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  • Bo & Hope first made love at the Oak Alley Plantation on August 3-4, 1984. 
  • Bo & Hope have one son, Shawn-Douglas Brady (named after his and her father). Bo's nickname for him is "Sailor Man" or "Sailor." He was born on April 6, 1987. 
  • Hope suffered one miscarriage before the birth of their first son. This happened while she was living in the Kiriakis mansion when Bo found out that Victor was his biological father.
  • Bo & Hope once lived on a boat. He named it the S.S. Fancy Face (his nickname for Hope). The boat was bought by Bo. They sailed around the world after that in 1987. Unfortunately, the boat was set to flames by Franco Kelly (a man hired by Kate to break up Bo & Hope for her lovesick daughter) in 1997.
Hope Williams Brady...

Birthdate: December 24, 1965 (storywise, but Addie gave birth to her in 1976 or so---please correct me if I'm wrong.)
Father: Douglas Williams
Mother: Addie Horton
Bo's Nickname for Her: Fancy Face
Her nickname for Grandmother Alice: Gran
Occupation: Salem P.D. Police Officer and Model
Talents: Ice-skating


Bo Arelius Brady...

Father: Victor Kiriakis (but was raised by Shawn Brady)
Mother: Caroline Brady
Hope's Nickname for Him: Brady
Occupation: Salem P.D. Cop/Detective

Hope's side of the family...

Bo's side of the family...

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