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Adam's Place

        Adam is the youngest of my sons.....and one of the biggest and best con artists I have ever met!!! He can wheedle his way into (or out of) almost anything!!! He is twelve years old, and his favorite thing to do is play on his PlayStation. I have to admit that it is fun to watch him...he gets so involved with the games, that his facial reactions and body movements are just great!! I swear that I should get a video camera and tape him sometime, it would be great to have some "blackmail" material for when he has his own kids.

        So far he likes school....and I hope it stays that way! He can't wait to see all his friends from last years class!! He loves to read, especially the "Nancy Drew" & "Hardy Boys" books, and has already collected about 30 different titles!

        During the summer he goes to "Camp", where he takes swimming lessons and plays with all his friends. He collects matchbox cars, and loves to go just about anywhere!! Especially the Museum of Science, in Boston, and camping at Grandpa Bob's!

        Wanna meet my brothers???



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