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Juneteenth Je6,7,13,14,15,15,19. 5 past taped talks HERE
Dragon Boat Festival Je2,3; Bees 1,11,14,14,16,24 tapes HERE; Italy 1,10,21,26,27 Tapes HERE; Native American 3,13,17,20 Tapes HERE; Medicinal plants 3,10,15,17,24; Climate change, plants, wine 16-17,22,23
Several symposiums listed at end of month

May 31-Je 1 Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2022: Food and Movement. In person; and Online Tickets €30 HERE. Provisional schedule HERE

Jun 1 Wed 12 Maple groves and maple sugaring in a changing environment. Dr. Tim Rademacher. Chaire de recherche du Canada en économie écologique.HERE

Jun 1 Wed 4 19th-century Domestic Workers NYC. Living History @ Home family program. NY Historical Society HERE

Jun 1 Wed 6-7:30 Mapping Early New York project. 17th cen. New Netherland. Toya Dubin. New Amsterdam History Center. Donation HERE. project website HERE Future talks HERE
Past taped talks on Diners, restaurants, trains, ships, taverns, fast food, picnics HERE

Jun 1 Wed 7 From Lunch Carts to Mega-Restaurants: The Evolution of the American Diner. Larry Cultrera photographed 900 diners in 40 years. Diner Hotline Weblog HERE. Society for Commercial Archeology HERE TAPES for members (anyone can join) HERE

Jun 1 Wed 7 Kosher Meat Boycott, 1902 by women against higher prices. A show/musical. Jeff Mustard. YI Love Jewish HERE

Jun 1 Wed 7-8:30 Propolis. Beekeeping. “mixture of resins … antimicrobial effect on dangerous microbes in the bee hive” Dr. Marla Spivak. Bees Beyond Borders. HERE

Jun 1 Wed 8 You Say ‘Tomato,’ I Say ‘Solanum Lycopersicum’: What Systematics Reveals about Edible Plants. “biological systematics, the study of the diversification of living forms, both past and present, and the relationships among living things through time.” Dr. Alison Mahoney. Culinary Historians of Wisconsin. HybridHERE TAPE HERE

Jun 1 Wed 8:30-9:15 Taste of the Tenement. NYC. Virtual Gala Film Premiere. “food traditions …and the broader connections made between neighbors, restaurants, and businesses through the Great Depression, the Kosher Meat Boycott, the growth of Manhattan’s garment industry…” Tenement Museum NYC HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 2 Thu 7 Yan Can Cook Dragon Boat Festival. “celebrating Chinese recipes and traditions.” Chef Martin Yan. On Lok (nonprofit) HERE TAPE HERE (also June 3 talk)

Jun 3-5 all day “Under my Vine & Fig Tree”: Gardens and Landscapes in the Age of Washington and Now. 2022 Mount Vernon Symposium. Mount Vernon. VA Hybrid $25 HERE

Jun 3 Fri 10:30AM A Proper Scouse Dining Experience with Wet Nelly! Belfast, Northern Ireland. Heygo HERE

Jun 3 Fri 2:30-4 Restorative Approaches to Native American Medicine and Guidance on Nature Trail Interpretation. Dr. Margaret Bruchac. Honoring Our Indigenous Heritage: Native People, Plants, Pollinators series. Osher at Berkshire CC Mass. HERE (4 Sessions June 3,10,17,24)

Jun 3 Fri 5 Undiscovered Women in Sacramento's Food History. “From cooks and bakers in local boarding houses, to orchardists, farmers, food processors, restaurant owners, cooking instructors and food writers.” Maryellen Burns. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 3 Fri 7 Italian Connection. “aperitivos like Campari & Aperol, the many bittersweet concoctions we call Amaro, sweet vermouth and sweet liqueurs like Maraschino & Amaretto, and even Prosecco, limoncello, and grappa.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Jun 3 Fri 9:15-10 The story behind Zongzi (Glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves). “June 3rd is the day we celebrate the dragon boat festival, associated with this food.” Heygo HERE

Jun 5 Sun 9AM Zanzibar Spice Farm Tour. “Zanzibar is the Island that produces plenty of nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, lemongrass, saffron, and more…” Heygo HERE

Jun 5 Sun 2 A Pharaoh's Feast: A Live Egyptian Cooking Event. “akhet (the flood season) - and Ancient Egyptian New Year!” Laura Ranieri Roy, Pierre Beaumier. Ancient Egypt Alive $27.54 HERE

Jun 5 Sun 5 Northern California's Best Wines and More. Francine Segan. Context travel conversations. Tape $26.50 HERE

Jun 6 Mon 6 Juneteenth: Dishes to Taste and Savor: Recipes from the Sweet Home Café Cookbook. Joanne Hyppolite, Chef Ramin Coles. National Museum of African American History & Culture. Smithsonian. HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 7 Tue 5-6:30AM Virgil and the Bees - The Song of Increase. “the rich symbolism attached to bees and investigate the major misconceptions around these mysterious creatures.” Katie Campbell. The Gardens Trust. £5 (or both £8. Je 14) HERE

Jun 7 Tue 9:30AM Culture and cultural diversity in food. “Everyday culinary practice in the Netherlands is often described as ‘international. … How does the diverse diet relate to the cultural diversity of the society (or not)...” Esther Veen and Anna Kooi. University of Amsterdam HERE

Jun 7 Tue 5:30 German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) and his memorable 1805 visit with Thomas Jefferson. Clay S. Jenkinson. American Philosophical Society, Hybrid HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 7 Tue 8 Juneteenth Virtual Cooking Demonstration. Chef Kimberly McNair Brock. The Division of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, The University of Alabama HERE

Jun 8 Wed 10-11:15AM Distant Shores: Colonial Encounters on China’s Maritime Frontier. “migration of Chinese laborers and merchants across a far-flung maritime world” author Dr. Melissa Macauley. LSE Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre HERE

Jun 8 Wed 12:15 Poor Relief as ‘Improvement’: Moral and Spatial Economies of Care in Long Eighteenth-Century Scotland. Eliska Bujokova, Juliette Desportes. IHR HERE

Jun 8 Wed 1:30-3 Sugar: a substance of kinship and relatedness? Practices of growing children in a Scottish neighbourhood. Imogen Bevan. Warwick University HERE

Jun 8 Wed 2 Inside M & S: featuring English Heritage, Osborne [Queen’s house] Victoria and more. Marks & Spencer resident chef Chris Baber and English Heritage historian Dr Andrew Hann. Sparks Live, Marks & Spencer HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 8 Wed 3 “To Have America a Free Port:” Revolutionary Responses to British Caribbean Free Ports. Grant Kleiser. American Philosophical Society HERE. not taped

Jun 9 Thu 9-10:30AM Coastal Travel. 5 speakers using William Daniell’s Voyage Round Great Britain in 1813. IHR HERE

Jun 9 Thu 9:45-10:30 AM On the Production Methods of Pot-still Whisky. In 1920 M. Taketsuru from Japan spent 4 months at a Campbeltown distillery to train in pot still whisky. He wrote an extensive report, translated & published in 2021 by Dr. Herd, and started his Nikka Whisky in Japan (which now owns Ben Nevis of Scotland). Dr. Ruth Herd, Alan Wolstenholme. Centre for Languages, Culture & Communication. HERE. Au 2021 TAPE HERE

Jun 9 Thu 12:30-2 Desirable and Undesirable Food: Early Modern Gentry Commensality and Food Choices. Anna Fielding. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

Jun 9 Thu 1 The Tractor Wars in Iowa. Neil Dahlstrom. Iowa History 101. State Historical Society of Iowa HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 9 Thu 6:30-8 South Africa's Culinary History Through Cooking, Consumption, and Language. “culinary biographies” of five typical South African foods—Cape Malay curry, Biltong (dried, salted and spiced game meat), sadza (maize meal porridge), malva pudding, and wine.” Keri and Kelsi Matwick. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Jun 9 Thu 7-8:15 Beer: A Taste of American History. Theresa McCulla. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Jun 9 Thur 9:30 Learning about food as intangible cultural heritage. “How can food tourism be used to preserve cultures and protect heritage?” Heygo HERE

Jun 10 Fri 2-4 Beer & Revolution. “links between beer, brewing and revolutionary movements.” Brewery Workers Union & London IWW. Hybrid HERE

Jun 10 Fri 2:30-4 Identifying Native Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants in the Berkshires. Russ Cohen author of Wild Plants I Have Known…and Eaten. Honoring Our Indigenous Heritage: Native People, Plants, Pollinators series. Osher at Berkshire CC Mass. HERE (4 Sessions June 3,10,17,24)

Jun 10 Fri 5 What to Eat in Naples: A Culinary Saunter Along the Amalfi Coast. Francine Segan. Context travel conversations. Tape $26.50 HERE

Jun 11 Sat 1-2:30 The Secrets of Apitherapy: A Journey into the Healing Hive. “Our ancient ancestors valued honey bees and their various products not only as food but, just as importantly, as medicine. …with modern scientific research.” Dr Gerry Brierley. £15 HERE

Jun 11 Sat 1:30 The Kingdom of Rye: Russian Food and National Identity. Darra Goldstein. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Jun 12 Sun 11 Extravirganza: The Olive Oil of Casa Caponetti. Stages to olive oil since the Etruscans to his organic farm/B&B/restaurant HERE in central Italy. He has a still-functioning pre-Roman water harvesting system and studied/ given talks on Etruscan (pre Roman) drainage tunnels and desert underground waterways in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Lorenzo Caponetti. The Society of Fellows of the American Academy in Rome HERE. Agriturismo Casa Caponetti. Lorenzo Caponetti CornellSIPS May 2014 TAPE HERE.

Jun 13 Mon 1 Russian Vodka: A Cultural History of a National Drink. Vladimir Ivanov. Context travel conversations. Tape $26.50 HERE

Jun 13 Mon 1:30 Public House: The Culture and Society of the London Pub. Authors Cristina Monteiro, David Knight. IHR HERE

Jun 13 Mon 2-5 Texts and Trees: Forays into Ireland's Arboreal Cultures. Dr Anna Pilz and Dr Brandon Yen. English Department, Maynooth University HERE

Jun 13 Mon 6 Boxed in Brooklyn: Robert Gair and the Packaging Revolution. “In 1879, Scottish-born businessman Robert Gair … invention … a fast, mechanized way to manufacture cardboard boxes.” Turnstile Tours $5 HERE

Jun 13 Mon 7 A Taste of Juneteenth: Watermelon and Red Birds. author Nicole A. Taylor. National Museum of African American History & Culture. Smithsonian. HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 13 Mon 7 Digging into Native History in New Hampshire. Robert Goodby. Washington Historical Society NH Hybrid HERE. not taped

Jun 14 Tue 5-6:30AM Virgil and the Bees - The Celestial Gift. “changing theory and practice of beekeeping and the different uses of honey and hive from the ancient custom of mellification to the modern ‘mad honey’.” Katie Campbell. The Gardens Trust. £5 or both £8. Je 7 HERE

Jun 14 Tue 3 The Mind of a Bee, author Lars Chittka. York Festival of Ideas. Jun 14 2022 HERE. TAPE HERE Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, Jan 2021. Better TAPE HERE. Training bees! Bees pull on string for sugarwater; fascinating and the 2021 talk cleverly taped like a show entrance.

Jun 14 Tue 6 Celebrate Juneteenth. Chef Scotty Scott. Detroit Public Library HERE

Jun 15 Wed 7AM The Challenges of Windmill Conservation. “current techniques used in the repair of windmills with traditional techniques used by the old-time millwrights." Luke Bonwick. The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). tape for registered. £8 HERE

Jun 15 Wed 9-11:30 AM Herbal Medicine Cultures in Transition. 5 talks including Medieval Welsh recipes: interpreting the plant names of the past; Medieval Irish medical glossaries; Time Capsule: a fruitful data tool for reconstructing historical trajectories of plant medicines. Herbal History Research Network £20 HERE. Full schedule and abstracts on website HERE

Jun 15 Wed 10:30-12:15AM Interpreting Periodicals and Periodical Collections, 1820s to 1930s. 4 speakers/topics including Dr Bob Nicholson on remixing digital newspaper archives. “…challenges of researching periodicals from the 1820s to the 1930s, …offer some reflections on how to make periodicals in libraries and museums more accessible to the general public.” Manchester Metropolitan University UK HERE

Jun 15 Wed 1 Tidbits from Virginia’s Culinary History. 400 years of European, African American, and Virginia Indian influences. Virginia Museum of History & Culture. AARP not need member HERE

Jun 15 Wed 1:30-2:15 Hedgerows, farming and everything in between. Graeme Willis. CPRE The countryside charity HERE

Jun 15 Wed 6 Celebrate Juneteenth. “foods you'll find at a Juneteenth celebration and share his unique flair on the traditional recipes.” Chef Scotty Scott. Detroit Public Library HERE

Jun 15 Wed 7 Juneteenth: The Latest Word on Freedom. History of day and food traditions. Adrian Miller. Arapahoe Libraries HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 16-17 Thu-Fri Climate Change & Society: Perspectives from Past & Present. Many speakers & talks: climate and prehistory; farming… impact… early medieval; locust, famine, volcanoes, flooding… BriAS (Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies) HERE. Watch on Teams HERE
Jun 16 Thu 1-2:30 A New Technology for Moral Science: Glass Beehives in Restoration England. Late 17th cen. Marlis Hinckley. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

Jun 16 Thu 1-2:30 Culinary Resistance and Material Articulations of Identity in the Black Atlantic. Peggy Brunache. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Jun 16 Thu 2 Teaching Early Empire: Lessons from the East India Company and beyond. Mark Williams. The Be Bold Network HERE

June 16 Thu 3 Revolutionary Workers. “Bread Not Profits: Provincial Working-Class Politics During the Irish Revolution… Clonaslee farm strike of 1922 (cattle drive)… June 16th 1922 — the anniversary of the first election in the Irish Free State.” Laois Library HERE

Jun 16 Thur 6:30-7:45 A Gourmet's Ireland. Francine Segan. Smithsonian Associates $25 HERE

Jun 17 Fri 9AM Power and pageantry: The coronation of King Richard III and Queen Anne. July 6 1483 Sean Cunningham. The National Archives £15 tape available for 2 days HERE. Feast foods post HERE

Jun 17 Fri 2:30-4 The Potential of Chocolate. Panel. York Festival of Ideas HERE. Festival online talks HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 17 Fri 2:30-4 Medicine Generations: Natural Native American Medicines Traditional to the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans. Misty Cook author Medicine Generations. Honoring Our Indigenous Heritage: Native People, Plants, Pollinators series. Osher at Berkshire CC Mass. HERE (4 Sessions June 3,10,17,24)

Jun 17 Fri 8 Japanese Desserts: Mochi Ice Cream and Matcha Slice. “freezing it in a case made out of rice flour and sugar. Then learn how to fill your Matcha cake layers with a home made Adzuki (red bean) filling.” CocuSocial $19 HERE

Jun 19 Sun 1 Cooking for Juneteenth. Cheyney McKnight at Genesee Country Village & Museum. Living History @ Home family program. NY Historical Society HERE

Jun 20 Mon 6AM Histories: Our Hawker Centres: Gastronomic Exhilaration in Multiculturalism. GoLibrary | National Library Board, Singapore HERE. Other hawker talk: S'pore's hawker history: From providing food for labourers to cheap food for all. Yale-NUS College. May 2021 TAPE HERE

Jun 20 Mon 7-8:30 Examining and Interpreting Native and Indigenous Heritage Panel Discussion. “Guide to Indigenous Maryland” project. Prince George's County Library MD HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 21 Tue 6:30 Italy’s Antipasti. classic Italian appetizers and cocktails. Francine Segan. AARP not need member HERE

Jun 21 Tue 7 Tea Tasting and the History of Tea. AARP not need membership HERE

Jun 21 Tue 7-9 History Of BBQ: Colonial Foodways. Chris Scott, Michael Lindsey, and Dontavius Williams. Stratford Hall. Donation HERE

Jun 21 Tue 9-10:30 Black America Cooks: Hungry For History. Donna Battle Pierce… efforts to document Black History and culture through food. Taylorsville Library. Utah HERE

Jun 22-24 Wed 8AM-12; Th 11-3; Fri 9-1 Tea: Nature, Culture, Society, 1650-1850. Many talks. Linnean Society of London HERE TAPES HERE
Jun 22 Wed 10AM Hardtack and Hard Times: Civil War Food and the U.S. Army. The National Museum of the United States Army HERE TAPE maybe HERE

Jun 22 Wed 11-12:30AM New Rowntree Histories. “Rowntree family, their famous chocolate company and their work of social reform.” 2 speakers. York Festival of Ideas. Hybrid HERE. Rowntree Society YouTube, start after 14 min TAPE HERE

Jun 22 Wed 7 The Dichotomy of Purple Hull Peas. “part of the African American culture and heritage for over a hundred years.” Dr. Clarence Bunch. Friends of Texas Historical Commission. HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 22 Wed 7-9 Heritage and Technology: How can we bring histories to audiences? New technologies: “Drones, LiDAR, and how aerial filming gives us another perspective. Photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and modelling. Augmented reality, Virtual Reality and placemaking experiences.” AVimmerse HERE

June 22 Wed 8 Ukrainian Food. Anna Volyshyna, author of Budmo, Recipes from a Ukranian Kitchen. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 22 Wed 8-10 Scotch part 3: Exploration of Islands & Islay Distilleries. Kurt Maitland, Sarah Jeitema. Museum of Distilled Spirits $25 HERE also Ju9

Jun 23 Thu 10AM Climate Change and Tea. Encompass HK Hong Kong HERE TAPE 25 min. HERE

Jun 23 Thu 12:30-2 Redefining French Wine in the Age of Climate Change. Gabriella Petrick. IHR HERE

Jun 23 Thur 4 Chilaquiles: From the Market to Your Plate. Filipe Hermosillo. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 23 Thu 6:30 1950s funky foods. A Taste of Old Colony History. “looking back at menus from the Transfer Restaurant and whipping up some of their classics…” Old Colony History Museum MA HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 24 Fri 2:30-4 Native Plant-Pollinator Interactions. Evan Abramson. Honoring Our Indigenous Heritage: Native People, Plants, Pollinators series. Osher at Berkshire CC Mass. and Massachusetts Pollinator Network HERE (4 Sessions June 3,10,17,24)

Jun 25 & 26 Past to Apron symposium. A Taste of History. Talks: A History of Herbalism, Buttermilk, The History of the Harvest and Halloween in Newfoundland and Labrador, The History of Alcohol in Newfoundland and Labrador, Newspaper Cooking Schools early 20th cen, Food History at Stratford Hall Plantation, Oh Gasp(e) is that Bread? (outside bake ovens), The Fortnum's Hamper, Afternoon Tea. $20-30 HERE

Jun 26 Sun 11AM-1:30 Bread and Pastry Traditions from the Black Sea. “regional sweet breads and flatbreads… some of the beloved pastry and bread traditions from the Black Sea region: from Ukraine and Georgia, to Turkey and Armenia.“ Brot Bakehouse School and Kitchen - Brotbakery. donation for Ukraine HERE

Jun 26 Sun 5 Jewish Italy: Food, Culture, and Travel. Francine Segan. Context travel conversations. Tape $26.50 HERE

Jun 27 Mon 4:30 Rome after the Fall of the Roman Empire. Characters and stories of medieval Rome: Pilgrim, Merchant, Baron. Simone. World Virtual Tours HERE

Jun 27 Mon 7-8:30 Beggar's Banquet. Sin-eating in 18th-19th cen Europe “people hired to consume food and drink off of a deceased person in an effort to absolve the departed of their sins.” Karen Bachmann. Morbid Anatomy $8 HERE

Jun 28 Tue 1 Rebels at Sea: Privateering in the American Revolution. Eric Jay Dolin. National Archives Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Jun 28 Tue 1:30 The Lost Cafe Schindler. “a grand Viennese-style coffee-house, founded by her grandfather as an antidote to the horrors of fighting in WWI...” in Innsbruck, taken by Nazi in WWII, reclaimed after war. author Meriel Schindler. Second Generation Network HERE. July 2021 TAPE HERE

Jun 28 Tue 2:15 Confeitaria Colombo: one of the most beautiful cafes in the world. Rio de Janeiro. Heygo HERE

Jun 28 Tue 5:30-7 The Bradley Martin Ball of 1897: Grandest Party of the Century. Richard Jay Hutto, whose wife’s great-grandparents gave the ball. Waldorf-Astoria hotel, VIP guests, costumes, food & drink, family photos… New York Adventure Club. $10 tape one week HERE

Jun 29 Wed 12 The Declaration of Independence and Pirates. Dr. Chris Magra author “The Fisherman’s Cause examines the New England codfisheries and the transatlantic business rivalries and resource competition among fish merchants that helped bring about the imperial crisis. [RevWar]” East Tennessee Historical Society HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jun 29 Wed 6-7:30 Tracks: Images Documenting the Building of the Railroads. Nicholas Fry, curator of “Travelers, Tracks and Tycoons: The Railroad in American Legend and Life” exhibit at The Grolier Club HERE. TAPE HERE

Jun 29 Wed 7 Strange Meats. Masters of Social Gastronomy. Brooklyn Brainery. Hybrid $10 HERE

Jun 30 Thu 8 Sake Through the Ages. “how sake evolved in Japan over the centuries, touching on its uses, applications, and types of sake at the time.” Mark Zheng-Garratt . Japan America Society of Chicago HERE

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