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Ahhhh.... my son Ryan...... the sports nut!!! But most of all he LOVES to fish - so I thought that this page background would be quite appropriate!! Easily the most outgoing of my children, this one is forever keeping me on my toes! He's got such a good heart, but sometimes it gets him into trouble!! He is very outgoing, and would much rather be outdoors than in. Loves ALL types of sports and will play as long as he can stand (or move)!! hehehehe

Ryan always "throws" himself into everything that he does! Sometimes, that over-enthusiasm gets him into a little trouble. But his heart is always in the right place!

He is also quite enamored with the Volkswagon much so that he has photos of the new "Bug" up on the ceiling of his room so that it is the FIRST thing he sees in the morning!! In that regard I have set up a very special page for him as a surprise! Won't you stop by and see if maybe you can help me out with the SURPRISE??

Wanna meet my brothers?????



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