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My son, Matt...where do I start??? Matt is the quietest of my sons, very contemplating. He likes to observe before making comments about anything!! He is quick witted, with a warped sense of humor (just like his mom!!) He is a very talented artist, although he dosen't like to admit it. His favorite things to draw are cartoons. He draws all sorts of them, from "stick figures" to the more intricate "warrior type" ones. I'm hoping to get some of his drawings scanned and post them here!!

Did I mention that he also LOVES Nintendo 64?? And Sega Saturn?? He has so many games for the Saturn that I lost count after, hmmm ....was it 80? The Nintendo is another recent purchase, and Matt has been buying games for that too!! I bet we could start our own video rental store!! Matt now owns a PlayStation 2 as well.... YIKES!!!

Matt graduated from High School last year and has since gotten himself a full time job working at Hannaford's! He is 19 now, and constantly amazes me with his wit and wisdom.

Wanna meet my brothers???



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