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Bo & Hope: because they're so cute

For over two decades, the amazing Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell portray the ultimate supercouple in daytime television.  This site is a tribute to Bo & Hope, the reason I continue to watch Days of Our Lives. I have found the time to give this site a makeover, but I accidently got rid of the old guestbook. I have a new one though. But anyways....  Hope you like the fresh new look! :) Please be patient as the rest of the page loads.

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   SONG PLAYED: danced to & reminisced with  PICTURES: through the years

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DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way affiliated with NBC, Days of Our Lives, Corday Productions or its affiliates.  I am just a big fan of Bo & Hope, therefore, this site is for fans alike to enjoy.  If I am doing anything wrong, please notify me and I will undo the wrong-doing.  Thanks for visiting!  :-)