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MarmTek Computer/Internet Tips
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Here are tips about Windows 95/98 and the Internet In Plain English.[Much of this page does not work yet. Please be patient. I'm working on it!]   Techniques, resources and programs that everyone really SHOULD try.

Put aside your fears and learn how to use your computer and the Internet SAFELY.   If you read the articles, follow the links and try the suggestions here, your Internet experience will be greatly enhanced. 

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  You Must Try
Search Techniques


Learn To Do a Download


Download WinZip


Get Free Online Virus Scan


Get RealPlayer




Free Web Email




About DejaNews


Spot A Hoax


Use Dejanews

Chat - IRC


Get Shareware

Make  Web-Page


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Improve Your Search Techniques
Searching effectively can greatly improve your Internet experience.  By properly formating your searchs, you can find what you want quickly.   Learn how to use  " ", AND, NOT, + and -  in your searches and other great that tips are explained at the above URL. Just click on the title.

Learn to Do A Download
{article not yet done}Downloading is bring a file or a program from the Internet to your computer. One of the great things about the Internet is the many FREE and inexpensive programs you can downlload.  Doing a download SAFELY and neatly is important and easy to learn.

Get WinZip
Most of the FREE and inexpensive programs you will find on the Net are sqweeeeezed to make them  smaller and faster to download.   When you see a file that has a name ending in ZIP or an image that looks like a file cabinet with a clamp around it, you know you have a ZIP compressed file. You will need a special  program like WinZip to open or decompress it.

Scan Your System For A Virus FREE
If you are going  to spend much time on the Internet, sooner or later, you will run into a virus.  Learn about the real dangers, the hype and how to protect your computer.  Learn why it is foolish to forward Virus Warning Messages.

Get Real Player
Don't miss this one.   Add  a new dimention to your Internet experience. Listen to radio stations worldwide, live concerts, Internet broadcasts like TechTalk or  TheComputerAnswerGuy or  watch news broadcasts, movies, movie trailers and TV. Once you have Real Player you will find   Real Content and Links here once I get around to putting them here ;-}

Get a Buddy Program Like ICQ
Imagine having a small program that tells you when your friends are online and allows  you to quickly contact them, chat, send files or do many other things.   Imagine a program that allows you to join and exchange ideas with groups of people with interests similar to your own.   ICQ and many other buddy programs will do all these things and more.

Why You Need a FREE Web Email A/C Like Hotmail?
Get a  FREE email account that you can use from any computer in the world that has access to the Internet.   Imagine getting accesss to your personal email account at the office, someone else's office, in a public library, when you travel or even when you don't have your own Internet account.  Be free from SPAM (unsolicited junk mail).

Newsgroups & What Can They Do For You You?
Newsgroups, Discussion Groups or the Usenet as they are often known is a separate part of the online community that has a tremendous amount of useful information. They provide another way to find facts, exchange information and contact people who share your interests. They also contain a lot of worthless, unpleasant and off topic postings.   [MORE]

Access Newsgroups Using DejaNews
If you are afraid after reading the above article about newsgroups, DejaNews provides an easy and somewhat sanitized method of reading/posting to them. 

How To Spot An Internet Hoax Message
Hoax messages usually will ask or demand that you to forward them on to everybody you know.  The message might appear to be from  a respected organization such as IBM, Microsoft or Mirablis (ICQ).  It may warn you of some horrible virus, about someone spreading viruses or tell you that you will have to start paying for some free service such ICQ.   Mass messages like this are NOT legitimate. Please resist the urge to to forward them.   Instead, if it is important to you, visit the company's website and contact them   [MORE]

Access Newsgroups Using Deja (Formally DejaNews)
If you are afraid after reading the above article about newsgroups, Deja provides an easy and somewhat sanitized method of reading/posting to them. 

TalkCity-  IRC
A great way to waste time, meet people and learn things about the Internet or your hobbies is through IRC -  Internet Realay Chat.   To start you can find thousands of people wanting to chat at TalkCity.  Later, you can download a chat program like Mirc or Pirch

Get Shareware, Freeware and Demo Programs

Make Your First Web-Page In Less Than 30 Minutes [article coming]
You too can have a FREE web page in less than 30 minutes.   Just make sure that you have something to say and then follow the link above.

My Favorite Links To Other Sites
Sites that I find of interest. 

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