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My Own Pages and Favourite: Advice and Links

Why Marmalade_Man?

math tips
Math Tips (Even if You Are Lousy At Math)
If U Still Need a Calculator

You are on the Internet Too Much When?

Virus Warnings and Virus Hoaxes
Network Assoc.(McAfee) VirusScan Evaluation Download Page

ICQ Hoaxes and Nuisance Messages
Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe Hoax

Why you NEED Free Email Accounts? [Many Reasons]
Only The Best Links!
Get a FREE Hotmail email address.
Get OTHER FREE Email Accounts

What YOU Should Know About: Newsgroups!
DejaNews: Search NewsGroups or Post to THem

The Magic Win95(98) Right Mouse Button!
My New Page1
My New Page2 Internet Coaching Zine!
Some Essential Win9x Tools
My Other Home

Movie and Entertainment Links
Some of My Recipes & Food Links
Friends and Acquaintances' Pages

My Own Private Links
Angelfire Easiest Free Home Pages
Chat City - Java Based Chat Page
Free Home Pages, Email, Counters etc.
Some Real Audio Broadcasts
TechTalk-Real Audio Broadcasts
Computer Answer Guy - Real Audio Broadcasts
RCFoC [Rapidly Changing Face of Computing](REAL Content)
"Jumper Settings For Every Hard Drive Ever Made"
Test Your Hard Drive
Free Computer Certification Courses!!!
Get Free Lessons For Above Courses!!!
Looking For Someone? Try Who?Where? - For kids who have things to do ...
Easter Eggs - Hidden Features in Your Programs
Reference Desk
Great Computer LINKS: HTML etc.
Paint Shop Pro & Tutorials
So, You want to do a Web Page [Tutorial]
Web Site Garage - Go For a Lube or Tuneup
Modem Help! Get help with your modem!
Win 98-95 Help-Tips
Hotwired Computer Tips, Tutorials etc.
Cram Session: Computer Certification Exams
'83 Yamaha Page
The Official Guestbook Surfer's Page

Some Great Links

Kids Safety On The Net!

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Hot Sites!

Surf The Net With Kids!
Alfred Hitch and Alma!
TVO Kids Page
Internet Pizza Server (Great for Kids) Downloads + Latest Tech Information
Lockergnome: Internet/PC News Letter

4 Kids Org
WWW FREE Stuff Links
Wow! Cathrine's Work in Progress
Great Teacher, Parent and Homework Resources !

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