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* Scotland upcoming and past taped talks HERE

*Women cookbook authors talks HERE

*Victory and War Gardens, Plants, Farms upcoming and past taped talks HERE

*Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs info & talks HERE

*Jewish foodways upcoming and past taped talks HERE

NC An Appalachian Farm & Barn Tour --Two Centuries of the Anderson Homeplace. Four barns spanning two centuries with "four architecture types… [3 log barns and one tobacco slat barn, thoroughly explained] in this iconic farmstead in the Mars Hill area just north of Asheville.” Taylor Barnhill. Appalachian Barn Alliance, NC. Tape can be rented thru Apr 30, [perhaps can still be 'rented' from the Alliance HERE] $5 Info and nice photos: HERE TAPE HERE

Appalachian Barn Alliance NC barns database HERE

Apr 1 Thur 5:30AM Food Glorious Food. “history of eating, shopping and food manufacturing in Northamptonshire from 1837.” Northampton Museums & Art Gallery £5 HERE

Apr 1 Thur 11 L. da Vinci, the Last Supper, and the Art of Throwing a Great Dinner Party. 1495 on refectory (dining hall) wall of Dominican convent, was culmination of iconographic tradition. Dr. Rocky Ruggiero. Making Art and History come to Life. $15 [Aug 2020] HERE TAPE HERE

Hot Cross Buns - 100,000 sold on one day – Good Friday HERE kept for a year HERE. Street sellers cries: "One-a-penny, two-a penny, hot-cross buns"

Ap 1 Thur 11-1 Historic Hot Cross Buns Workshop. 1830s recipe. Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook. £20 – £27.54 replays if asked HERE also: Apr 2 Fri 5-7 AM HERE

Apr 1 Thur 12:30 A tasty experience: Mapping the multisensory dimensions of the Passover Seder. Julia Biggs. Book by email: Food History Seminar. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 1 Thur 1 Rationing and Food on the Home Front in World War 2. Ria Jefferies. Sherwood Forest Trust UK HERE

Apr 1 Thur 1:30-3:30 Make a Traditional Italian Easter Dish. A Genoese savory pie of spinace, cheese and hard boiled eggs. Cook with Luca £11.37 HERE

Apr 1 Thur 2-3:30 The Current Status and History of Eels in Inishowen, Ireland. “history of eels, reasons for their decline, migration, disease and local work.” Tomás Lawrence and Dr. Liam Campbell. Inishowen Rivers Trust HERE

Apr 1 Thurs 4 The Evolution of Sour Taste in Hominids. Rob Dunn author of Never Home Alone and The Nature of Flavor. Fermentology NC State U info HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Apr 1 Thurs 5 Nighttime on the Plantation Drayton Hall. “Charles Drayton recorded nighttime activity at Drayton Hall and on other plantations.” from diary. Amber Satterthwaite. Drayton Hall. SC Donation HERE

Apr 1 Thur 6:30 Foam on the Range. “Kansas was…the first state to prohibit alcohol consumption… clashed with the many German, Czech, and other immigrant groups.” Dr. Isaias J. McCaffery. Smoky Hill Museum HERE or HERE TAPE until noon April 5 HERE

Apr 1 Thur 7-8:30 The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Urasenke Tea Masters. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Apr 1 Thur 8-9 Flips, Fizzes, Sours & Nogs. “Instead of boiling eggs to dye this Easter, drink them instead.” Tammy Coxen. Tammy’s Tastings. $19 per computer HERE

Apr 1 Thur 8 Eating Wild Japan. “Japan's most iconic foods are foraged, not grown, in its forests, fields, and coastal waters…relationship--past and present--between people and wild plants.” Winifred Bird, Paul Poynter and Azby Brown. Pilsen Community Books HERE TAPE HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 1 Thur 9 Talk about Eel Pie Island. Celia Holman. Age UK Richmond upon Thames HERE

Apr 1 Thurs 9:30-11 Scotland’s Independent Bottlers' Webinar. Holly Seidewand. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Apr 1 Thur 10 How to Illustrate a Recipe. Maryellen Burns. Renaissance Café CA TAPE HERE

Ap 2 Fri 5-7AM Historic Hot Cross Buns Workshop. 1830s recipe. Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook. £27.54 replays if asked HERE

Ap 2 Fri 12:30-2 Cook-a-Long – Tsoureki. Greek enriched bread with red dyed eggs. Chef Kit. $3 HERE

Apr 2 Fri 1:15-2 The Origins & Rituals of Absinthe: A Virtual Lecture & Tasting. “from its origins as a cure-all elixir to a delightful aperitif, before eventually enduring a near century-long ban.” The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society £8.95 HERE

Ap 2 Fri 2 Carpenter Museum, Hearth cooking. Danielle DiGiacomo. 17th cen cooking in colonial kitchen. Old Colony History Museum. Rehoboth MA HERE or HERE

Apr 2 Fri 2-4:30 An Italian Easter Bake-Along. “a traditional Italian Easter Bread… and another Easter-related dessert.” Maria Liberati, Joe Borio. Art of Living, Prima Media Inc HERE

Apr 2 Fri 5-6:30 Cocktail-Making Class: Gin and the Gin Craze of 18th-Century London. “first consumed for medicinal purposes… Parliament passed five Gin Acts to limit…” Victorian gin punch, Martini, gin-tonic. Diana Pittet. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 2 Fri 8-9:30 Tales of Salt and Spice. “Rachel Ann Harding and Cooper Braun will perform stories from around the world about salt, spices, chocolate, and food. Dan Hayward of Savory Spice will tell us all a little about the history of spices.” Stories with Spirit. Boulder CO Donation HERE

Apr 2 Fri 8-9:30 The Eight Flavors of American Mixology. Sarah Lohman. Brooklyn Brainery $7 HERE

Apr 3 Sat 6AM Kid's Session: Growing Up on the Home Front. “under 12s. Find out all about what life would have been like on the Home Front in Britain during the First World War.” Reenactor Jane. The Devil's Porridge Museum UK HERE

Apr 3 Sat 12 Indigenous Food As Medicine series. Nopales Green Juice. “rich history of indigenous foods and how they continue to be used in the health and healing.” Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz. Museum of Native American History HERE Full. TAPE HERE tape for 30 days

Apr 3 Sat 1 Italian Easter Culinary Traditions. “foods and dishes consumed during Easter time in Italy, their history and what they mean to Italian food culture.” Curious Appetite Travel $30 HERE

Apr 3 Sat 1-2:30 Easter in Italy: Traditions, Celebrations, and Holiday Foods. giant chocolate eggs, Colombe di Pasqua, Salami with boiled eggs, fresh beans and pecorino, Casatiello (baked into a ring topped with whole eggs)… Cecilia Sitran. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 3 Sat 4 [9pmCET also Apr 10] Discover Seville’s Holy Week Traditions & Cook Espinacas con Garbanzos. (Andalusia’s spinach and chickpea stew). Maria. Devour Tours. €19 per screen HERE

Apr 3 Sat 5-6:30 Cassata Siciliana–The Queen of Easter Cakes. Sicily. “sponge cake, sweet ricotta, and marzipan, decorated with beautiful candied fruits…marzipan [for] classic Sicilian Easter treats such as Agnello di Pasqua (marzipan lambs) or La Frutta Martorana (marzipan fruit).” Michael Sampson. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 4 Sun 6-7:15AM Wrappers! The subliminal language of chocolate Easter special. Sarah Hyndman. Type Tasting. £13.52 HERE FULL

Apr 4 Sun 11-12:30 Russia's Fabergé Eggs: Easter Gifts of the Tsars. “Fifty-two Easter eggs, produced in St Petersburg between 1885 and 1917 by the “goldsmith to the Imperial Crown” Carl Fabergé.” Vladimir Ivanov. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 4 Sun 5-6:30 A Pasta Lover's Tour of Italy. “amusing talk on pasta's tantalizing history and interesting regional dishes.” Francine Segan. Context Travels $36.50 HERE

Easter Egg Roll 1889
Apr 5 Mon 6 White House Easter, “Fun with FLOTUS live… interactive children’s program. Easter Egg Roll… rare footage of Eleanor Roosevelt at the egg roll.” National First Ladies' Library. HERE

Apr 5 Mon 7-8:30 Old Fashioned to Tropical Libations: The Art of Matching Rums & Cocktails. “Daiquiri, Caipirinha, and Mai Tai are strongly connected with particular types of rum. How did this come to be … certain cocktails genres blend two or more styles of rum to create “rum rhapsodies” Brian Maxwell. Museum of Distilled Spirits $30 HERE

Apr 5 Mon 9pm The Book of Difficult Fruit: Arguments for the Tart, Tender, and Unruly (with recipes). 26 fruits. Kate Lebo author. Village Books HERE May 18 2021 TAPE HERE

Apr 6 Tue 12 Freedom from the New World: the invention of beet sugar. “history of sugar in the nineteenth century is generally told as a war between these two [beet and sugar cane] industries.” David Singerman, Manuel A. Bautista González. BizHizCol Global HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 6 Tue 1 Bread, Milk, Fish and Gold: Cheapside's Great Market. Richard Watkins. Foot Prints of London. £6.00 HERE

Apr 6 Tue 6:30-8 Sushi and Spice and All Things Nice: Shichimi and the Craft of Japanese Food. Dr. Voltaire Cang. CHNY $10 HERE

Apr 6 Tue 8-9:30 PM What is Dominican Cuisine. Chef Nelson German. The Global Food and Drink Initiative $10 HERE

Apr 6 Tue 9 pm Uyghur Voices: The Intersections of Uyghur Food & Culture. “Uyghur culinary culture, the silk road history, and the impact of the XPCC and CCP inter-colonialism on food security.” Maidina. Mills College Ethnic Studies CA HERE

Apr 7 Wed 10 The Civil War Soldier's Load. “weapons, equipment, supplies, and uniform.” National Civil War Week Symposium. Museum of the United States Army HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 7 Wed 1:30-3 [10 weeks] The Origins and Evolution of Plants. Dr Mark Spencer, Forensic botanist and Botany Curator at The Linnean Society. Topics listed at link. £10 per talk or £60 for 10 SLBI HERE /

Apr 7 Wed 2 Elegant Indulgence: The History and Rituals of Afternoon Tea. Leslie Goddard. Jacob Henry Mansion Estate HERE

Apr 7 Wed 2-3:30 Quackery Throughout History. “historical quacks and dubious medicine” Dr. Ted Bergman. University of St. Andrews UK HERE

Apr 7 Wed 3-4:30 Jewish Italy: Food, Culture, and Travel. “stories behind many Italian Jewish dishes like fried artichokes and goose salami. We will explore the sights in Italy’s important Jewish cities.” Francine Segan. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr7 Wed 7 Wine, the White House & Presidential Pours with Fred Ryan, Washington Post publisher and Chair of White House His. Assn’s new book “Wine and The White House.” Natalie MacLean, World's Best Drinks Writer HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 7 Wed 7:30 Foods of Our Ancestors. Pomerania (now part of ne Germany and Poland) immigrants brought foods. Also discuss foods in 19th century America. Dan Boehlke and Terry Schoessow. Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 7 Wed 9:30pm [4 dates] Travel through the Wine and Music of Spain. 4 regions in April (Catalunya, Basque, Galicia, Rueda). Five Senses Tastings $10 HERE

Apr 7 Wed 10-11:30 PM When Luxury Floated Through the Skies. “Travel and dining aboard Zeppelins…. travel from Germany to America in three days.” Richard Foss. Renaissance Society Sacramento CA [other talks Ap10,16,20] HERE
Apr 7 Wed 12 The food, culture, and landscape of the Navajo Nation. “beginning with artist Lenore Tawney’s postcard collage Cañon de Chelly.” Sarah Lohman. An Art Anthology, Chapter Two. Cleveland Museum of Art HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 8 Thur 12 Egyptian Bread Bread Seminar and baking by author William Rubel. Join Rubel's Facebook page Bread History and Practice for future topics and details HERE Register HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 8 Thur 12 Mediaeval Landscapes . “Beyond the Castle Gate: Parks & Gardens… food for the tables of castles and great houses, parks and gardens also had a highly symbolic and ritual element.” James Wright, Triskele Heritage UK HERE no tape

Apr 8 Thur 12 Frontyard Growers: Algonquian Farmers of Cape Ann. “the practices of 17th-century indigenous and colonial farmers on Cape Ann.” MA. Mary Ellen Lepionka. Backyard Growers HERE

Apr 8 Thur 3-5 Culinary Systems for Speculative Fiction Writers. pre-Columbian cuisine of central Mexico and mid-20th cen NYC. Alaya Dawn Johnson. Clarion West Writing Workshop $55 HERE

Ap 8 Sushi and Spice and All Things Nice: Voltaire Cang Explores Shichimi and Sushi, Treasures of Japanese Cuisine. Culinary Historians of NY TAPE HERE

Apr 8 Thur 6:30-8:30 Saying Their Names: Interpreting the Lives of the Enslaved at Historic Sites. Joe McGill (Slave Dwelling Project), Cheyney McKnight (Not your Momma’s History), panel. Oxmoor Farm Foundation $12 HERE earlier taping TAPE HERE

Apr 8 Thur 8 Mock Goose and Lord Woolton’s Pie: Shopping, Eating, and Cooking ‘On the Ration’ in World War II Britain. Annette Laing. Chicago Foodways Roundtable HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 8 Thur 8:30 The Foods that Made Seattle. Yenvy Pham, Knute Berger, Ba Culbert, Bob Donegan, Farshid Varamini. KCTS 9 HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 8 Thur 10-11:30PM Culinary History Panel: The Rise of Native American Foods. Elena Terry, Craig Torres, Crystal Wahpepah, Richard Foss. NEA/ Big Read. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Apr 9 Fri 1:15-2 Liquid Alchemy: A Virtual Cocktail Workshop with Gin. The Viktor Wynd Museum & The Last Tuesday Society £16.26 HERE

Ap 9 Fri 5-6:30 Chai: A Brief History and How to Make the Perfect Cup. “origins of tea and chai… spice trade… specifics of masala chai and South Asian tea prep…” Ayan Sanyal. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 9 Thur 7 Thinking Outside the Book: Researching Receipts Beyond Cookbooks. Clarissa Dillon. HFSDV Historic Foodways Society of Delaware Valley HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 10 Sat 4:30-7:30 AM [9:30-12 UK] Clarendon Palace Conference: Day 1. Talks incl Feasting, pottery, King’s Clipstone… many knowledgeable speakers. Triskele Heritage HERE

Apr 10 Sat 7AM A Bite of History. “the history of Britain through its food and food cultures.” Dr. Neil Buttery. InterAction MK HERE

Apr 10 Sat 9AM Kid's Session: Eating Like a Soldier. “under 12s and find out all about the food a First World War soldier would have eaten.” Re-enactor Helen. The Devil's Porridge Museum UK HERE

Apr 10 Sat 11 Balsamic Vinegar Making in Modena Virtual tour. “historic Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca Modena, 1600… culinary traditions and cultural gastronomy of Italy.” Rocky Ruggiero. Making Art and History Come to Life $20 HERE

Apr 10 Sat 1 Planting Hope: The History of Victory Gardens and How to Plant Them. “This pre-recorded Facebook Premier program will be broadcast on the NMUSN Facebook page TAPE HERE National Museum of the United States Navy HERE

Apr 10 Sat 1-3 Beyond Soul Food: How did we get here? “historical context of soul food cuisine, how it got its name and the characteristics that make it unique” Lachelle Cunningham. Mississippi Market Co-op HERE

Apr 10 Sat 1:30-3 The Strangest Cooking Methods In The World. Richard Foss. Culinary Historians of Southern California HERE

Apr 10 Sat 2-4 Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki) Cooking Class. Sweet bread. Dynamo Chef Domenica Merante. $25 HERE

Apr 10 Sat 3-3:30 Shaken or Stirred Mr Bond? Martini, Manhattan, others. “course focuses on the history and cocktail stories.” Horseations HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 10 Sat 3-4:30 Cooking with The First Ladies: Grace Coolidge. Roaring 20s recipes. Sarah Morgan. Washington, DC History & Culture. HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 11 Sun 2-3:30 The Flora of the Pharaohs: Plants, Trees and Flowers of Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt Alive $11.62 HERE /

Apr 11 4:30-7:30 AM [9:30-12 UK] Clarendon Palace Conference: Day 2. Talks incl hunting, medieval merriment, animal bones… many knowledgeable speakers. Triskele Heritage HERE

Apr 11 Sun 1 1850s San Francisco: Paris of the Pacific. “French origins from City Planning, SF Infrastructure, Retail Industry and Restaurants.” San Francisco City Guides HERE

Apr 11 Sun 1-3 Gastronomic Contributions from Mexico to the World. “Teotihuacan History and Food Tour: maize, tacos, and chocolate…from ancient to modern Mexico.” Cecilia. Impact Travel Collective. Donation HERE

Apr 11 Sun 2 Movable Markets: Food Wholesaling in the 20th Century City. Dr. Helen Tangires author of Public Markets and Civic Culture in Nineteenth-Century America. CHoW Culinary Historians of DC HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 11 Sun 4 Culinary + Culture Salon: The Rye Edition. “Shavuos, the holiday of the grain/wheat harvest in the Jewish tradition.” Stanley Ginsberg author of The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America. Yiddishkayt. Facebook live at TAPE HERE

Apr 12 Mon 6AM London’s Historic Markets. Smithfield, Spitalfields, Billingsgate and Covent Garden histories. Rob Smith. Foot Prints of London. £6.00 HERE

Apr 12 Mon 9AM London's East India Company Legacy. Rob Smith. Footprints of London. £6 HERE

Ap 12 Mon 11:30-12:30 Interpreting Food Before ‘Farm to Table’. The four year project Before ‘Farm to Table’: Early Modern Foodways and Culture. Dr. Amanda Herbert (Folger Library). Digital Materialities Webinar series #6. Material Culture @LarcaParis HERE TAPE HERE

Ap 12 Mon 7 Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience. History, how made, taste comparisons. Lee Stapleton, Sensory Spectrum. Dogwood Institute of Food Technologists NC HERE

Apr 12 Mon 7 The Arabesque Table: Contemporary Recipes from the Arab World. Reem Kassis. Harvard Book Store. $5 HERE earlier talk TAPE HERE

Apr 12 Mon 7:30 Gin 101 Pt 3: Production. “classic distillation to modern techniques and how that affects the way we experience botanicals.” Natasha Bahrami. Museum of Distilled Spirits $35 HERE

Apr 12 Mon 8-10pm The Unique Flavors of Yom Ha'atzmaut. Israel's 73rd Independence Day. Kara Rosenwald, of Cooking with A Jewish Twist. BJE Chicago HERE

April 13 Tue 1:30 Excavations within the Great Kitchen of Westminster Abbey. “PCA undertook a complex excavation within the former… school lies immediately south of Westminster Abbey within the monastic precinct, and the site largely lay within the monastic Great Kitchen built during the 1070s to serve Edward The Confessor’s Abbey and used until its demolition shortly after the Dissolution. Extensive evidence for the arrangement and use of the kitchen was found, and the later reuse of the site for dwellings. “ London & Middlesex Archaeological Society LAMAS £2.50 HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 13 Tue 2:30 Nose Dive with author Harold McGee. British Library. £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 13 Tue 5:30 Savoring Sicily: 2,000 Years of History in 100 Iconic Dishes. “ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Arab and Byzantine worlds, France and Spain influenced the flavors of this island’s iconic dishes.” Francine Segan, AARP (not need member)[Mr30,Ap27,28+] HERE

Apr 14 Wed 1 Fantastic Foods. “Blueberries, barbecue, peanuts, pickles, and more! Learn where these North Carolina foods came from and who brought, grew, or created them.” Age 6-9, parents invited also. North Carolina Museum of History NC HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 14 Wed 1-4 Goodness Grows in the Carolinas – A Sweet potato Symposium. USDA ARS and North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission HERE

Apr 14 Wed 2-2:30 Ruined Magnificence? St Andrews Cathedral after the Reformation. After destruction in 1559, “abbey mills continued to operate into the 19th century..other sections of the site turned over to gardens and orchards.” Dr Bess Rhodes author of Riches and Reform: Ecclesiastical Wealth in St Andrews, c.1520-1580. Abertay Historical Society HERE TAPES HERE Q&A session may be HERE

Apr 14 Wed 2:30-4:30 Mud, Peat, Brick & Sweat: Resourcefulness on Lough Neagh's shores. Northern Ireland. “absence of field stone in any real quantity… community... had to display its resilience, resourcefulness and ingenuity when it came to building and heating” [and cooking]. Dr Liam Campbell. Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library & Archive. Armagh, Northern Ireland HERE

Apr 14 Wed 5:30-7 A Mosaic of Flavor livestream: Bhutanese Ema Datshi (Chili and Cheese Stew). “Ema Datshi, often considered the national dish of Bhutan and also very popular in Nepal.” Suku Gurung. USCRI Vermont (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Vermont), City Market VT HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 14 Wed 7 Signature Olive Oils. “the history, culture, regional variation, craft, and uses.” Formaggio Kitchen. microclass $5 HERE

Apr 14 Wed 7 The Remarkable Life of Anna Kliest. Botanist (published works on north Georgia plants), Moravian missionary among the Cherokees, artist. Cherokee healers. Anna Rosina Kliest Gambold (1762 - 1821). Victoria Starbuck. The Moravian Historical Society HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 14 Wed 7 Titanic Cocktails. “The Bronx, the Clover Club, the Robert Burns and many more Edwardian drinks that have since been buried in history were consumed.” The Last Night on The Titanic: Unsinkable Drinking, Dining & Style. author Veronica Hinke $30 HERE

Apr 14 Wed 7-8:30 Oral Traditions: a Communal Experience in the Kitchen. Margie Cook. Columbia Oral History MA Program HERE /

Ap 14 Wed 7:30-9 Last Dinner on the Titanic. Dana McCauley, co-author “We'll tour the dining rooms that hosted the first second and third class passengers as well as the kitchens and larders.” Date it sunk. Blue Unicorn Innovation. $25.12 HERE

Apr 14 Wed 8 The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard. John Birdsall. Culinary Historians of Chicago HERE Podcast HERE

Apr 14 Wed 8-9:30 University-Tribal Partnerships for Sovereignty and Environmental Justice. First We Must Consider Manoomin / Psiη (Wild Rice). Mike Dockry, Gene-Hua Crystal Ng, Tom Howes, Mark Bellcourt, Tianna Odegard. Bell Museum HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 14 Wed 10-11:30 PM Edible Art in the 20th Century. From “the Surrealists, Cubists, and Modernist art movements, … F.T. Marinetti spawned the Molecular Cuisine rage we know today to Salvador Dalí’s infamous obsession with lobsters.” Carolyn Tillie. Renaissance Society Sacramento CA HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 15 Thur 11 Sausage Making 101 “German butchers in Central Texas used the cattle business to create beef meat markets and later cooked meats…1949 when Hermina and Rudolph Meyer opened a drive-in grocery and sold their raw German-style family recipe.” Make sausage. Shannon Dietz. Harris County Extension Horticulture TX HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 15 Thur 11 Repairs and Treatments through Time. “Old repairs found in documents and volumes” Caroline De Stefani. London Metropolitan Archives HERE/

Apr 15 Thur 12:30 Food and Modernity in Post-Vatican II Catholicism Food History Seminar. Amy Bentley. Book by email: The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 15 Thur 1 Why history? Feeding the people: The Politics of the Potato. author Rebecca Earle. From the Andes to modern history…food, power, colonialism and cultural appropriation. British Academy UK donation HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 15 Thurs 1 The Neanderthal’s Cookbook Rob Dunn author Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human; and Rebecca Wragg Sykes author of Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art. [cook-a-long Apr 19] Fermentology NC State U info & tapes HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Apr 15 Thur 1:30-3 The Jews of the Great Silk Road: Yesterday and today. “Bukharian Jewish merchants on the Silk Road and discover the ancient network of trade routes…” Manashe Khaimov. Qesher - Discover, Learn, Connect $18 HERE

Apr 15 Thur 5:30 Delicious, The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human. Dr. Rob Dunn. Lake Forest College IL HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 15 Thurs 6-7pm The Post-Revolution Evolution of Dining in America and Great Britain. Janine Skerry, Senior Curator of Metals, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Wilton House Museum VA $10 HERE

Apr 15 Thur 6 Franklin & His Leather-Apron Men (and Women). “craftsmen, artists, and merchants” Jay Robert Stiefel author of Cabinetmaker’s Account. Christ Church Preservation Trust HERE

Apr 15 Thur 6-7:15 Fish Sauce Power! “process of making fish sauce, and how fermented fish products—like English Worcestershire Sauce and Italian garum—are used across the world. make a sizzled scallion sauce… Thai Stir-Fried Glass Noodles with Carrots and Peanuts (Pad Woon Sen)” Milk Street Live Online Cooking School. $24.95 HERE

Apr 15 Thurs 6:30 Italy’s Food, Culture & Sights: North to South. Northern region. Francine Segan. 92Y $40 (2 parts Ap 22) HERE

Apr 15 Thur 6:30-7:30 An Evening with Adrian Miller, author of Black Smoke. Boston Book Festival $15 HERE

April 15 Thur 8 Road Trip Eats Along Route 66. “Many Route 66 foods are regional dishes, providing an edible snapshot of the nation. Others developed specifically to serve time-crunched motorists. Big Texan Steak Ranch, Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard, and the Cozy Dog Drive In.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Harper College Library. link on page HERE photo Library of Congress
Apr 15 Thur 8:30 The Canadian Archaeologist Who Collected 4,500 Beer Cans. Dr. David Maxwell. Culinary Historians of Canada $18 HERE

Apr 15 Thur 9:30-11 The Untold History of Absinthe and the Green Fairy Webinar. Don Spiro. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Ap 16 Fri 9-10:30AM Gardening Across the Pond. “Anglo-American exchanges of horticultural knowledge and plants, from the early settlers in Virginia through to prairie gardens in 21st century England.” Richard Bisgrove. Berkshire Gardens Trust. £5 HERE

Apr 16 Fri 1 Exploring food and masculinity. Emily Contois author of Diners, Dudes and Diets. and Tom Kerridge. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 16 Fri 1:30 The First California Cuisine. "how the native people survived, how the introduction of agriculture changed their lives, what delicacies did they enjoy in their haciendas and why did their cuisine die out." Richard Foss. Torrance Library CA HERE

Apr 16 Fri 2:30 Armchair Traveler: Foods of Ireland. “Irish food history and culture, an exploration of a typical 3-course meal.” Bristol Public Library CT HERE

Apr 16 Fri 3-3:30 Gourmet Ghettos: Modern [Jewish] Food Rituals. Exhibits over the past decade. “150 objects from around the world, including cookware, tableware, kitchen textiles, books, manuscripts, paintings, and drawings. The exhibition examined Jewish food rituals.” Francesco Spagnolo, Shir Kochavi curators at The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 16 5-6:30 "Bridgerton": Dining and Elegant Entertaining in Regency England. “Set in the first half of the nineteenth-century, come and discover this era's foods and customs including calling cards, cotillions, lawn parties, and formal dinners.” Francine Segan Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 16 Fri 5:30-7 Meatpacking District: A History of NYC's Meat Purveyors. Jacquelyn Ottman. New York Adventure Club. $10 HERE

Apr 16 Fri 7-8:30 The Brass Tacks of Brandy Cocktails. "The Story of the First Distilled Fruit Elixir told in Drinks... three classic brandy based cocktails, their history” Jesse Cyr. Museum of Distilled Spirits. $35 HERE

Apr 17 Sat 11:30 Lentil Pancakes. Cuisines of Different Cultures. Atlantic Institute SC HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 17 Sat 1-7 Living Landscapes: Food Sovereignty, Racial Justice, and Environmentalism. “foraging … the colonial history of land conservation policies, green spaces and health disparities..." Boston University Gastronomy Program. Full schedule and register HERE Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food. Gina Rae La Cerva TAPE HERE; Interview with Sherry Pocknett, Wampanoag Chef TAPE HERE; Equitable Greening: An Address by Reann Gibson TAPE HERE ; Gather (film) Post Screening Q&A with Danielle Hill TAPE HERE

Apr 17 Sat 1:30 Feasting With the Franks. “the early medieval food of France” Jim Chevallier. Culinary Historians of San Diego HERE TAPE HERE or Youtube HERE

Apr 17 Sat 4 Traditional Indonesian Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning or Tumpeng). National Dish. “Yellow Rice is a symbol of gratitude and life journey…Javanese origins. 7 types of dishes are arranged around the rice (the number in the Javanese regional language to mean asking for God’s helping hands).” with Sri. Tradition Kitchens HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 17 Sat 4 The Art of Japanese Tea. by Omotesenke Domonkai Eastern Region USA.Community Day: Cherry Blossom Festival. The Newark Museum of Art NJ HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 18 Sun 11-12:30 Catalonia, Spain - Livestream History Tour Program. “recipes have been described in documents dating from the fifteenth century.” Jordi Gomez. Washington DC History & Culture HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 18 Sun 2 Tomatoes & Ptomaines: Innovation and Endangerment in the Industrial Food Era. “highs and lows of industrial food flavors and adulteration… items from the BMI's collections.” Kara Mae Harris. Baltimore Museum of Industry. $5 HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 18 Sun 2-3:15 Sunday Sabor: An Afternoon of Spanish Sherry. Devour Tours. Atlas Obscura $25 HERE

Apr 18 Sun 2-3:30 Pompeii Uncovered: From Daily Life to Disaster. “trade, politics and street food” Archaeology talks. £11.37 HERE

Apr 18 Sun 2-5 G&T (gin tasting with a twist). International Gin Day. History of gin and the typography of gin labels. Sarah Hyndman. Type Tasting. £21.08 HERE

Apr 18 Sun 4-5:15 Black Smoke: African Americans and the United States of Barbecue. Adrian Miller. Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor District Library HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 18 Sun 5 Food and Identity. Food Anthropology Course. “Whether it is a cultural identity or a community identity, we want to explore how food reinforces who you are.” Age Group: 6+ with adult supervision. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Apr 18 Sun 5-6:30 A Dessert Lover's Tour of Italy. History and regions of “cannoli, gelato, baba with rum, biscotti, amaretti, granita, marzipan…” Francine Segan. Context Travels $36.50 HERE

Apr 18 Sun 7 Spreckels’ Sugar Empire. “Spreckels’ sugar empire would reach from Hawaii to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.” Bruce Bennett. San Francisco City Guides HERE

Apr 19 Mon 12:30 A Neanderthal Cook-A-Long on “Eat, Prey Run” [Zombified Media Facebook] Rob Dunn author Delicious: The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human; and Rebecca Wragg Sykes author of Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art. Fermentology NC State U info & tapes HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Apr 19 Mon 6-7 An Introduction to Spices. History, use, sourcing. La Boite $15 HERE

Apr 20 Tue 1 Monticello Live: Land Use & Management. during Jefferson’s time and today. Fraser Neiman, Jason Young. Monticello live youtube TAPE HERE

Apr 20 Tue 1-2:30 From Dickens to Downton: The World of Victorian & Edwardian Food. Carl Raymond. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Apr 20 Tue 7 Bees Besieged: A History of Beekeeping. St. Albans Historical Society and Museum. Vermont Humanities. register HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 20 Tue 10-11:30 PM Food on the Westward Trail. “how to carry enough food for a journey of several months along with all their possessions in a vehicle that also served as shelter. Their diet was monotonous but offered them the calories to survive.” Richard Foss. Renaissance Society Sacramento CA HERE

Apr 21 Wed 5AM Indigenous food, fibre, and medicine plants. The plants “used by indigenous Australians” Richard Rowe. Environmental Planning Department City of Kingston AUS HERE

Apr 21 Wed 6-7:30AM Heritage & Local Food. “about local recipes from the Wigan Borough” UK. Archives: Wigan and Leigh UK HERE

Ap 21 Wed 1-2 Philosophy in a Tea Cup: an ancient art of Japanese tea ceremony. LEVEL £22.15 HERE

Apr 21 Wed 1 Corner Cure-All. “1920s pharmacy and learn about remedies—and frozen treats and novelties and candy.” Age 10-13. North Carolina Museum of History NC HERE

Apr 21 Wed 1:30 Cyanide and Marmalade. Food in crime fiction. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 21 Wed 1:30-3 C for Champagne. Nika Shevela. Wine Alphabet €16.86 HERE

Apr 21 Wed 2 History Talk - Food Glorious Food. “reminiscences of the heart of the home, the kitchen…digitally preserve rare and at-risk audio archives” Norfolk Record OfficeHERE TAPE HERE

Apr 21 Wed 2-3:30 Re-Introducing the Willow. Willow Tea Rooms Building is “only surviving tea rooms designed in its entirety by Charles Rennie Mackintosh” (1868-1928) British Art Nouveau style. £12 HERE

Apr 21 Wed 2:45 In the Kitchen with Bill Buford and Jonathan Meades. On restaurants, cooking and French cuisine. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 21 Wed 4:45-7AM Food as intangible cultural heritage webinar and virtual tour to Apulia, Italy. Centre for Responsible Tourism $19.93 HERE /

Apr 21 Wed 5 When in the Renaissance, eat as the artists ate. Florence’s Botticelli, Caravaggio, Brunelleschi Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Pontormo. Curious Appetite Travel Italy $30 many other dates HERE

Apr 21 Wed 7 We Are What We Eat - Diet, Cuisine, Materiality: Archaeology of Food and Drink in Sicily. “innovative approach that combines chemistry and archaeology.” Dr. Davide Tanasi. Trail Blazers. U of South Florida - College of Arts & Sciences. HERE/

Apr 21 Wed 7 The Great Molasses Flood. Mike Manning of Boston Harbor Now. Needham History Center & Museum. MA HERE TAPE may be HERE
Apr 21 Wed 7 The East India Company: Big Business, Big Government. Dr. Nita Verma Prasad. AARP HERE

Apr 21 Wed 7-8:15 Mint Julep and Old Fashioned. “American whiskey and whiskey cocktails. Explore the flavors and surprising history of … the Old Fashioned and the Mint Julep.” Micah LeMon. UVA Lifetime Learning HERE

Apr 21 Wed 8 Bringing Israel Home Episode 15: The Spices of the Galilee. Michael Solomonov. Bringing Israel Home every Wed at 8 with past talks. HERE or Livestream and TAPE HERE

Apr 21 Wed 10PM Sacramento -- City of Immigrants. who have contributed to a constantly evolving definition of our food culture. Renaissance Society HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 22 Thur 11-12:30 Lord Millet in Alibaba’s cave: the resurrection of an iconic food. Millet grain. Dr. Francesca Bray. Modern Chinese Foodways Conference 2021. UNC HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 22 Thur 12-1:30 Is the kitchen the new venue of foreign policy? The Conflict Cuisine Project. Johanna Mendelson Forman. Alaa Alarori. Kitchen Table. Oxford Food Symposium. £15 HERE

Apr 22 Thur 12-1:30 Six Incredible Breads circa 1550. Bread History Seminar. #23 unpublished manuscript transcribed by Malcom Thick who will discuss it. William Rubel on Early Modern English bread insights from the manu. Jeff Pavlik on the 6 recipes to bake. HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 22 Thur 1-2 Beer, sausages and marmalade - Oxford food and drink in the 19th century. Also “brewing, baking and the grocery trade… relationship between food production, tourism and politics in the city.” Liz Woolley. Museum of Oxford. £5 HERE

Ap 22 Thur 1 Around the World in 80 Plants. “pineapples were hired out for parties, or that there are fruit whose ripening responds to sound, or why bananas are perfect for nightclubs?” Jonathan Drori author. Linnean Society of London HERE

Apr 22 Thur 1:30 Food and Drink Emporiums of London. “history of some of the West End’s famous food & drink shops including household names like Twinings, Fortnum & Mason and Patisserie Valerie.” Joanna Moncrieff. City of Westminster Libraries and Archives HERE no tape

Apr 22 Thur 1:30 Flies: the underappreciated pollinators. One example: only midges can pollinate the cacao tree for our chocolate. Dr Erica McAlister. Holland Park Ecology Centre UK HERE

Apr 22 Thur 3 London’s Food Factories. Victorian Peak Freans, Sarsons and McVities. Rob Smith. Foot Prints of London. £6.00 HERE

Apr 22 Thur 6:30 Italy’s Food, Culture & Sights: North to South. NCentral & southern region. Francine Segan. 92Y $40 2 parts Ap 15 HERE

Apr 22 Thurs 6:30-8pm A Taste of Old Colony History. Cook along historic recipes and local Massachusetts favorites with the museum staff in their kitchens. Recipe of the month to be sent after registering. Old Colony History Museum. Tauton MA HERE

Apr 22 Thur 7 Thinking Outside the Book: Researching Beyond Receipts. Dr. Clarissa Dillon. HFSDV Historic Foodways of the Delaware Valley PA $ HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 22 Thur 7 Victory Gardens During WWII. by Wisconsin Maritime Museum. Facebook Live (manitowoclibrary) Manitowoc Public Library WI HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 22 Thur 7 Historic Gardens at Historic Sites. Dean Norton of Mount Vernon. Virginia Garden month. NOVA Parks HERE

Apr 22 Thur 7-8:30 Branding Beer: A journey through the American craft beer (& design) boom. “from positioning, branding and rebranding, naming, web design and internationally recognized package design.” Central PA Creative Professionals $10 HERE /

Apr 22 Thur 8-9:30 Speakeasies of NYC: A Tale of Crime, Creativity, and Celebration. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club $10 tape HERE

Apr 22 Thur 8 Prohibition and Repeal. “speakeasies, gangsters and how Prohibition helped spread American cocktails across the globe.” Tammy’s Tastings $19 HERE

Apr 22 Thur 8-9:30 Women in the Collection: A Book of Mediterranean Food by Elizabeth David in 1950. Maite Gomez-Rejon. The Huntington Library. CA $45 HERE

Apr 22 Thur 9-12pm Pagan Bay: San Francisco's Impact on American Tiki. For 20 years after WWII veterins came home from the Pacific Tiki drinks were popular, and recently tiki bars are popular again. San Francisco City Guides HERE

Apr 23 Fri 2-3:30 Fifty Years of Chinese Food Studies Roundtable. With several videos. Modern Chinese Foodways Conference 2021 UNC HERE/ TAPE HERE

Apr 23 Fri 5 Man/Animal/Monarch/Nation: Hunting Art and Political Power in Eighteenth-Century France. the royal hunt in paintings. Amy Fruend. The Clark. MA HERE TAPE HERE thru June 15

Apr 23 Fri 5:30 Feeding the Archives: Building Community Archives Around Foodways. “a digital archive on historical foods from the Karuk, [in Cal]… an oral history project… about the history of Black restaurant ownership [NYC] … the creation of a community cookbook of a small group of Filipino immigrants [Chicago]…” NYU Libraries HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 23 Fri 7-8:30 Chop Suey Nation: The Legion Cafe and Other Stories from Canada’s Chinese Restaurants. Ann Hui author. UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies $5 Canada HERE /

Apr 24 Sat 5AM What's with Wheat? History, why chemical leavenings, historical recipes. Sharon Roberts author. Learn Sourdough HERE /

Apr 24 Sat 11 The Art and History of Pies. Calum Franklin author of The Pie Room. British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 24 Sat 11-1 Ancient Mediterranean Snacks. “fried olives, crunchy roasted grain, red wine flatbread from the pan, no-bake fig cakes and a cheese dip.” Ursula, an archaeologyist, cook, food historian. VAWAA Vacation With An Artist $35 HERE

Apr 24 Sat 1 Nordic Brewing. “history, tradition, and technique of brewing Nordic ales and meads.” Jereme Zimmerman author of Make Mead Like a Viking and Brew Beer Like a Yeti. Scandinavian Cultural Center $5 HERE

Apr 24 Sat 2 Traveling Afternoon Tea. Origins of afternoon tea, menus and culinary styles for ships, planes, steam locomotives. Past to Apron $15 HERE

Apr 24 Sat 2-3 Fort from Home Victorian Cooking. Fort Nisqually Living History Museum built 1843 WA $15-50, tape $10 HERE

Apr 24 Sat 2-4 Belgian Pie Class. Pies of “apple, raisin, or prune that are topped with a sweet cheesecake type… sold at various festivals and Kermiss celebrations throughout Northeast Wisconsin.” Gina Guth of the Flour Pot, LLC $20 HERE

Apr 24 Sat 3-4:30 Moroccan Culture: From Couscous to Crafts. Paul Clammer. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 with tape HERE

Apr 24 Sat 4 [9pmCET] Discover Seville’s April Fair & Cook Pescaíto Frito (fried fish). Spanish fair is Ap18-24, 2021. Maria. Devour Tours €19 per screen HERE

Apr 24 Sat 7 Flour Power: Kansas City Mexican-American Food & Its Legacies. History of the tortilla. Gene T. Chavez. Watkins Museum of History HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 24 Sat 8 An Italian Culinary Adventure. author Carole Bumpus. Books Inc. HERE

Through Apr 30 An Appalachian Farm & Barn Tour --Two Centuries of the Anderson Homeplace. Four barns spanning two centuries with "four architecture types… [3 log barns and one tobacco slat barn, thoroughly explained] in this iconic farmstead in the Mars Hill area just north of Asheville.” Taylor Barnhill. Appalachian Barn Alliance, NC. Tape can be rented thru Apr 30, [perhaps can still be 'rented' from the Alliance HERE] $5 Info and nice photos: HERE TAPE HERE

Appalachian Barn Alliance NC with barns database HERE

Apr 25 Sun 7-8:30AM The Golden Age of Bartending. London. Mid 1800s to WWII History, flavors and trends thro the 100 years. The UK Bartenders Guild HERE

Apr 25 Sun 10 Victorian Tea: Throw Me a Party! Victorian teas and traditions. Historic Dumfries VA $30 HERE

Apr 25 Sun 11 Insurrection: Scotland’s Famine Winter. 1846 potato blight in north Scotland (Hebrides and west Highlands), protest over oatmeal rising prices. author James Hunter. John O'Groats Book Festival HERE Youtube live TAPE HERE

Apr 25 Sun 11 Shaker Cooking: Zoom Class with Sylvia Becker to Benefit Shaker Museum. Roast Spring Chicken with Tarragon Butter, Radish Cream Soup with Fresh Dill. HGS Home Chef $35 HERE

Apr 25 Sun 1-2:30 A Culinary Saunter through Normandy. Jennifer Greco Context Travel Conversations $36.50 with tape HERE

Apr 25 Sun 1-3 Gastronomic Contributions from Mexico to the World. “Teotihuacan History and Food Tour: maize, tacos, and chocolate…from ancient to modern Mexico.” Cecilia. Impact Travel Collective. Donation HERE

Apr 25 Sun 1:30 A Virtual Cookbook Chat with Kentucky Chef Ouita Michel author of Just a Few Miles South: Timeless Recipes from Our Favorite Places! “food and culture of the Bluegrass, as embodied by Ouita's family of restaurants.” Les Dames d'Escoffier Kentucky $10 HERE

Apr 25 Sun 2 Cooking in Collections. “colonial cooking techniques and objects within the Historic Peachfield collection.” Peachfield and the Colonial Dames in the State of New Jersey HERE CANCELLED

Apr 25 Sun 5 Food And Health. Food Anthropology Course. “different ways cultures have used food as medicine.” Age Group: 6+ with adult supervision. Cultured Kids Cuisine HERE

Apr 25 5-6:30 A Chocolate Lover's Tour of Italy. Contributions Italy made “why Napoleon indirectly helped Italians invent the country’s favorite and best-selling candy; why Nutella was created after WW II.” Francine Segan. Context Travels $36.50 HERE

Apr 25 Sun 5-7:15 Cooking at Home with Reem Kassis: The Arabesque Table. Arab-style food, ingredients and culture. Milk Street Live Online Cooking School $24.95 HERE

Apr 26 Mon 5:30 The Hidden Art Treasures Inside NYC's Hotel Bars and Lobbies. Sylvia Laudien-Meo. New York Adventure Club $10 tape for week HERE /

Apr 26 Mon 6 Cooking with the First Ladies: Rosalynn Carter and the Rockin' 70s. Plains Georgia Cheese Ring, Peanut Butter Pie, the Carter’s Corn Bread. Sarah Morgan. National First Ladies' Library HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 26 Mon 7-8:30 History of food in the Colonial era. The Inaugural Helene Tessler Lecture. Eleanor Langham of Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI. Bristol Historical & Preservation Society $10 HERE

Apr 27 Tue 12 Classic Restaurants of Durham. “barbecue restaurants… and small cafés like Lewis' served generations of tobacco industry workers.” Then restaurants for college students, to current renaissance. author Chris Holaday. Preservation Durham NC HERE / TAPE HERE

Apr 27 Tue 2 Italy: Cities, Culture & Cuisine. “traditions, dishes and delicious ingredients.” National Geographic Traveller (UK)HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 27 Tues 2 Live with the Gardeners. Harvest winter vegs, prepare ground and plant seeds, potatoes, trellises for peas. #TradesTuesdays. Colonial Williamsburg. Facebook live and TAPE HERE

Apr 27 Tue 2:30 From Fish Knives to Fish. Food, taste and class. Pen Vogle author of Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain. Ruby Tandoh, Dee Woods British Library £5 access 48 hrs HERE

Apr 27 Tue 4 Life on the Farm: Legacies of Dutch Colonial Brooklyn. “use unique archival material to tell stories of colonial family life, slavery, and power, and the lasting legacies of colonial Brooklynites.” Educators 1.5 CTLE credits. Brooklyn Connections. Ap 2021 HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 27 Tue 5:30 Philadelphia at the Table: Misadventures in Culinary Sleuthing. William Woys Weaver, Katie Maxwell, Will Fenton. The Library Company of Philadelphia HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 27 Tue 5:30 The History of Chocolate. Francine Segan, AARP (not need member) HERE no tape

Apr 27 Tue 6 Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France! author Katie Quinn with Jen Phanomrat. The Strand Book Store $35.99 HERE

Apr 27 Tue 7-8:30 All the Presidents’ Gardens: Madison’s Cabbages to Kennedy’s Roses. “the plants whose favor has come and gone over the years and the gardeners who have been responsible for it all.” Marta McDowell. Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens HERE no tape but TAPE from US Botanical Garden, Apr 2020 HERE

Apr 27 Tue 7:30 Highwaymen, Scandal and Haggis: Recipes from the Cleikum Inn. [The Cook and Housewife’s Manual… by Mrs Margaret Dods, of the Cleikum Inn, St Ronan’s. Edinburgh: 1826. Dods was a character in Sir Walter Scott's book St. Ronan's Well, 1823]. Amy Beingessner. The Centre for Scottish Studies. Canada HERE not taped

Apr 28 Wed 12 Peanuts, Corned Beef, and History: Lexington Market Community. “learn about surprising new facts that have been unearthed about the market, and share your own stories about food, family, and fun. Part of the Lexington Market Public History Initiative.” The Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture . HERE TAPE HERE

Baltimore stories collected by The Peale Center HERE

Apr 28 Wed 12 Chocolate around the World. Joshua de Sola Mendes. nearly 300 chocolate masters. American Sephardi Federation. HERE

Apr 28 Wed 1:30 A New History of the Vikings From Scandinavia to the Silk Road. author Dr. Cat Jarman. William Dalrymple $15 HERE

Apr 28 Wed 2-3:30 Man Walks into a Pub. “beer and pubs in Britain in the way it should be told: irreverent, discursive, full of tall stories and quiz-winning facts.” author Pete Brown. £3.50 HERE /

Apr 28 Wed 2:30-4:30 Plumbing the Depths of a Bog. 5 speakers on the peatlands, mapping the changes, archaeology and land management, peatland restoration, various names. [peat for fires] Galloway Glens. Scotland HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 28 Wed 2:30-4 To Everything a Season? Seasonal food in Tudor England. Mark Dawson. Heritage Lincolnshire £8.14 HERE

Apr 28 Wed 5-6:30 Cleopatra's Table: Feasting and Entertainments in Ancient Egypt. Francine Segan. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 HERE

Apr 28 Wed 7 The Myths of the Boston Tea Party. Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. $15 HERE

Apr 28 Wed 7 Farm News Before Facebook. “Gleanings from the Agricultural Press, 1830-1900” Steve Gordon. Friends of Ohio Barns. HERE TAPE HERE

Ap 28 Wed 7-8:30 Celebrity Chefs! Marie-Antoine Careme, Charles Ranhofer of Delmonico's, Prince Ranjit Smile and early Food Network. Sarah Lohman, Jonathan Soma. Brooklyn Brainery $9 HERE /

Apr 28 Wed 8-8:30pm Get to Know Water Buffalo. 2 speakers from Buf Creamery: Colombia South America. Natural Grocers AZ HERE TAPE HERE //

Apr 28 Wed 8:30PM Discomfort Food: The Culinary Imagination in Late Nineteenth-Century French Art. Marni Reva Kessler author. University of Kansas Hall Center for the Humanities, the Lawrence Public Library. HERE

Apr 28 Wed 10PM Local Farmers Markets. “Fourteen farmers markets are currently active in the greater Sacramento Region… past and present.” Renaissance Society HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 29 Thurs 11-2 Food and the Colonial Experience. 3 hr. Workshop. Rebecca Earle (author The Body of the Conquistador: Food, Race and the Colonial Experience in Spanish America, 1492-1700; Politics of the Potato) Keynote; Dr Neha Vermani: "The Voyage of Chilies to South Asia: Exploring the Early-modern Mughal Foodscape (16th-18th century);" Brandi Simpson Miller (SOAS): "The Social History of Food and Cooking in the Nineteenth Century Gold Coast." Food History Seminar. The Institute of Historical Research (IHR) UK HERE TAPE may be HERE

Apr 29 Thur 1 Dinner: a social history. “how and why the way we eat changed over time and how so traditions, dating back hundreds of years, are still with us today.” Steven Moore (Antiques Roadshow). MJW Financial Planning Ltd HERE

Apr 29 Thur 1 Just the Tonic: A Transatlantic Story of Sickness, Pleasure and the G & T. “Quinine has a remarkable double history as one of the few effective treatments for malaria, and as the crucial ingredient of a much-loved soda, tonic water.” Mark Nesbitt, Kim Walker authors Just the Tonic: A Natural History of Tonic Water. The Preservation Society of Newport County $25 HERE

Apr 29 Thur 1 Yemeni Cookery Class. “cooking and traditions…fusion between Indian, Turkish, and East African influences…” Fatma Al-Baiti. ISHKAR £8 HERE

April 29 Thur 3-5 “Activating Food”: Cultivating Culture & Delivering Connections. “Featuring Activists and Researchers from Vancouver’s Chinese Canadian Community” University of Toronto Culinaria Research Centre HERE

Apr 29 Thurs 4 Mezcal and Tequila in Mexico. Mezcal distilled from agave first in western Mexico; late 1800s the distilleries near the town of Tequila called the spirit Tequila. Sarah Bowen author of Divided Spirits: Tequila, and Mezcal, and the Politics of Production. Fermentology NC State U info & tapes HERE Register HERE TAPES HERE

Apr 29 Thur 5 A Taste of Country Life: Food History at the Codman Estate. “The Codman family's menus, cookbook collection, tableware, and even a cabinet of vintage home canned goods provide rich context for the Codmans' personal preferences and the palate of the times.” Camille Arbogast. Historic New England HERE

Apr 29 Thur 6-8 Cohort Cooks with Zuhra Abdullahi. Northern Nigeria. “tart with a short presentation to provide context about Nigerian cuisine more broadly, then dive more deeply into Northern Nigerian cuisine.” F.A.R.E. Collective. NYU Food Studies HERE

Apr 29 Thur 6:30 USBG at 200 (Part 1): Deeply Rooted. US Botanic Garden in DC started 1820. HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 29 Thurs 7-8:30 The World of Sake: Japan's National Drink. “historical and geographical context that makes sake the national drink of Japan and the very intricate and unique making process of sake.” Kana Hattori. Context Travel Conversations $36.50 with tape HERE

Apr 29 Thur 8 Midcentury Cuisine. 1940s-60s Jell-O salads, Tang… food inventions and marketing approaches that transformed how Americans ate at midcentury.” Dr. Leslie Goddard. Village of Bartlett Museums IL HERE

Apr 30 Fri 7-7:30AM Shared Delights: Margaret, Duchess of Portland Entertains. “dessert table, drawing on historic recipes and bills from the Portland archives” Philippa Glanville. The Harley Gallery Welbeck UK HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 30 Fri 8-10am Classic Food Fayre from Wales. “make a Welsh Soda Bread, share stories of our food memories and watch some wonderful resources from the Peoples Collection at National Library Wales.” Luke Conlon. DVSC Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council. Wales HERE

Apr 30 Fri 10AM All The Presidents' China. Steven Moore. The English Manner £16.76 HERE

Apr 30 Fri 10:30-5:30 Gold, Sugar, Tobacco: The Stuff of the Early Modern Atlantic World. conference. Global Early Modern Studies HERE. TAPE Part 1 HERE Part 2 HERE Part 3 HERE Part 4 HERE

Apr 30 Fri 2 Olives: a Matter of Pressing. Samantha Schmell. “learn about a variety of types of olives, their origins and history, the many ways” used around world. A ShopRite Nutrition Team HERE

Apr 30 Fri 5 The Elements of a Home: Curious Histories behind Everyday House Hold Objects, from Pillows to Forks. Amy Azzarito. Larkspur Library CA HERE TAPE HERE

Apr 30 Fri 5:30-7 Cocktail Parties as the Post War Salon: Drink Culture and Home Entertaining. origins of the cocktail party from WWI through the 60s. Dr. Jessica of the cocktail party Museum of Distilled $35 HERE /

Apr 30 Fri 8:30 Fortify Me: Sherry & Port. Fortified wines “what they are, how they are made and how to use them.” Tammy’s Tasitings $19 HERE

June 2 DEADLINE for papers. Feb 11-12 2022 Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food, Food and the Environment. The Dynamic Relationship Between Food Practices and Nature. (both live and online) University of Amsterdam HERE


Ice harvesting 1889 (click to enlarge)
During the past year I have written many posts highlighting subjects from the main calendar or related to the lockdown. Taped talks continue to be added to subject posts and eventually talks not taped will be deleted (except in Archives lists). Due to the ever increasing number of talks (over 200) each month, I have removed all the info and links from the end of this main post, perhaps make new post or add back when fewer talks.

African American Foodways HERE
Being Human, humanities festival, UK HERE
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Cooking historically at home – online cooks’ sites, and recipes (ie Ben Franklin) links list HERE
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Dublin Gastronomy Symposium – 50 talks, papers, free HERE
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Holiday: Christmas HERE
Holiday: Day of the Dead HERE
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Holiday: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, 'Stir-up Sunday' HERE
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Holiday: Washington’s Birthday Wash. Cake, Wash. Pie HERE
Ice Cream Freezing Pots, Sorbetieres, Ice Cream Makers & Freezers from 1751 to 1916 HERE
Ice Harvesting film clips start 1898, taped talks, images HERE
Ideas for pair-ups museums and local businesses HERE
Indigenous Foodways, Acorn Mush cooked in basket HERE
Irish food, famine, and drinks talks and tapes HERE
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JSTOR free - scholarly journals, ebooks, images HERE
Manuscripts: Medical, Manuscript Cookbooks Survey HERE
Manuscripts: Medieval, Renaissance HERE
Maple Sugaring HERE
Medical and culinary manuscripts HERE
Medieval foods, manuscripts, gardens HERE
Oral history project on foodways during quarantine HERE
Ovens demonstrations HERE
Quarantine sign 1911 “Notice to Milkman!HERE
Prohibition HERE
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Sourdough Library - Puratos World Heritage Sourdough Library in Belgium HERE
Transcribing manuscript recipes – volunteer! HERE
Victory and War Gardens, Plants, Farms HERE
Women cookbook authors talks HERE

Flour barrels rolled down stairs to Civil War bake ovens in US Capitol 1862

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