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I wanted to make this picture gallery better looking, but I'm too lazy right now.  Click on the thumbnails to view it full size. I wish I could make them larger, but my HP scanner is real bad right now, so I had to shrink the images to make them look more smooth. Enjoy! =) More to come I hope.

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 BH_emmys.jpg (58919 bytes) KA_bw.jpg (111481 bytes) PRKA_signauto.jpg (85318 bytes) PRCollin.jpg (84102 bytes) PRKA_daysanniv.jpg (183233 bytes) KA_nowthen.jpg (72614 bytes)

KA_age13.jpg (26012 bytes)  KA_baby.jpg (20504 bytes)
(1) Kristian at age 13.  I believe this is for SEVENTEEN magazine.   (2) Kristian as a baby.

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HW_KAsignsmile.jpg (93131 bytes) HW_KAtakeseat.jpg (110209 bytes) HW_PRKAsigning.jpg (52186 bytes) HW_PRsmiling.jpg (85392 bytes) HW_PRwaves.jpg (56642 bytes) HW_KAsmiling.jpg (102889 bytes)
HW_JMDHwalk.jpg (114302 bytes) HW_DHsign.jpg (93961 bytes) HW_universal.jpg (60673 bytes)
dadrallyautographs.jpg (118331 bytes)  
This was the "Who's the Daddy?" rally and autograph signing at Universal City Walk outside of Universal Studios, Hollywood.  Kristian Alfonso is nice and very beautiful!  She's not skinny like everyone is saying. She looks great! I even got to take a picture with her. :) I just had to include the 5th picture of KA because it reminded me of Susan Banks and it had all of us laughing out loud. :-p  (July 21, 2001)  ---I have NBC Studio tour pictures too (including Salem Place), but I can't find them right now.  Once I find them, I'll put them up, so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks.  No promises though.

KA_autograph.jpg (24068 bytes)  PR_autograph.jpg (24760 bytes)  
Thanks to Billie for these two autographed pictures from Dallas (January 13, 2002)

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