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For My Boys....

This page is dedicated to my sons...Matt, Ryan and Adam. I will admit that I am NOT the perfect mother....but these three boys have given me more joy than I deserve!!!

The trials and tribulations of parenthood are all worth it when you get that hug and kiss at the end of the day!! I was suprised to find that all of my children have such totally different personalities, I was expecting some minor differences....but these guys are very much "themselves" Yet they, (most of the time) blend very well together and each personality seems to act as a foil for the other. Even though they fight from time to time, as most siblings do, when it comes to someone picking on the other, they band together very quickly!!

I couldn't quite figure out how to thank my kids for all thier support and love over all these years, so I thought that maybe I could set up a page for each of them. Describing thier personalities and showing a little of thier likes and dislikes. In that regard I have set up the following pages:

Matt's Place

Ryan's Place

Adam's Place