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NEW YEAR'S EVE – blog posts. Image above from 1836 in post: party... just for the guys HERE


ROBERT BURNS TALKS and Oat cakes utensils HERE

Jan 3 Mon 2:45 Who were the potters of prehistory? “Analysing fingerprints and finger impressions to uncover the identities of Bronze and Iron Age potters.” Dr. Meredith Laing. Combined Hertfordshire HERE

Jan 4 Tue 2 Country Life at 125. Initially a Victorian magazine, it has “shaped perceptions of the country house, … the ongoing 125th anniversary project to digitise the complete photographic archive for the first time.” John Goodall, the Architectural Editor. The Victorian Society £11.03 HERE TAPE may be rented HERE

Jan 4 Tue 2-3:30 Prohibition, the Roaring Twenties, and the Jazz Age. Debby Applegate, Sean Beienburg, Donald L. Miller. The National Association of Scholars HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 4 Tue 3 On the Street Where You Live: Pub to Pub. West Dulwich, London. Ian McInnes. Bell House £5 HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 5 Wed 8AM Windmill, Market & Multiculturalism in East Amsterdam. Heygo HERE

Jan 5 Wed 3 Dinner with Socrates: Feasting in Ancient Greece. Francine Segan. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 5 Wed 5 'Galette des Rois' – An Iconic French January Dessert. “history of the dish and the traditions that accompany eating it” named for 3 Kings visit to baby Jesus on Jan 6. Mardi Michels. Context travel. $36.50 HERE

Jan 5 Wed 6 Attracting Bees and Beneficial Insects with Native Plants. Heather Holm. Dutchess Land Conservancy NY HERE TAPE may be HERE Insects 5,13,18; Feb16 Edible Insects

Jan 5 Wed 7:30 Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms, and People. Lindsay Christians. Culinary Historians of Wisconsin HERE

Jan 6 Thu 9 AM Lightning talks: new food researchers: Cultures of Coffee in 1960s Britain / Biopolitics of Toddy on the Bay of Bengal / Annotated Nineteenth-Century Recipes and the Digital Archive / Kagutom (Hunger): A Social History of Hunger in Cebu Province, Philippines 1899-1929. IHR UK HERE

Texts of Taste: Annotated Nineteenth-Century Recipes and the Digital Archive HERE

Jan 6 Sun 3:30 The Epiphany: King Cake. “cook up a dish from the Epiphany, discuss the holiday” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Jan 6 Thu 7-8:30 Dutch Cheese and Culture. Christine Rai. Smithsonian Associates $30 HERE

Jan 6 Thu 8 Betty Crocker and her Cookbook that Changed How America Cooks. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Flossmoor Public Library IL HERE

Jan 7 Fri 3:30 Orthodox Christmas: Strawberry Kissel. “discuss the culture, and play some prize-winning games” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Jan 7 Fri 5 Absinthe and Its Threatening Mystique. Diana Pittet. Context $36.50 HERE

Ja 8 Sat 10AM Bagel Workshop. History… “batch of bagel dough (by hand!) and learn 2 different ways to shape” Lauren Hambleton CA$26.74 HERE

Jan 8 Sat 1:30 I went to Yemen for the food. Yes, the food. Charles Perry. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Jan 8 Sat 4 All About Bitters. “this essential cocktail ingredient, from the classics like Angostura and Peychaud’s to the many modern creations. Learn about their history and how to use them!” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Jan 9 Sun 2 Businessman First: Remembering Henry G. Parks, Jr. 1916-1989, Capturing the Life of a Businessman Who Was African American. In 1951 he started Parks Sausage Company in Baltimore. Dr. Maurice W. Dorsey. CHoW Culinary Historians of Washington DC HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 10 Mon 1:30 An Alternative to Agriculture: Mobility & Persistence in North'n New Mexico. Taos Plateau, “focus on why people, practices, and places change.” Lindsay M. Montgomery. The Prehistoric Society HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 10 Mon 2 Daily Life in Ancient Egypt. “agriculture, food and drinks, arts, music and dancing, and religious offerings… uses colorful images of scenes inside tombs and of artifacts from museums” Khaled K. World Virtual Tours HERE

Jan 11 Tue 5-6:30 AM Forgotten Women Gardeners - Introduction: Weeding, Writing and Illustrating. “medieval weeders paid in ale and herrings to Victorian ladies gardening in corsets via ambitious royal creators of botanic gardens and forgotten illustrators.” The Gardens Trust £5 HERE series of 6 talks

Jan 11 Tue 1 Social justice in the gastronomic world and what revered culinary organizations do about it. Kitchen Table Conversation. Oxford Food Symposium. £15 HERE

Jan 11 Tue 6:30 Tavern Tastings: Desserts. “different varieties of desserts from colonial North America, including those created by Samuel Fraunces himself” Keeler Tavern Museum & Fraunces Tavern. Donation HERE

Jan 12 Wed 11:45-1:30 Fit for the Gods: Chinese Porcelain in Duke Alfonso d’Este’s camerini. Renaissance art and material culture. Giovanni Bellini’s Feast of the Gods … one of the earliest representations of Chinese porcelain in Italy c1514. Painted for one of the famed camerini of Duke Alfonso d’Este of Ferrara and later repainted by a compatriot, Titian… The Murray Seminars at Birkbeck HERE

Jan 12 Wed 12 Just an Ordinary Labourer. “ordinary” estate workers of the last half of the nineteenth century, tending the lands owned by the family at the Abbey [Stoneleigh Abbey] Their home lives, as well as the work they did…” Warwickshire Gardens Trust £4 HERE

Jan 12 Wed 12 Celebrating Piracy: Really? 300th anniversary of Blackbeard’s death in 2018. “archaeologists have been able to recreate the real lives of pirates and those they preyed upon.” Dr. Charlie Ewen. North Carolina Museum of History HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 12 Wed 2 Swamplands: Tundra Beavers, Quaking Bogs, and the Improbable World of Peat. Edward Struzik. Ducks Unlimited Canada HERE

Jan 12 Wed 2-3:30 The Plant Lore of our English Hedgerows. by botanist and folklore expert, Roy Vickery. Shropshire Hedgerow Project monthly talks. CPRE Shropshire HERE website: Plant Lore HERE

Jan 12 Wed 4 Cooking for the Civil Rights Movement. “Georgia Gilmore and how she used her kitchen skills to raise money in secret for the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott.” Chocolate cake. Living History @ Home. Cheyney McKnight. DiMenna Children’s History Museum. New-York Historical Society HERE

Jan 12 Wed 6:30-8 Open Museum: Robbie Burns and Scottish Traditions. 1757 Burns Cottage (image) tour, music, cook haggis, neeps and tatties. Museums of Mississauga HERE (Jan12,25,27)
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum Tour. Chris Waddell. Historic Environment Scotland. 50 min TAPES HERE, HERE

Ja 12 Wed 7 Sauerkraut-Making. Deirdre Buryk. Fresh City, Mabel's Bakery & The Healthy Butcher HERE

Ja 12 Wed 7 Sermons in Stone. Stone wall history, how various styles made. author Susan Allport. Putnam History Museum. NY $10 HERE

Jan 12 Wed 7 Tapping into the Past: Tavern Life in Early Connecticut. Taylor McClure. Rufus Porter Museum of Art and Ingenuity $10 HERE

Jan 12 Wed 7 Vikings on the Charles, or The Strange Saga of Dighton Rock, Norumbega, and Rumford Double-Acting Baking Powder. Gloria Greis. Needham History Center. HERE

Jan 12 Wed 8 Elegant Indulgence: The History and Rituals of afternoon tea. Dr. Leslie Goddard. Lake Forest Library IL HERE tape for short while

Jan 12 Wed 8 Historic Chicago Bakeries. author Jennifer Billock. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE TAPE HERE

Jan 13 Thu 10:15-12AM Bees in the medieval world. Wax, honey and cross-cultural trade in the later middle ages. Alex Sapoznik. Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies. Utrecht University. Email; link on page closer to date HERE Bees 18

Jan 13 Thu 11-11:30am Food Tour: The Belly of Paris. The market of “Les Halles… described as the belly of Paris... Stohrer… the oldest pastry shop of Paris, a place opened in 1730 where the baba au rhum were invented.” Heygo HERE

Ja 13 Thu 12 Cuna de Piedra Chocolate. “Honoring tradition, Heirloom ingredients, Shake Shack partnership, Bonbons with a sense of place, Drinking chocolate and molinillo.” Fine Chocolate Industry Association. $15 HERE

Jan 13 Thu 12:30 Eating rationally: Educate the consumer to face austerity and the energy crisis in 1970s Italy. Silvia Pizzirani / Women and Food in Christ Stopped at Eboli (1945) and The Prison (1948) Norman Rusin./ IHR UK HERE

Jan 13 Thu 1 Pots, Glassware, Stone and Beer: Lambeth's Lost Industry. Lambeth delftware, Royal Doulton pottery and Lion beer. Richard Watkins, Footprints of London £8 HERE

Jan 13 Thu 1:30-3 Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse. author Dave Goulson. Severn B-Lines Project. Buglife HERE may be with other TAPES HERE Insects 5,13,18; Fe16 Edible Insects

Jan 13 Thu 3 Moroccan Culture: From Couscous to Crafts. Paul Clammer. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 13 Thu 4 The History of Sushi. Eric C. Rath author of Oishii: The History of Sushi. San Francisco Professional Food Society $15 HERE

Jan 13 Thu 6-7:15 Falafel! using fava beans, also make tabbouleh. Shahir Massoud author of Eat, Habibi, Eat: Fresh Recipes for Modern Egyptian Cooking. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Jan 13 Thu 6-7:30 Heritage Recipes of Immigrant Women. Anna Francese Gass. New Haven Museum HERE

Jan 13 Thu 8 Women, Philanthropy, Recipes,and Social Progress: A Reexamination of Primary Resources - Ossoli Club Cook Book, circa 1912 and the Highland Park Woman’s Club Cook Book, circa 1925, a deep dive to learn something new from old books with Catherine Lambrecht. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE TAPE HERE. Crofton family manu cookbooks (2) at Dunn Museum HERE

Jan 14 Fri 12 Maple Sugaring: History, Biology, and Production. Steven Roberge. U.S. Botanic Garden HERE TAPE may beHERE

Jan 14 Fri 2:30-4:30 Scottish Plant Lore. “many of the inventive ways that people have made use of common plants through the Millenia.” Dr Gregory Kenicer. Culture Perth and Kinross £2 HERE

Ja 14 Fri 9:30-11 Wine History, Science, & Expert Tips. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE

Jan 15 Sat 1 Trendy Parisian Treats for Le Café Gourmand. Mardi Michels. Context $36.50 HERE

Ja 15 Sat 1-2:30 Salt Rising Bread: A Unique North American Tradition. Genevieve Bardwell author of Salt Rising Bread: Recipes and Heartfelt Stories of a Nearly Lost Appalachian Tradition. Culinary Historians of Canada $19.20 HERE

Ja 15 Sat 3-4:30 Sicily: A Perfect mix of art, food and history. “different populations (Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Spanish) have shaped its art, architecture, and food, creating a melting pot of cultures.” NextStopItaly. tips HERE

Ja 16 Sun 8AM Vietnamese Culture and Story: Vietnamese New Year, Women's Roles, and FoodNa. Explore Culture. Donation HERE

Jan 15 Sat 8-10 Kitchen & Culture #5 - Crni rižot (Black risotto) from Croatia. Jakelina Listes. Kulea Culture Society $22.23 HERE

Jan 16 Sun 12-2 Cooking Sikbaj and Blancmange: A Journey Through Cultures. Ursula, archeologist and cook. Vacation With An Artist $40 HERE

Ja 16 Sun 1 The Food Of Rome: Discover the City's Culinary Scene with a Local. Bold Spirit Travel LLC. Connecting women through adventure. Donation HERE

Ja 16 Sun 1-2:30 The Preservation Society Guide to Marmalade. “You'll learn two simple methods for different styles of marmalade, as well as a little about the history of the preserve.” Camilla Wynne CA$30.22 HERE

Jan 16 Sun 3 London's Food Factories. 19th cen, “Lyle's Golden Syrup factory in Silvertown or McVities biscuit factory in Harlesden. Others, like Gordon's gin distillery or Sarsons vinegar works.” Rob Smith, Footprints of London. £8 HERE

Jan 16 Sun 3:30 Taste of Eastern Europe: Pierogi. “discuss the culture, and play some prize-winning games” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Jan 16 Sun 4 The Secret History of Home Economics. Danielle Dreilinger. CHAA Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor HERE TAPE HERE or HERE . Domestic Science in Pa. Feb 23

Jan 17 Mon 12:30-2 The Struggle to Save Lives, Souls, and Societies: Victorian Famine Relief in Bengal and Asia Minor, 1873-1875. Emma Wordsworth, Jane MacRae Campbell. and second talk. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE ^^

Jan 17 Mon 2:30-5:30 Jane's Country Year. “classic novel from 1946 of farming life and rural England.” Malcolm Saville. Kate Macdonald HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 18 Tue 11:30-12:45 Trees, orchards and hedgerows. Iwan Edwards, Anna Williams. North Wales Wildlife Trust UK HERE

Jan 18 Tue 1 Roman Cuisine – Evolution of Food in Italy's Lazio Region. Gina Tringali. Context $36.50 HERE

Ja 18 Tue 2 The Origins of London Marine Insurance. “earliest surviving London marine insurance policy, from 1547; find out where the great London market traditions originated; … what forced the minor wine merchant Daniel Foe to change his name to Defoe and become a writer (answer: underwriting losses)." Dr Adrian Leonard. London Historians. £4.50 HERE

Jan 18 Tue 2:30 What’s that bee? Is it a bee? John Catton. Somerset Wildlife Trust. UK Email for link HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 19 Wed 9AM-12 Removing ‘road’ dams in Europe? “International webinar highlighting the need and opportunities to improve road and stream crossings to improve Europe's river biodiversity.” World Fish Migration Foundation, US Forest Service, and The Nature Conservancy HERE

Jan 19 Wed 1-2:30 The Florentine Codex Initiative: Indigenous and Global Book Histories Converging in Sixteenth-Century Mexico. by friar Sahagun, Nahua authors and artists (2000+ images). “the Digital Florentine Codex (DFC), a digital critical edition giving full online access…” Getty Research Institute HERE
Florentine Codex Bk10 p142 LofC

Ja 19 Wed 2 Afternoon Tea Etiquette. Victorian Baroness Bolsover. Nottinghamshire Federation of WI £5 HERE

Jan 19 Wed 2 On Chinese Tea and the Tea Ceremony. TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE ^^

Jan 19 Wed 5 Rum and the Caribbean. Diana Pittet. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 19 Wed 6-7:15 Filipino Eggrolls & Chicken Adobo. Lorenzo Beronilla Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Jan 19 Wed 9pm Whiskey and Wiretaps: The Northwest’s Rumrunning King. Roy Olmstead’s “story by exploring historical context, his entrepreneurial brilliance, his code of conduct, and the profound impact of his legal battles today.” Steve Edmiston. The Westport Timberland Library WA HERE

Jan 20 Thu 8 AM Gendering political economy: soap, monopoly and washerwomen under Charles I. Koji Yamamoto. IHR HERE

Jan 20 Thu 9AM Why the Plural? Maritime and Terrestrial Silk Roads and Silk Routes. 1st of 10 part series The Archaeology of the Great Trade Routes - The Silk Roads. MANCENT, The Manchester ContinuingEducationNetwork £10ea HERE

Jan 20 Thu 11 Love of Lemons in Northern Renaissance Art. Dr. Demet Guzey. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 20 Thu 12:30-2 The United States as a Developing Nation: States and Markets on the American Frontier. Noam Maggor. IHR Institute of Historical Research UK HERE ^^

Jan 20 Thu 2:30 Traditional farm buildings around Ingleborough: a summary of recent work. “surveying field and farmstead barns, byres and shippons in Upper Ribblesdale and around Ingleborough, including Level 3 surveys, and dendro dating of reused timbers in twelve ‘buildings’. Alison Armstrong and David Johnson. YVBSG Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group HERE TAPE HERE

Ja 20 Thu 2:30 A Schoolgirls War. Recently discovered artwork by an art teacher portraying school life during WW2 – “Dinner in the trenches” (halls), girl reading under the desk. Mary Smith. Hampshire County Federation of Womens Institutes £5 HERE CLICK on link to see the poignant pictures

Ja 20 Thu 6:30-8 Welcoming the Year of the Tiger. Grace Young. Culinary Historians of New York $10 HERE

Jan 20 Thu 7 Dining on the Train: From Soot to Soufflé. James D. Porterfield author of Dining by Rail: The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine. Toronto Railway Museum HERE

Ja 20 Thu 7-8:15 Islamic Cuisine - A Conversation & Cooking Demo with author Laila El-Haddad. “history of spices and cuisine from the Middle East”. Howard County Library MD HERE

Ja 20 Thu 7:30-9:30 Tortilla Making for Beginners: Indigenous Foodways in Mesoamerica. “teaching/demonstrating both Mexican and Central American styles of tortilla making… rich history and cultures surrounding this indigenous food practice.” Rosemary Lieske Vides. HERE

Jan 21 Fri 2:30-3:45 Rome after the Fall of the Roman Empire. Characters and stories of medieval Rome: Pilgrim, Merchant, Baron. Simone. World Virtual Tours HERE

Ja 21 Fri 2:30 Josiah Wedgwood (1730-1795), new information as found in Enoch Wood’s (1759-1840) unpublished memoirs. Miranda Goodby. Wedgwood International Seminar. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Ja 21 Fri 6 Maestro: André Tchelistcheff and the Rebirth of Napa Valley book by James Gump discussed in this book group. The Wine Foundry HERE

Ja 22 Sat 11am-12:30 Indigenous Food Ways. “bring historic seeds back to indigenous communities.” Dan Cornelius. Friends of Allen Centennial Garden HERE

Jan 22 Sat 1-3 Daniel Shays’s Honorable Rebellion An American Story by author Daniel Bullen. 1787 framers protest in Massachusetts. Springfield Armory & Friends HERE ^^

Jan 22 Sat 1:30 Taste of Belarus: Draniki. “discuss the culture, and play some prize-winning games” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Ja 22 Sat 3 Intro to Cava: A Guided Tasting. “origin and history of this sparkling wine.” Family Meal Barcelona. $20 HERE

Jan 22 Sat 8:30 Historic Farmhouse and Gardens. 1851 in Australia, “typical German farmhouse design with a bath house, a smoke house and cart shed.” Heygo HERE ^^

Jan 23 Sun 1 Rivers of Paradise: Water in Islamic Culture and Architecture. Tiago Neiva. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 23 Sun 2 The Problem of Climate in Early Colonial History. Sam White. Historic Deerfield. tape for two weeks HERE

Ja 24 Mon 1 Human Interactions with Ice Age Animals. Dr Angharad Jones. Creswell Crags. HERE TAPE HERE

Ja 24 Mon 3 Irish Coffee. History and how to make Irish Coffee and traditional Irish food and drink. Heygo HERE

Jan 24 Mon 6 Cooking with the First Ladies: Ida McKinley & the Beginning of the Progressive Era. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies' Library HERE

Jan 24 Mon 7 From Cacao to Chocolate. Susan McLellan Plaisted. Metlar Bodine House Museum $15 HERE

Jan 25 Tue 12-4 Workshop with Alberta Sugar Beet Growers. AgSafe Alberta HERE

Ja 25 Tue 1:30 How To Make An Omelette: the history of cooking programmes on British TV. Kevin Geddes. Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Libraries HERE

Jan 25 Tue 6:30 Italy's Chocolates. From Columbus to Nutella “which was created because of cocoa shortages after World War I.” Francine Segan. AARP HERE

Jan 25 Tue 8 Scotch Cocktails. for Robert Burns Night. “history and different styles, from basic blendeds to butterscotchy Speysides to in-your-face Islays… will focus on the cocktail applications of this Scottish favorite.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Jan 26 Wed 11-12:30 Cruising, Curious & Casual? What user studies can tell us about the use of Digital Cultural Heritage Collections. “changes have posed challenges for museum professionals, and academics alike, seeking to understand how digital collections feature in the behavioural practices of their online visitors….large-scale AHRC Towards a National Collection programme…” The Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture & Society, Uof Edinburgh HERE

Yes, no food mentioned, but probably have recipe collections. I hope to make a blog post on a terrific past talk on a digital recipe manuscript - Banqueting sweets recipe manuscript. Prince of Wales c1610 HERE

Jan 26 Wed 12:15 Monarchy on the Move: Royal Visits, Patronage, and Commemoration. Paige Emerick. IHR HERE

Jan 26 Wed 12 Is there a business case for forgotten crops? Natasha Santos of Bayer. Global Food Security IRC (Cambridge University) HERE ^^

Jan 26 Wed 2 Modern by Tradition: Innovation and the Transformation of the Seminole Culture. “becoming both modern and traditional and reflected in their origin stories, dress, cuisine, housing, ceremonies, and family life.” Dr. Andrew Frank. Marco Island Historical Society. HERE ^^

Jan 26 Wed 2 On Spring Festival: A Guide to the Customs and History. TanSuo Cultural Travel HERE ^^

Jan 26 Wed 2-3:30 Our Seeds are Our Stories 2: Seed Week Special. The Gaia Foundation - Seed Sovereignty Programme £5.98 HERE

Jan 26 Wed 3 Mapping the Historic Green Books: The African American Travelers’ Guide. “digital project to document and map Green Book sites across the country…annual list motels, restaurants, and other establishments where African American travelers could stay during the Jim Crow era.” 4 speakers. UVA Lifetime Learning HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 26 Wed 3 A Pasta Lover's Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. Contect $36.50 HERE

Jan 26 Wed 8 History of the Civilian Conservation Corp at Pope Farm. “CCC soil erosion dam site that was built on the Pope Farm property in the 1930s. We’ll learn about the men and boys, The Soil Soldiers… importance of the CCC." Bob Moore. Pope Farm Conservancy. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 27 Thu 11 Oysters and Champagne: From Jan Steen to Édouard Manet. Dr. Demet Guzey. Context $36.50 HERE

Ja 27 Thu 12-1:30 Digital Burns Night II. “toasts and entertainments at a traditional Burns Supper to structure an academic event celebrating Burns, Scotland, and Romanticism.” Numerous academics as speakers. British Association for Romantic Studies BARS Digital Events HERE TAPE may be HERE

Jan 27 Thu 12:30 ‘The Way We Used to Eat: Historical Narratives in Twenty-First Century British Clean Eating’. Louise Morgan / ‘What’s on the Menu? Invalid and Convalescent Cookery in XX Century Ireland’. Marzena Keating. IHR HERE

Jan 27 Thu 1 What to Eat in Ireland: A Culinary Saunter through Irish History. Francine Segan. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 27 Thu 2 Smuggling and the Dorset Connection. Dorset Archives Trust. £5 HERE ^^

Jan 27 Thu 2:30 Land of Iron - Eating and drinking habits in the North York Moors in 19th C. “Jam, Bovril and Shippam's Paste: eating and drinking habits in the North York Moors” Dr Hannah Russ. Thornton-le-Street UK HERE

Jan 27 Thu 3 An Appetite for Film: Food in the Movies. “movies from The Gold Rush and Get Out to Parasite and Pan’s Labyrinth use food to reveal hidden messages and enhance our experience.” John Trafton. Wallingford Community Senior Center. WA HERE

Jan 27 Thu 3 A Kind of Private Princedome: The Story of the Country House. author Clive Aslet. Athenaeum of Philadelphia $5 HERE

Ja 27 Thu 5 What Happened Here? Mutiny on the Rising Sun: A Tragic Tale of Slavery, Smuggling and Chocolate. author Dr. Jared Ross Hardesty. Atlantic Black Box donation HERE ^^

Jan 27 Thu 6-7:30 Mapping Early New York. Toya Dubin. New Amsterdam in the 17th Century, 5 diverse individuals where lived, worked and drank. New Amsterdam History Center HERE

Mapping Early New York Encyclopedia 1633-1692 as New Amsterdam. Info, images, map website. Inclu. Excerpts of early writings on brewery, garden, mill, tavern… New Amsterdam History Center HERE

Jan 27 Thu 6:30 A Taste of Old Colony History. Old Colony History Museum. Taunton MA HERE

Jan 27 Thu 6:30 A Walk Back in Time: The secrets of Cellar Holes. Pettengill Farm “stone walls, old foundations, and other clues.” Adair Mulligan. Freeport Historical Society HERE

Jan 27 Thu 6:30 Lunar New Year - Virtual Celebration. Foods, cocktails, history, cultural activities. Jewel-Osco HERE

Jan 27 Thu 7 Bubbie's Kitchen Rosh Hodesh Challah Bake. Cyndi Rand. YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood NY HERE

Jan 27 Thu 7-8:30 Who Feeds the District? Immigrant Foodways, From Cultural Diplomacy to COVID Closures, Featuring: Sileshi Alifom, Ana Reyes, Andy Shallal, and Amy Riolo. DC History Center’ HERE ^^

Jan 27 Thu 8-9:30 The Automat. Maite Gomez-Rejon of ArtBites. $25 HERE
Horn & Hardart Automats 1904, founded in 1902

Ja 28 Fri 10:30am Food of Argentina. “food history and culture, an exploration of a typical 3-course meal “ Bristol Public Library HERE

Jan 28 Fri 3 Truffle Lover's Tour of Italy. Francine Segan. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 29 Sat 8AM Lest We Forget: Celebrating Chinese Traditions. Chinese New Year of Tiger. “cuisine, rituals, clothing, pageantry…” author Xiang Yao. Guanghwa Bookshop HERE

Jan 29 Sat 9:30-11AM The life & times of Warney Mill in Darley Dale. Derbyshire Archaeological Society £0 – £30.77 HERE

Ja 29 Sat 10-1:30AM Dining & Drinking in Dallas Conference. 6 talks. 23rd Annual Legacies Dallas History Conference. Preservation Dallas $20 HERE

Ja 29 Sat 12 How To Make The Best Tapas - Live from Madrid. “culture and history around the tapas… while practicing your Spanish.” Chef and Spanish coach Juan Touillhet. Easy Español $10 HERE

Ja 29 Sat 1 Fermentation Workshop: The Heritage, Science, & Craft of Tempeh. Norah Isabelle. $25 HERE

Jan 29 Sat 1-2:15 Vietnamese Pho. Celebrate Vietnamese New Year Feb 1. Anne-Solenne Hatte author of Tasting Vietnam. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School. $24.95 HERE

Jan 29 Sat 3-4:30 Elderberry Syrup & Fire Cider Class. Herbal tonics. Common Ground Food Co-op. HERE ^^

Jan 29 Sat 7 Japanese Green Tea: A Cultural History. Marcin Tatarczuk. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 30 Sun 12-1:15 Syrian Food All Day. Muhammara, toshka, musabaha. Anas Atassi author of Sumac: Recipes and Stories from Syria. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Ja 30 Sun 2 Food and Drink Emporiums of the West End. “including Twinings and Fortnum & Mason.” Joanna Moncrieff, Footprints of London £8 HERE

Ja 30 Sun 2-3:45 The Enormous Turnip Evening. Folktales including a work by 8 yr old Longfellow. Rosalind Buck, creator and performer. €6 HERE ^^

Jan 30 Sun 3:30 Taste of Moldova: Alivenci. “discuss the culture, and play some prize-winning games” Age 6+ Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Jan 30 Sun 3:30-4:45 The last day of Pompei. Simone. World Virtual Tours HERE

Ja 30 Sun 4-6 Cooking Lessons from a Colonial Kitchen - Recipes Then and Now. Chef Liz Barbour in her c.1744 NH kitchen. $20 HERE

Jan 30 Sat 5 Cooking Class: Chinese New Year Spring Rolls. Kiki Aranita. Context $36.50 HERE

Jan 30 Sun 7-8:30 Spreckels' Sugar Empire. From Hawaiian sugar cane fields to San Francisco Bay, 1850s to 1950s. Built Legion of Honor and Maritime Museums. Bruce Bennett. SF City Guides HERE

Jan 30 Sun 8-10 Whiskies of the USA Part1: Bourbon. Kurt Maitland, Sarah Jeltema. Museum of Distilled Spirits $15 HERE ^^

Jan 31 Mon 6 Lunar New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner: Holiday-Inspired Cooking Demos. Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum HERE

Jan 31 Mon 8 Who was Typhoid Mary? “Between 1900 and 1907, an Irish immigrant cook named Mary infected dozens of New Yorkers with typhoid fever.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Bartlett Public Library IL HERE


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