak at this time?]



“Someone is coming!!”


“I am B class Hunter X!”

“Where is the patient?”







[This symptom….]


[Is exactly the same as on the colony test subjects…]




[It couldn’t be…]



“Virus test!!”





[Test positive]


“It’s over!  It’s really the Sigma Virus!!”






“It’s bad, Signas!!”

“What is it?”


“X reported back, it is the Sigma Virus!!”



“Sigma… Virus!”








“Quickly send some Virus Suppressant to that area!!”

“Seal off the affected area.” 

“Tell X to thoroughly investigate.”


“We’ll wait for HQ’s reaction before further decisions.”


[Signas reported back to the military heads….]

“Isn’t Sigma supposed to be dead long ago?”

Aie-ya!!  Stop wasting your breath!!”

“How did the Virus come to earth?  How do you people do business?”


“Right now, low large is the affected area?”


Tiger Forest Mountain’s area, about 20 square Kilometers.”


“Blow it up!!”




“I’ve injected him with some suppressant….”


“After the medical technicians arrive, you can stop worrying.”


“Okay, who’ll tell me what this is all about?”


“This is the Mountain God’s punishment.”


“Oh!!  Mountain God?”


[That’s correct, Ah Ming (the patient) often hunts animals in the mountains.]

[Especially the tiger, the tiger is the Tiger Forest Mountain’s sacred animal…]




“So the beginning of this strange disease, is the Mountain God’s punishment!”





“No, that’s too wreck less!” (Sorry, imprecise translation once more :p)

“We haven’t established that the virus’s origin is Tiger Forest Mountain!”


“So what kind of brilliant idea do you have?”






“Give me three days, and I will thoroughly dig up the cause!”



“We will only give you one day!  One day to solve the crisis!!”




“This is the place where he hunted and killed a tiger.”



“No sign of the virus.”


“Oh, Mountain God, please forgive him!”


“Aside from tigers, were there any other strange occurrences recently?”

“Strange occurrences?”


“Strange occurrences?”





“When did these tracks appear?”


“About ten or more days ago!”




“This is it!”

Wah, wah wah!”


“Every night, when there is moonlight,”


“A transport truck would appear.”





“It’s coming!”




“There is less today,”

“I think we can dump them at the foothills!!”


“Is that okay?  The commander’s order says,”

“We need to dump 20 kilometers away from the base!”


“You’re really stupid, who’s going to know we dumped it at the foothills?”





“What is it?!”


“The breaks are out!!”




Wa-ah!  I don’t want to die yet!!”

Wah-ah!  What are you doing!!

“Stop the car!!”


“Can you shut up!!

“I’m the driver!”


“Don’t head straight!!”

“Give me the steering wheel!!”




Wah-ah!!  Hurry and put it (the steering wheel) back!!”

“The road is out in front!!”









“Stopped!  Thank heaven and earth.”



“If you two don’t want to die, then you’ll tell me exactly what this is all about!!”


“I say, I say, I’ll tell you anything!  Don’t let go!!”




[Events began with one of the citizens of Eurasia, not only did he bring a strange virus…]

[He gathered leaders from all corners of the globe.]




[I heard they were planning to use the virus to control humans, to take over the world!]

“Another brilliant plan to take over the world.”  (X is being sarcastic ^_^)



“That’s it, I only know this much.”



“Are you treating me like a three year old child?  Speak!”



“Don’t, I really don’t know!!”





“Commander, report, the last fifteen tons of virus has been loaded!”


“Very good!”


“In no time, humans will grovel at my feet!”


“Commander, report, car number 102 is missing!”






“Car number 102 lost signal in Tiger Forest Mountain,”

“There’s not even a report.”



Nin… it couldn’t be…”



“Commander, we have a signal.”

“It’s number 102…”


“And the speed is very high,”


“It’s bearing right towards us!”










“Long time no see, Crescent Grizzly.”

“I didn’t arrest you on the colony, and hoped you would change your ways, but I never thought…”


“Your malice did not change, but grew stronger, not only are you polluting the area with the virus,”


“That voice…..!!”


“Who are you?!”


but you joined Dark Necrobat’s virus plan, hoping to take over the world,”




“As B class Hunter I’m telling you, you’re under arrest!!”

“Crescent Grizzly!”


“It’s you!!”




“I really haven’t wasted any work.”  (Arugh, it’s one of those sayings with no good translation.. :p)




“Since I was defeated by you on Eurasia, I have been waiting for this day,”

“(meep, something I can’t translate *_*)”




Splash Page






“(X gives a retort about the thing I couldn’t translate… I’m sure it sounds cool…)”


“Come on!  Let’s see how much you’ve improved?!”





“Stop making a fuss…”


“Everyone stay over there!!”




“This is a fight between men!”

“No one interfere!!”


Chapter 4>>> Chase the Abducted Car


[Earth HQ]




“What happened at the command center?  What was their response?”


“Hurry and contact X.”


“Speak with the Tiger Forest Mountain’s citizens, and find out the truth behind the virus!”


“Headquarters will level Tiger Forest Mountain at two fifteen tomorrow afternoon.”


Tiger Forest Mountain …”






“Black Bear Moon Slash!!”


“So this is your determination?!”


“It’s not enough!!”




“Shut up!!”


“I, Commander Crescent Grizzly have never lost!”

“Icy determination!!”




“Will not waiver!”  (Gah… I have no idea what he said, actually…)




“*crackle, crackle*” (static)





“*crackle, crackle*”

“What’s that sound?!”


“What is this?!”





“What is it!  It’s hard to eat!!”


“X, is it you?”



“It talked!”

“Who is it?”  (I LOVE the expression on Alia’s face XD)



“Hey!  I’m the tribe chief, who are you looking for?”


Tiger Forest Mountain is in trouble, please hurry and call X to the phone!!”




[When the tribe chief realized the gravity of the situation, he sent out citizens to find X.]




[X is facing a strong will…] (what it actually says is that X is facing a man’s will, since Chinese is an old language, it implies strong.)


*This guy means business!*






“What?  Again!!”










*I will accept your strong will, and take one of your strikes!!*  (X is an idiot…)








“It ends!!!”


















“Commander!”  (What is actually says is “older brother”, but it means commander/leader.)


“Commander you can’t die!!”

“If you died, what will we all do?”


“Don’t worry, Crescent Grizzly is not dead.”

“I only damaged his mobilization systems.”

“Right now, he can only perform simple movements.”




“Get up, Grizzly!”




“Start talking!  Why help Sigma do all of this?”




“It’s a long story…”


[When I was still a civilian Reploid, everyday I accompanied by little master to the fields to work]


[Life was very blissful]


[But, one day…]


[In a nearby town, some Reploids revolted…]


[and actually killed more than 10 people.]




[Because the villagers don’t trust Reploids anymore, they drove me out of town…]


[No matter how much I pleaded and begged]

[They mercilessly attacked me without a word,]


[But what hurt me even more was…]


[That even my little master cast me aside…..]


“Because of this, your trust in humans completely vanished.”





“I hate all humans!”


[While I laid there, Sigma…]

[Saved me…]


[He gave me a new life]


[Taught me how to attack, battle]


[And a plan to take over the world!]




“The plan to take over the world you mentioned is to spread the Sigma Virus to humans,”

“And then control the humans like puppets!”


“How is doing that that any better than getting cast aside by the humans?!” (X is saying this is just as bad, morally.)




“I don’t want to do this either… but we’ve past the point of no return.”


“Wrong!  There’s not such thing in this world!”

“It all depends on if you want to do it or not!”







“… …”


“Okay!  I will tell you everything,”

“Hopefully you can stop it in time!”


“Leave it to me!”











“You talk too much, Grizzly.”


“Why did you kill him?!”




“Later, X!”

“We will meet again.”


“Stop right there!!”


Ekkusi..” (“X” breaks up in to three syllables in Chinese.)”

“Don’t chase…”


“This is the group’s location map…”


“It’s up to you, X…”












“Ah-Ming!!” (The guy’s name)


“Things are bad!!  We heard that if you can’t find the cause,”

“Then Tiger Forest Mountain will be leveled at two fifteen!!”



[Right now, it’s two o’clock]




“General, Report!  The missile for Tiger Forest Mountain is complete…”


“Very good!  Then prepare to launch the missile, to burn all traces of the virus.”


“Yes, sir!”




“Wait!  General.  It’s not deadline yet!!”

“It’s not too late for them to report!”




“Fu!  Signas, it’s not that you don’t understand the power of the Sigma Virus.”


“If we don’t stop it in time, the consequences will be our responsibility.”




“Commander, Report, there’s someone from the Tiger Forest Mountain here!”





“X asked me to bring this thing here.”


[End of Chapter 4]


Chapter 5>>> Fierce Electric Trap


“This is it.”




“The electric generation station for the Sigma Virus, Electric Town.”


“After receiving Crescent Grizzly organization map, it’s clear what Dark Necrobat’s--”

“Plan consists of!”


“He wants to use the world as a laboratory,”


“Not only with a distribution center, electricity generating station,”

but also a storage and transport center for weapons!”




[The stations span all over the globe….]  (Note: This is X speaking on an audio tape in all these boxes while the leaders listen)

[And considering earth’s current defense capabilities]


[There is absolutely no way to safely suppress this terrorist group…]


[Because time is of the essence, I’ve headed for the Electric Generation Station to investigate…]


[The Virus on Tiger Forest Mountain is just the tip of the iceberg; the real danger is brewing, so I ask that you move quickly!]  (X uses an honorific to address the heads of states.  Isn’t he a polite boy? ^_^  Oh yeah, I BS’ed the second half of the sentence.)






“What do you all think?”




“This is all the Maverick Hunter’s fault…”


“If they did they job and fully suppressed the spread of the Virus on Eurasia…”

“Then none of this would have ever happened!!”


“Right!  He’s absolutely right!”

“The Maverick Hunters should take responsibility!”

“Right, whoever screwed it up should take responsibility!”



“Signas, what do you have to say….”




“If you give the order, I would gladly see this situation through to the end!!”  (Shiny noise!  Signas looks much better here than in the games!)



“Signas, this situation will be the full responsibility of the Maverick Hunters!”








“Is this place really the electric generating station for the terrorists?”  (They call Mavericks “terrorists” in this book.)

“What a messy city!!”



“You stupid kid, refusing to give up your money?”



“Help!  A grown man bullying a child!!”

“Stupid kid!  You keep running, and I’ll kill you!!”


“Help!  If you don’t stop then someone’s going to really get hurt!”






“Hun… Hunter!”


“There’s a Hunter behind you!”


“Fu!  Stop lying to me, the police here are already all gone!”

“There can’t be any Maverick Hunters!”


“Bo… Boss, this guy is really…”



“You were actually going to hit a child!!”






“You deserve to be hit!!”










“Are you alright, little boy?!”

“I’m fine!”


“Get the rest of the guys!  This guy threw a punch!!”

“Oh man! One punch and he’s out!”


“Hurry and follow me!”

“What’s going on?”


“Where’s that guy?!”

“He went that way!”


“Hurry and chase him!  Don’t let him get away!”


“Hurry and report this to Volt Kraken!”




“Just what is all this about?”


“This city really has no police force?”

“Where did all the hunters go?”




“All this started two months ago….”


“Two months ago….?”


“In Electric City, there is someone very famous, a hunter called Volt Kraken,” (yeah, skipped a couple words here…)

“He did his job for the people with a passion, and was a very big help in many cases.”


“In the city, he is the Best Maverick Hunter…”

“But!  On that day…”


“No one knows what happened exactly.”

“The just Hunter Volt Kraken did something really bad, and got kicked out of the Hunters.”


“On that night, something very strange happened.”






“In that one night, every Maverick Hunter in the city limits disappeared!”




“And so the city turned for the worse,”

since there was no one to enforce laws!!”


“Stinking kid, you talk too much!”






“Surrender peacefully, or I’ll squeeze him to death!”

“Ah, let me go!!”



“You, bastard!!”  (X says something a little more articulate, but there’s no way to translate it that I know of XD)


Heh!  Take this Hunter away!”


“Hey!  Let me go!  AHHH!”








“Humph!  Still haven’t shouted a peep!”


“This is fun, let’s try this again.”


“Very few Reploids can withstand ten seconds…”





“You haven’t made a sound, you’ve got the most balls among all the hunters in this city.”


“All the Hunters of this city…”


“So all the Hunters are here…”


“Master Volt Kraken!”




“Master Volt Kraken.”


“Volt Kraken…”


“At ease!”


“How about it, Hunters, has anything come of your deliberations?”


“We’re willing to join your ranks, master!”

“Me, too!”


Mmm, very good.”




“You bastards!!”


“Did you forget the spirit and laws of the Hunters?!”

“For the Hunters, we can’t give in to their demands!!”


“To uphold justice is the Hunter’s only law, or did you all forget?”


Heh, I didn’t think there was still this kind of spirited Hunter, it’s priceless.” 

“Fu!  A good example of a justice upholding Hunter!”


“Fu… then let me see your bravery and justice!!”








“Fu!  Let’s see how long you can hold out…”




“Fu, you only have to admit the Hunters are stupid, then I’ll spare your life.”




“TU!” (He’s spitting)


“Even if you kill me, I will not say that!”










“If you have the guts to bully someone your own size, then bring it on!”  (Wooo! XD)




“What kind of leader just bullies people like this…”




“A flashy show off type!”

“My favorite type of person to fix is your type…”


“Release him!”








“Right now you’re like scrap metal…”


“I’m afraid you won’t be able to defeat even my minions.”


“You talk big!!”

“That’s definite…”


“Who is that!!

“Come out at once!!”


“Get he heck out here!”




“I bet on X, ten to one…”

“Ten Galaxy Gold coins!”

“How about it, anyone willing to take the bet?” (ZERO!!! ^___________^)




“School president!”


“This guy!”


“Hold it!!”




“It’s been more than ten years since I’ve seen you, Volt Kraken, I would think your skills have improved quite a bit….”

“This is going to be a spectacular match!”


“Have you gone nuts!!  X can’t possibility be a match for him!”


“You shut up!”


“Look carefully, the legendary B Class Hunter X,”

“It’s not just a superficial name!”  (Poor X is shivering *_*)




“Master, let me have a go!”


“I’ve never had anyone I’ve beaten to this condition say such stupid words!”




“Wait until I take him apart, and see what he is made of!”

Heh heh…”


“Hold it!”




“I took him prisoner, so I should be the one to finish him!”


“What, that big guy!”

“X is going to lose for sure.”




“I think you two should stop fighting.”


“And both take him on at the same time!”




“I’ll increase the prize ten fold!”



“You…. You’ve really gone nuts…”



“Not betting is nuts, in a moment, don’t blame me for not pointing this out to you!”


“I’ll also bet on X!”


Heh…” (Zero looks so lecherous here XD)


“Zero, it seems you haven’t changed.”


“Okay, okay, place your bets!”


“After this, it’s up to you,”





“Let the battle begin!”


“Come on B Class Hunter!”



Chapter 6 >>>Calling the Hidden Armor



“2500 pound steel mace!!”










Heh, dead!”






“Impossible!  This guy’s small body couldn’t possibly withstand a 2500 pound strike!!”



“This boy!  Does he really has some special power?”


“No good, if it goes on like this, my power will be depleted.”


“I have to end this battle fast!”

“AH!  I refuse to believe I can’t kill you!”






“ (another sound I can’t translate.)”



“One more time!!”





“It ends!!”




“It’s over…”






“Ha ha ha ha ha!”



“How could this be?”




“This is the last swan song…”


“Black Explosive!”


“Hope you’ll soon be put back together as a Maverick!”









“Going by myself is too lonely, I want you to come with me.”


“X is alive!”


Heh…this is how it is.”


“You… … monster…..”




Le, let me go!”


“Let go!”



“Seeing as how you’re freaked out like this.”

“Allow me to send you!”

Wah  (This is the sound of the bomb being activated.)


Wah! Have you gone insane…

“I don’t want to die yet!!”




(Page of pics)




Wah!  How could you go first!!







“How could this be possible…


“Just like this.”


“Your good brother said he had to leave first to do something,”

“How about you?”





“I’m going to kill you!!”

“Deep within X is the ability to call the power of a new armor!  It is unleashed during a crisis!”








“The armor makes him a completely different opponent.”


“Does no one know where his potential limit lies?”

“It’s like he’s become a completely different person!  Amazing!”



“This is what is scary about him.” (Zero calling X scary? XD)






“It’s too late!!”





“Wow!  He tore that big guy apart with his bare hands!”

“Who the world is this guy?!”


“You are the Legendary B Class Hunter!”

“Constantly wearing the mask of justice, doesn’t that get tiring?”



“Isn’t wearing the mask of justice your first dream?”




“Ha ha ha, what dream!

“You’re funny!”


“It’s really just kidding yourself!”

“Once the most dangerous mission is over,”


“Everything changes.”

“He’ll kick you into a never-ending forest!”


“When the superiors want you dead, then you cannot live!  Hunters are merely…”

“Pawns in a game for people with power.”




“Then that means…  You killed the chief!”


“That’s right, that animal should have died long ago!!”

“He had it coming.”  (VK said something more poetic here, but I can’t translate it.”


“A good death….”

[On that night, the dream ended.]






“Volt Kraken, you have changed, finding so many excuses,”

“In the end you’ve only betrayed yourself.”








“X can smack some sense into you.”




“Bring out your true abilities!!”




“Have I really changed?”


“School President--------- Wait for me.”


“Didn’t I tell you to wait in the car?”


“I can’t do that!  How can I let the school president venture into danger alone!  I’m a Hunter, too!”  (I have no idea why he’s calling Zero “School President” but he is, so don’t shoot the messenger XD  The name could also be considered “school elder” but that sounds even worse.)





“Stay close behind me, don’t be away for even a step!”














“School President!”


“Damn you!”














“School president.......”


[Rockman X5(1)End  To be Continued]


(Unfortunately I don’t have Manga number 2… does it even exist?)