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APRIL EVENTS -- Eastern time zone
162 / 136 start of month.

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Ap 2-My 2 Ramadan (Ap21)
Ap 15-23 Passover (Ap10,10,14,16,21,22); Jewish Foodways tapes HERE
Ap 7–May 27 Food Season series. The British Library HERE
Water (11,12,19,20); Tea (1,2,10); Spain (c1400–1800, 1,8,22,29); France (2,8,29) Meatpacking(21,24)

Easter Eggs & Hot Cross Buns HERE

Poisonous Easter Eggs 19th cen. blog post HERE

Foraging talks and tapes HERE

Apr 1 tape Cooking with Wild Garlic and Nettles. Seasonal Wild Food. Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service £4 HERE

Ap 1 Fri 8AM Polling the Pollinators: Taking part in the UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme. The Field Studies Council HERE

Apr 1 Fri 12 series Feasting and Fasting in Early Modern Spain. Jodi Campbell. Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University. $60 for 4 talks (Apr 1,8,22,29) HERE. Website HERE

Apr 1 Fri 12 Green with Milk and Sugar: When Japan filled America’s tea cups. Robert Hellyer. Pepin Lecture. Boston University Gastronomy Program. HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 1 Fri 3 Food and Drink Emporiums of the West End. Joanna Moncrieff. Footprints of London £8 HERE

Apr 2 Sat 11:30-1 Citron- och Ingefärssnitt (Swedish Lemon and Ginger Slice Cookies). Romayne Kilde. Nordic Heart $19 HERE

Ap 2 Sat 2-3:30 How Paris Invented Cuisine. “the first cookbook, the first restaurant, the first star chef, and more—how cooking became cuisine!” Andrew Lear $12 tape for two weeks HERE

Ap 2 Sat 2-3:30 Eleanor Roosevelt: Biography and Cooking. Sarah Morgan. Washington, DC History & Culture HERE

Apr 2 Sat 6 Tea Class. “History of Tea, Growing Regions, Tea Plant, Proper Steeping, Health Benefits and more.” Blue Monkey Tea Company, PA HERE. TAPE may be HERE

Ap 3 Sun 3-4:30 Perfecting Pisanki. “painting eggs, in Polish culture.” Evan. Eagle-Orzel Educational and Cultural Exchange, Inc. with tape $15 HERE

Apr 4 Mon 1 The Boxgrove People: Early Humans In Britain Half a Million Years ago. “…learn about how they survived in challenging environments, how they worked together as a community to share food and technology and how they might relate to the later Neanderthal.” Dr Matt Pope. Creswell Crags. Donation HERE

Apr 4 Mon 1 Breaking Down Botany. “Plant Blindness … Botanical history, anatomy, categorization, identification, ecological systems and relationships, endangered species, and botanical latin… how your vegetables and culinary herbs are related.” Jocelyn Perez-Blanco. The SocietyX Community. $15 HERE

Apr 4 Mon 5:30-7 From Dickens to Downton: The World of Victorian & Edwardian Food. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Apr 4 Mon 7 Midcentury Cuisine - American Food Fads From the 1940s Through the 1960s. Leslie Goddard. Somerset County Library System NJ HERE

Apr 4 Mon 7:30-9 Michael W. Twitty. author of The Cooking Gene. Iliff School of Theology. HERE

Apr 5 Tue 7 -11AM pt 1 Foodways & Agriculture in North East Africa. Egypt, N.Sudan, Somoli. Many speakers. Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies – Brias. Pt 2 Apr 6. Hybrid, link to join on their Facebook page HERE or HERE Program HERE

Apr 5 Tue 6:30-8 The Spirits Still Move Them Moonshine Documentary Screening. “hard, backbreaking work that only the most entrepreneurial farmers conducted which they did in order to survive difficult circumstances and put food on the table…interviews nearly three dozen moonshiners and their families” Western North Carolina Historical Association (WNCHA) $10 HERE

Apr 6 Wed 7 -11AM pt 2 Foodways & Agriculture in North East Africa. Egypt, N.Sudan, Somoli. Many speakers. Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies – Brias. Pt 1 Apr 5. Hybrid link to join on their Facebook page HERE or HERE Program HERE

Flat Bread Mine – Flat bread of Mediterranean Area; Innovation & emerging process & technology. HERE

Ap 6 Wed 1-2:30 Astoria, Queens: Melting Pot of NYC Cuisine, Community, & Culture. New York Adventure Club $10 tape 1 week HERE

Ap 6 Wed 2 Not the Easter Bunny: The Story of the European Rabbit in the UK. Conservation Chat UK Ltd £3.28 HERE

Apr 6 Wed 2 Pompeii Uncovered: From Daily Life to Disaster. Dr. Helena Meskanen. Archaeology talks £11.37 HERE

Apr 6 Wed 4 Whiskey and Wiretaps: The Northwest’s Rumrunning King. Steve Edmiston. Walla Walla WA HERE

Ap 6 Wed 6 The Archaeology of Cheese: Cattle, Strainers, Chemistry, and Genes. “earliest use of dairy products in prehistoric Europe weaves together archaeology, analytical chemistry, and genetics.” Peter Bogucki. Archaeological Institute of America HERE

Ap 6 Wed 7 Historic Apple Orchards in Upstate New York. David Zakalik. Albany County Historical Assc | Ten Broeck Mansion HERE

Apr 6 Wed 7 Jamaica and its Culinary Traditions. John DeMers. Culinary Historians of Boston HERE

Apr 6 Wed 7:30 Beatrice Ojakangas, author recent book The Finnish Cookbook, Scandinavian Cooking, Great Holiday Baking Book and her latest, The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever. Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) HERE

Apr 6 Wed 10 The Qingming Festival and Respecting the Ancestors. with food offerings, banquet… Sue Fawn Chung. Chinese Historical Society of Southern California CHSSC HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 7 Tue 8-9AM T20 Animal resources and environments in the south-eastern Mediterranean, shaping food production in the Graeco-Roman periods. Mauro Rizzetto. Brussels Institute for Advanced Studies – Brias. Hybrid link to join on their Facebook page HERE

Ap 7 Thu 1 Rations The Kitchen Front. British during World War II. “food imports and the Kitchen Front in the World War II… some of the ways in which both Government and ordinary citizen met and overcame this deadly threat” Ian McArdle. The Lit and Phil. HERE

Apr 7 Thu 2-3:30 High on the Hog: The life and work of Jessica B. Harris with Andi Oliver. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

Apr 7 Th 6-7:30 Recipes for Accessibility: Virtual Cooking Demos. “two chefs with disabilities will demonstrate a recipe and talk about accessibility in the kitchen and food world.” Boston University Gastronomy Program. HERE

Apr 7 Thu 6:30 Water in Kansas: Reflections on the Past & Present. Rex Buchanan. Smoky Hill Museum HERE on Facebook until Ap 11 HERE

Ap 7 Thu 7 From the Ground Up: Indigenous Foods and Native Cuisine of the Chesapeake. Henry Ward. Laurel Historical Society MD HERE. TAPE HERE

Ap 7 Thu 7 Food traditions of the Gullah Geechee. Kevin Mitchell, Matthew Raiford. Georgia Center for the Book HERE

Ap 7 Thu 7 Olive Oils. “history, culture, regional variation, craft, and uses…” Formaggio Kitchen $15 HERE

Apr 7 Thu 7 Bring the Bard to Your Yard - Gardening in the Age of Elizabeth I. Lesley Parness. New Providence Memorial Library NJ HERE

Ap 7 Thu 7-8:30 Growing Heritage Grains. Panel. Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security HERE

Apr 7 Thu 7:30 Oliver Evans. “the pioneering [mill] inventor and engineer.” Spring Speakers Series. Old Wye Mill Md. HERE

Ap 7 Thu 8 Mediterranean Wine Adventure - Greece, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia. Timothy Campbell. Kishwaukee College - Workforce & Community Education $12 HERE

Apr 7 Thu 8 Flips, Fizzes, Sours & Nogs. “instead of boiling eggs to dye this Easter, drink them instead!” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Apr 8 Fri 12 series Feasting and Fasting in Early Modern Spain. Jodi Campbell. Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University. $60 for 4 talks (Apr 1,8,22,29) HERE. Website HERE

Apr 8 Fri 12:30-2:30 A World of Tastes: Nature, Culture and the making of the Palate. Panel. Cambridge Festival HERE

Apr 8 Fri 5 Let Them Eat Cake: Paris, Patisserie and French Society. Michael Krondl. Context. $36.50 and tape HERE

Apr 8 Fri 7:30-9 Food on the Westward Trail. Richard Foss. Kansas Historical Society, KS. HERE Live stream you tube HERE

Ap 8 Fri 9-10:30 Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony History and Culture. Eriko. Washington, DC History & Culture HERE

Apr 9 Sat 1-2:30 The Secrets of Apitherapy: A Journey into the Healing Hive. “Our ancient ancestors valued honey bees and their various products not only as food but, just as importantly, as medicine. …with modern scientific research.” Dr Gerry Brierley. £15 HERE

Ap 9 Sat 1-3 The Elixir Kitchen: Foraging and Plant Identification. “practice of foraging, its history, and how to identify common plants…” Lachelle Cunningham, Eva Garrett. Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

Apr 9 Sat 1:30 Capirotada, Mexico’s Lenten Bread Pudding. Alex Peña. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE Register HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 9 Sat 3-5 Spreckels' Sugar Empire. “late 1850s, Claus Spreckels arrived… from Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.” Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides HERE

Apr 10 Sun 1-1:30 Afternoon Tea the English Way. Heygo HERE

Ap 10 Sun 1-2:15 Cooking for Comfort: Noodles and Soup. “soup inspired by the culinary traditions of Jewish cooks in the diaspora… trick that Eastern European Jewish cooks devised to make Passover-friendly noodles… ” Leah Koenig author of “The Jewish Cookbook. Milk Street Store. $29.95 HERE

Ap 10 Sun 1-2:30 Spice Up Your Seder. apio, mina de espinaka and tishpishti. Susan Baroca. Lilith Magazine. $18 HERE

Apr 10 Sun 2 Chopsticks: A Cultural and Culinary History. Q. Edward Wang. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 10 Sun 3 The Columbian Exchange: Global Impacts of European Colonization. Teofilo Ruiz. Context. $36.50 and tape HERE

Ap 10 Sun 3-5 Scandinavian Swedish Dessert: Swedish Semlor Buns and Swedish Marzipan Eggs. “On Shrove Tuesday and throughout the Lenten/Easter season in the Scandinavian countries, people indulge in semlor.” Romayne Kilde. Nordic Heart $19 HERE

Apr 11 Mon 10:30 AM Dos and Don'ts of the Dining Table. “etiquette coach William Hanson and historical advisor, Steven Moore look at how to set a table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, referencing both historic and modern settings…” The English Manner £32.93 HERE

Apr 11 Mon 2-3:30 Beyond the Bar: The Chocolate Revolution. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

Ap 11 Mon 6 New Hampshire's Long Love-Hate Relationship with its Agricultural Fairs. Stephen Taylor. Durham Public Library. HERE

Ap 11 Mon 7 Brewing in NH: a History of Beer from Colonial Times to the Present. Glenn Knoblock. Washington Historical Society HERE

Ap 12 Tue 12 Writing Recipes: the Art of Communicating How to Cook. Melissa Clark. Oxford Food Symposium. £15 HERE

Ap 12 Tue 12 Introduction: Japanese Tea Ceremony. Momo Yoshida. Tea and Herbal Association of Canada HERE

Apr 12 Tue 4 The Africa Cookbook - Senegal - with the Curator and chef Chevaughn Dixon. Sankofa Series. Langston Hughes Library HERE

Apr 12 Tue 5:15-6:30 Pipe Dreams: The Pursuit of Desalination and the Promise of a water-abundant future in the 1950s and 1960s. Elizabeth Hameeteman. Massachusetts Historical Society HERE

Ap 12 Tue 7 Sustainability: A History. Jeremy Caradonna. Richmond Hill Public Library. “Unpack the meaning behind sustainability, learn about its origins, and discuss how it might continue to evolve.” HERE

Apr 12 Tue 8 Destination Heartland. Cynthia Clampitt. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE

Ap 13 Wed 2 The Role of Eels in medieval English cultural identity. John Wyatt Greenlee. Animal History Group. HERE

Apr 13 Wed 2:30 Italian Easter Pie - Torta Pasqualina. Heygo HERE

Ap 13 Wed 2:30 When the Sparks Fly: Two Iron Working Sites Around Loch Ken. “Why was Iron worked here, when and what was it used for?” Galloway Glens, Scotland HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 13 Wed 6:30 Tenement Kitchens Virtual Tour. “daily work involved in cooking food, using rarely displayed artifacts from the Museum’s expansive collection, alongside primary sources, photographs, and oral history. Through different families and time periods…” Tenement Museum NYC HERE

Ap 13 Wed 7-7:30 Greenhouses: A Transatlantic Exchange. Alan Stein, author of The Conservatory: Gardens Under Glass. Albany County Historical Assc | Ten Broeck Mansion HERE

Ap 13 Wed 7 Botanical Black History: An Ongoing Celebration! Colah B. Tawkin. Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance. HERE

Ap 13 Wed 7-8:30 Collecting and Cultivating Native Plant Seeds. Paul Heydon. North American Native Plant Society HERE

Ap 13 Wed 9:30-11PM Tequila vs. Mezcal: Understanding Agave Spirits. Eileen Fisher. New York Adventure Club. Tape for one week $10 HERE

Ap 14 Thu 7:30AM Kerala; Daily Village life. India. “small old style house (traditional architecture) and will see some activities of their Daily life including Bottle art and a typical breakfast.” Heygo HERE

Ap 14 Thu 12-1:30 Finding Bread Culture in Medical Texts. from the 1580-1850s. Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel HERE

Apr 14 Thu 2-3:30 Eating to Extinction: Saving our Food Traditions. author Dan Saladino, Jessica B.Harris, Joe Schneider, Tom Oliver. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

Ap 14 Thu 6 Chinese Roots in Northern California's Wine Industry. Maryellen Burns. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE HERE

Ap 14 Thu 6-7:30 Forest Farming Goldenseal & Other NTFPs. Forest Farming in Focus. Jeanine Davis, Margaret Bloomquist; Joe Boccardy. Horticultural Science HERE, More materials HERE. TAPE HERE

Apr 14 Thu 7 Pesach: Passover Traditions From Around the World. Avi Hoffman, Arona Roshal. YI Love Jewish HERE

Ap 14 Thur 9-9:50 How Fish Sauce Is Made: A 400 Year Old Village. “The traditional craft of making fish sauce in Nam O Village of Da Nang City has been designated a national intangible cultural heritage. Nam O is one of Vietnam’s oldest and most famous fish-sauce-making villages ….” Heygo HERE

Ap 14 Thu 7:30-9:30 Swedish Kladdkaka (Sticky Chocolate Cake) and Chokladtackta ag (Chocolate covered eggs). Romayne Kilde. Nordic Heart $19 HERE

Hot Cross Buns. 100,000 sold on one day in London HERE Kept for a year HERE

Ap 15 Fri 11-1AMHistoric Hot Cross Buns Workshop. 1830s recipe, history of traditional Good Friday (before Easter) fare, tour of The Regency Town House kitchen. Paul Couchman, The Regency Chef £22 – £29.70 HERE

Apr 15 Fri 12 Home Made: A story of Grief, Groceries, Showing up – and what we make when we make dinner. Liz Hauck. “plan to start a weekly cooking program in a residential home for teenage boys in state care.” Pepin Lecture. Boston University Gastronomy Program. HERE Pt 2 Ap 20

Ap 15 Fri 2-3:30 Easter Traditions: The story of our spring holiday and its traditions and origins. including hot cross buns, Easter egg hunts… Heritage Lincolnshire £9.21 HERE

Apr 15 Fri 3 Easter food basket from Slovenia. “Holy Saturday we prepare Easter Basket: basket of local specialities which we bring to the local church to be blessed. On Easter Sunday this is going to be our breakfast.” Heygo HERE

Ap 16 Sat 11 Culikid's Carrot Cake Baking Class. with cream cheese frosting during Passover. Culikid $5 HERE

Apr 16 Sat 6-6:30 Blooming Flower Teas. Blue Monkey Tea Company HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 17 Sun 10AM Take a Stroll through the Easter Markets of Prague. “decorate the beautiful colourful eggs… What to avoid on the Ugly Wednesday, how to celebrate Green Thursday and what to wear on Red Monday?” Heygo HERE

Apr 17 Sun 10:30AM New York Café- The Most Beautiful Café in the World. Budapest, Hungary. Built 1894 in the New York Life Insurance Company building. Heygo HERE

Apr 17 Sun 5 Jewish Italy: Food, Culture, and Travel. Francine Segan. Context. $36.50 and tape HERE

Apr 18 Mon 1 My Little Chickpea: An Exploration of Falafel. Brian Hoffman. Turnstile Tours $5 HERE

Ap 18 Mon 6:30 Lake Waramaug and the Generations of People Who Made It Their Own. from “The Weantinoge, of which Chief Waramaug was Sachem, used the lake as their summer hunting and fishing grounds.” to inns. Christine Adams. Gunn Historical Museum CT HERE

Apr 18 Mon 8:45pm Learning about food as intangible cultural heritage. “How can food tourism be used to preserve cultures and protect heritage?” Heygo HERE

Apr 19 Tue 12-12:45 History of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich. National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day (April 1) ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

Ap 19 Tue 2-4:30 The Art and Engineering of Water in the 17th Century or 'How did they do that?’ from “Moghul water gardens and underlying them is a maze of pipes and a great deal of subtle and sometimes heroic engineering” to Versailles and Vaux-le-Vicomte to two in UK by Capability Brown. Steve Temple. Birkbeck Garden History Group £6 HERE

Ap 19 Tue 3 The History of Water in the Valley and Salt River Project. Leah Harrison. Arizona Department of Water Resources. HERE

Apr 19 Tue 6:30 Travel & Food: The Berkshires. Francine Segan. AARP not have to be member HERE

Ap 19 Tue 6:30 A World Without Soil. “complex connections among climate change, soil erosion, food and water security.” Jo Handelsman. NYC H2O HERE

Apr 20 Wed 10AM Hardtack and Hard Times: Civil War Food and the U.S. Army. The National Museum of the United States Army HERE

Apr 20 Wed 12-1:30 Recipes for Accessibility: A Roundtable on Food & Disability. Boston University Gastronomy Program. Pt 1 Ap 7 HERE

Apr 20 Wed 7 How Fresh Water has Shaped New Hampshire. James Rousmaniere. Plymouth Historical Society HERE

Apr 20 Wed 7-8:30 Food and Dining in the Gilded Age. Carl Raymond. Gilded Age Productions $25 HERE

Apr 21 Thu 11 Italian sparkling wines - Prosecco, Lambrusco, and Franciacorta. Wine and Spirit Education Trust. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 21 Thu 1 The Meatpacking District: Through the Lens of a NYC Meat Purveyor. Jacquelyn Ottman. New York Adventure Club $10 HERE

Apr 21 Thu 1 Spring Eggstravaganza. Shakshuka and Frittata with Greens. Jenny Breen. Winter Park Health Foundation. HERE

Apr 21 Thu 1-2:15 Our oceans: A deep dive on oceanic histories. “medieval and early modern empires… trade” Maria Fusaro. U of Bath Institute for Policy Research HERE

Apr 21 Thu 2-3:30 Food in Fiction. Sarah Winman, Kate Young. Food Season. The British Library £5 Hybrid, tape for two days HERE

Apr 21 Thu 2:30-4 Medieval Eels. Dr John Wyatt Greenlee. Peterborough Cathedral UK £7 HERE

Apr 21 Thu 3 Korean BBQ At Home. 2 types. Soojin Yoo. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE may be HERE

Ap 21 Thu 4 Sacred Herbs of Spring: Magical, Healing & Edible. author Ellen Evert Hopman. The festival of Beltaine, May Day. Stanley-Whitman House. CT HERE

Apr 21 Thu 6 Joong-making Boot Camp. “properly wrap joong (Chinese tamale), involving the traditional string and wooden box.” Lana Fong Chong. ACC Senior Services HERE TAPE may be HERE

Ap 21 Thur 7 High Tea at Liberty Hall. History, LH high teas and china tea service. Liberty Hall Museum NJ $10 HERE

Apr 21 Thu 7:30 Virtual Ramadan. “Muslims fast by abstaining from consuming water and food while the sun is out. Iftar - or fast breaking - dinners take place each night once the sun sets.” Dr. Akif Aydin. Cuisines of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute HERE

Ap 21 Thu 9:30-11PM Japanese Whisky & Chocolate Pairing. “history of Japanese whisky A primer on how to see, smell, and taste whisky, along with some important do's and don'ts…” Holly Seidewand. New York Adventure Club. Tape for one week $10 HERE

Ap 22 Fri 11-11:30AM Passover Apple Cake. Veronica. UBS Weehawken. HERE

Apr 22 Fri 12 series Feasting and Fasting in Early Modern Spain. Jodi Campbell. Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University. $60 for 4 talks (Apr 1,8,22,29) HERE

Apr 22 Fri 2:30 Foods of Poland. “food history and culture, an exploration of a typical 3-course meal…” Josh. Bristol Public Library CT HERE

Ap 23 Sat 6-7:15 AM Agatha Christie and Garden Poisons. Kathryn Harkup. Bromley House Library. UK £6 HERE

Apr 23 Sat 1-3 The History of Macaroni and Cheese. Karima Moyer-Nocchi. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. $25 hybrid HERE

Ap 24 Sun 3 Farm Women as Global Citizens. about Ruth Buxton Sayre, known during her lifetime as “First Lady of the Farm.” Dr. Abby Dubisar. German American Heritage Center. HERE

Ap 24 Sun 3 London Windmills and Watermills. Rob Smith. Footprints of London £8 HERE

Apr 24 Sun 3 Pastel de Nata–Portugal's Iconic Custard Tart. Maria Lima. Context. $36.50 and tape HERE

Ap 24 Sun 4 Unpacking the Meatpacking District Legacy of Ottman & Company, New York’s Storied Meat Purveyor. Jacquelyn Ottman. Culinary Historians Ann Arbor. HERE

Apr 24 Sun 5 What to Eat in Naples: A Culinary Saunter Along the Amalfi Coast. Francine Segan. Context. $36.50 and tape HERE

Ap 25 Mon 11AM-12:15 Seeing the Early Indian Ocean as a Peopled Seascape. Ranabir Chakravarti, Eivind Heldaas Seland. Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU HERE

Ap 25 Mon 1:30-3 The Doctrine of Signatures in Early Modern Medicine. “many minerals, plants and animals have ‘signatures’, i.e. visible resemblance to human organs, bodily fluids or disease symptoms, and that these signatures indicate the curative effects of natural things.” Xinyi Wen. British Society for the History of Pharmacy HERE

Ap 25 Mon 6-7:30 Cooking with the First Ladies: Betty Ford and the Great Awakening. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies' Library. HERE

Apr 25 Mon 6:30 Soju: A Global History. Hyunhee Park. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Apr 26 Tue 7:30AM Explore Asia's Biggest Spice Market- Khari Baoli in Old Delhi. “Operating since the 17th Century… variety of spices, nuts, herbs and food products.” Heygo HERE

Apr 26 Tue 9AM Alexander Garden’s fishes. “between 1760 and 1771, the Scottish physician Alexander Garden sent six consignments of fishes [dried and pressed] from Charleston, SC, to Carl Linnaeus.” Ollie Crimmen, Isabelle Charmantier. Linnean Society of London HERE

Ap 26 Tue 12 Maize: Examining Narratives of Crop Extinction. Dr. Helen Anne Curry author Endangered Maize. “history of efforts to conserve crop diversity from the turn of the twentieth century until today. “ Global Food Security IRC HERE

Apr 26 Tue 7 Geographies of Contact between Soldiers and Civilians. “from urban squares to barracks and lodging houses?—during the Revolutionary War.” John McCurdy author Quarters: The Accommodation of the British Army and the Coming of the American Revolution. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the BPL HERE

Ap 26 or 27? Tue 8 Transpacific Engagements: Trade, Translation, and Visual Culture of Entangled Empires (1565–1898) Book panel series. 2/3 (Mr 30, May25) Getty Center CA Ayala Museum, Philippines HERE on Facebook page HERE

Ap 27 Wed 9AM The Insurer’s Covenant: Fire Insurance in The City of London. Dr Adrian Leonard. Guildhall Library UK HERE

Apr 27 Wed 12 John C. Loudon and his wife Jane Webb, an amazing Victorian double act. "Loudon (1783-1843) designed Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Derby Arboretum, the first public park; published the first Gardening periodical" The Gardener's Magazine and several notable books. Warwickshire Gardens Trust £4 HERE

Apr 27 Wed 5 Intro to Infusions & Tincturing with Farmed & Foraged Ingredients. “infusing alcohols, vinegars, tinctures, and simple syrups with herbal aromatics…history of this process in Appalachia to the chemistry occurring behind the scenes…” Allegheny Mountain Institute HERE

Apr 27 Wed 8 Famine and Festival in Ancient Egypt. Ellen Morris. Biblical Archaeology Society of Northern Virginia (BASONOVA) $7 HERE

Apr 27 Wed 8 The Ten Commandments of Pizza. Peter Renhart newest book Pizza Quest: Peter Reinhart’s Never-Ending Search for the Perfect Pizza. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 28 Thur 11:30-2:30 Cookery and cooking workshop, 4 talks. The Christianization of Jewish and Muslim Foods in Early Modern Europe (Elisa Tersigni), Loose … papers found in manuscript recipe books of the 17th to 19th cen (Malcolm Thick), The making of a myth: Ilona Horváth, Angéla F. Nagy, and Hungarian cookbooks under communism (Lili Zàch), Croatian cooking and table manners in the 1950s (Jelena Ivaniesevic). The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) HERE

Ap 28 Thu 12-1:30 Brexit, French Bread, & English Muffins. “Two 18th-century English breads offer us insights into 21st century politics: English French Bread and English Muffins. Talk plus recipes.” Rubel's Bread History Seminar. William Rubel HERE

Apr 28 Thu 8 Bon Voyage Bon Appétit: Any travel can be a culinary journey. Claudia Royston of Global Gourmands. Culinary Historians of Northern Illinois $7 HERE

Apr 28 Thu 8 Space Food and Space Agriculture. Dan Reus. Mars Society Chicago HERE

Farming Mars. “exploring latest thinking surrounding plants as food, medicine, materials to support humans off-Earth” panel. NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge. Think Intersteller. Humanity in Deep Space. Mar 23 2021 HERE. TAPE HERE Apr 29 Fri 12 series Feasting and Fasting in Early Modern Spain. Jodi Campbell. Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University. $60 for 4 talks (Apr 1,8,22,29) HERE

Apr 29 Fri 12 Savoir-Faire: A History of Food in France. Maryann Tebben. Pepin Lecture. Boston University Gastronomy Program. HERE

Apr 29 Fri 12 A Taste of History at the Dorking Museum & Heritage Centre. “the story of Priscilla Mullins, her family and neighbor Peter Browne who sailed with them on the Mayflower, with an examination of the 17th-century life they left behind.” Kathy Atherton. Alden House Historic Site. HERE

Apr 29 Fri 12-1:30 Seminar 3: Beyond cooking: global histories of food-making collection by CRASSH U Cambridge UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 29 Fri 4-5:15 Gilded Tables: The Art of Food and Dining in Edith Wharton's New York. Carl Raymond. American Ancestors $15 HERE

Apr 29 Fri 7-8:30 Michigan Beer: A Heady History. Book Talk & Cocktail Class. Patti F. Smith. Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Apr 30 Sat 1-6 Pots and Pans, Bodkins and Trowels: Reflections on Mary Beaudry Symposium. Food talks: 'The Interdisciplinary Life of Mary Beaudry', Rebecca Alssid; 'Pots, Pans, and Stills: Millet's Ancient Journey from Nile, Veneto, and Whole Foods', James McCann; 'History of the Kitchen in America,' Nancy Carlisle; 'Finding Feminist Meaning in Cooking and Its History,' Barbara Haber. Boston University Gastronomy Program HERE

Apr 30 Sat 2 The Great British Baking Tour! “regional specialties, their origins, and the particular parts of the UK they hail from.” Claire Evans. Bristol Public Library CT HERE

Ap 30 Sat 3 Encountering Chef and Writer Viola Buitoni . family legacy (Buitoni Pasta and Baci Perugina chocolates. Italian Cultural Center of San Diego $15 HERE

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