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You familiar with the cartoon called "The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs"? It tells about the real life adventures of dogs around the world and how they use their smarts to thwart bad guys and sake the world constantly. Actually, it’s a Saturday morning cartoon on Fox Kids ever Saturday morning at 11:30am last we checked. What does this have to do with the Monkees, you ask? Well, the very talented Micky Dolenz does the voices for Ralph and Scribble. Well, mostly the noises for Scribble but still… Anyway, Erica!! and I thought, how can we combine that Monkees with the Spy Dogs and this is what came out. Enjoy!


The Secret Files of the Monkees

Disclaimer: The Secret Files of the Spy Dogs Is a registered trademark of Saban. To see more about the Spy Dogs, click here.

Ever wonder what the Monkees would do if they somehow got stuck in a scary-lookin’ house hunted with monsters and wizards and ghosts and goblins? Neither did we, but we did wonder what would happen if they got stuck at a castle run by two immortal witches and their little brother.

This is a prime example of what happen when we put ourselves in a story. And just so you don’t have to figure to much, Katie represents Erica!! (mostly, Katie’s character was written by Erica!!), Becca is Rebecca!! (her character was created mostly by Rebecca!! as well), and Vincent is Rebecca!!’s younger brother Jesse (‘cause he wanted to be in a story). Have fun!

Witches, Ghosts, and Monkees

So the Simpsons, when aren't they funny? When they've had the Monkees thrown into the mix. They aren't funny then; they're hillarious. This idea came from Marges traumatic experience with her lunchbox. Now who can't relate to a lunchbox experience?

Because we had the ever lovible Troy McClure (you may remember him from such films as "I was a Teenage Pediatrist" and "The Wrestling Match was Rigged"--yes I made those up...) we would like to dedicate this story to the also ever lovible Phil Hartman. We love you man! Enjoy the story.

Hey, Hey, It's the Simpsons

Disclaimer: The Simpsons and related characters are copyright and trademark of 20th Century Fox and created by Matt Groening. To see more with The Simpsonsclick here.

NEW STORY: It has always been on the minds of millions....or maybe just a select to how the Monkees really formed. We don't claim to know anything but we sure do have an idea. And here it is FINALLY!!! It is broken down into 4 parts. Excuse some spelling errors and grammer. We tried our best. We still hopw you like it. We had a hard time finishing it but we did it.


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