******Monkees Pad...Friday May 28th 1968**********

(The guys are sitting on their beds discussing a new song they had got from The Green Gaints, a band they happen to know. Mike, Davy, and Micky are arguing as to who should sing the lead.)

Mike (to Micky): I don't get why I can't sing it. You and Davy sing enough. Why can't I sing more offten?

Micky: I've got the best voice and this just isn't for you, Mike. You've got that country sound that just doesn't work for this.

Davy: You know, maybe I should sing it. I am the cutest and...

(Two pillows come from each side of him and hit him in the head. Suddenly, the three keep aurging to where none of it can be understood and is blended into one big jumble of words. Then, Peter bursts in the bedroom wearing an appron that says KISS THE COOK.)

Peter: HOLD IT!!

(Micky, Mike and Davy stop aurging and turn to Peter.)

Davy: What is it Peter?

Micky: Yeah Peter. We're in the middle of a very intalectual conversation.

Peter: Intelectual my eye. You know I don't like it when you guys do this. We're best friends. This shouldn't come between us.

Mike: Yeah Peter's right. You guys sing too much.

Davy: That's not what he said.

Mike: Yes it was.

(The aguing begins again. Peter pulls out a police whistle form his appron pocket and blows it. The three cover their ears then look to Peter again.)

Peter: Now do you guys remember the frist time we met?

Micky (ears still covered; screaming): WHAT? I CAN'T SEEM TO...(Mike and Davy pull his hands away from his ears looking at him not amused. To Peter;) Sorry. What did you say again?

Mike (to Micky): He asked if we remembered how we got together.

Davy (to Peter): Not really, Pete.

Peter: Well, let's remember. Maybe it will help bring us closer together.

Mike: Alright...It could be fun bringing old memorys....

Davy: Could we have one of those psychodelic type flashbacks. Y'know with the colors spinning together and all?

Micky: Just suddup and remeniss, 'k?

Davy: Alright...

(The Monkees all sit back in their beds and start thinking.)


********TEXAS Tuesday Febuary 27th 1965***********

(Mike Nesmith is in his home in Texas strumming on his new gutair. Mike is a trobled soul who hasn't seem to have found his calling and now he is picking up the pieces of his life again. He has found a new intrests in life: music. He loves it so much he could probably sit and play gutair day in and day out. He's discovered he's quite the songwriter an has thought, when the opportunity comes, he could form a group one day. Maybe he sould go somewhere else to find that fame and fortune, he had thought over and over. He is just finishing the last pasrt to his new song 'Papa Gean Blues' when his mom walks into the room.)

Mom: What are you up to Michael?

Mike: I've been thinking. Y'know how I can't seem to find my life here.

Mom: Yes I do.

Mike: Well, maybe I should go up to New York to start over.

Mom: Why would you do that?

Mike: I think it would be a great exprince for me. I could get exposed to fame and I could try and fulfill me dreams of starting a group.

Mom: But why all the way in New York? Why can't you start in the garage like ever other band. It'll be closer to home that way.

Mike: I don't want to start a garage band. a car-hold or car-port band maybe... (Mom giggkes in a motherly way.)

Mom: I'm going to miss you son

Mike: I'm going to miss you too mom.

*****NEW YORK Friday March 2nd 1965******

(Peter Tork is on stage playing paino for his friends, the Bafflo Fish. This is Peter life at the time. He would play on and off with the band. He lives in a small run down aparment and has wanted more in his life since he left home as well. Though he has a good job and and place to stay and relax, it didn't feel right to him. He wants to be a real part of a group, do back-up singing and maybe lead here and there and be one of the guys. With this group, they ingore him a and he doesn'tt get much say. He moved over to New York to find his future, fortune and maybe even a little fame. He hops off the stage when a man wiith a wool hat walks up behind him.)

Mike: Excuse me. (Peter turns around noticing Mike) I couldn't help but notice--I thought you played great up there.

Peter: Thanks man. I'm glad at least somebody noticed me. Would you care to join me at my table convieniently located across the whole room from my group?

Mike: Ah...Sure

(They both go sit at a near by table.)

Peter: Where you from?

Mike: Texas. I came here to find my fame and fortune.

Peter: Hey, me too.

Mike: Oh did you find it yet?

Peter: No not yet. I get so close. I think it knows I'm coming for it.

Mike: Where you from?

Peter: I came from Connecticut. I found this job and, well, it's not working out. I was thinking of heading to Califrornia or something.

Mike: Really? Me too! That is if couldn't find anything up here.

Peter: Have you found anything yet?

Mike: Nah. I think it's knows I'm coming too.

Peter: Maybe we could go together. I was leaving in two weeks. At least after I get two more pay checks.

Mike: I would love to come with you. I'm a little broke but I think I can manage a plane ticket in two weeks. I play down at the cafe on 38th.

Peter: Groovy. What do you play?

Mike: Guitar you?

Peter: Panio, bass guitar, banjo, drums.....

Mike: I think I get it....maybe we could jam together

Peter: Great! Let's go.

(They leave the table...)

******TWO WEEKS LATER********
******LOS ANGELAS CALFORNIA March 16th 1965*******

(A young Davy Jones has just flown in from his home in Manchester, England with his group of traveling vaudeville performers to play at The Troubadour In Calafornia. He's been making his living singing and play acting with this group after he tried his hand a horse racing and found it to be a duller sport than he thought. He was the short cute kid who'd play the baby or the travleling kid act or the shoe-shine boy in their acts but lately, he has been loosing the respent of his fellow mambers. After a well applauded performance of "When You're Dad Finds Out We're In Love" , Davy walks off stage to two of his fellow members, Will and Quin. Both have English accents)

Will: Oooo, is little Davy getting tiered of his baby act?

Davy: I've been tired of my baby act for months now. I've also figured out why you're teasing me about it.

Quin: Looky Will, Davy baby whining.

Davy: I saw all those girls out on stage and y'know who they were staring at. Me. You two are jealous 'cause I've got girls staring at me and you don't.

Quin: Hey, I can get any girl I want to no matter what country we're in.

Will: The Baby's the one who's jealous.

Davy: Stop calling me Baby guys. I don't like it when you call me baby.

Will: Look out Quin. Davy Baby's gonna cry. (The two begin to laugh and Davy walks away wearing and angered expression.)

Davy: I Quit.

(Will and Quin look back at each other shocked look and 'what did we do' look on there face. Davy walks away from the table.)

(At the bar, Mike and Peter are sitting with two milks behind them watching the stage talking quietly to one another. Then, a very distraught Davy walks up to the bar and sits down next to Mike facing the bar.)

Davy (to an unseen Bartender): Could I have a glass of water?--Thank you.

(A glass of water slides in front of Davy and he puts a staw into and begins to drink. Mike and Peter turn around smiling at and having a quiet conversation. Then Mike turns and notices Davy who is now sitting beside him.)

Mike (to Davy): Hey, (Davy turns toward Mike) you were that kid who was just one, weren't you?

Davy: Yeah. And I'll have you know, I'm not a kid. I'm 19 years old; not a baby.

Peter: No, you were great up there. There were these two chicks here a minute ago watching you buggy eyed and drooling.

Davy: Thanks.

Mike: What's you're name?

Davy: Davy.

Peter: I'm Peter and this here's Mike.

Davy: Pleased to meet you.

Mike: Hey, why so down?

Davy: Ah, I just lost the respect of my fellow actors and performers because of jealosy. So I just quit because I didn't want to take it anymorw. I want to go on my own now.

Peter: I know how ya feel mate.

Mike: Y'know, Peter and I are trying to form a group here. We don't have much. Would you be interested?

Davy: I don't know.

Peter: Do you have a place to live at home or something?

Davy: It's not that. I mean I love it here in LA and all but it's hard if I want to try another group again.

Mike: Yeah, I guess it's kind of hard to turst again. Listen, if you change your mind, (pulling out a napkin and a pen and writes down a number on the napkin) this is the number to the hoten we're staying at. Give us a call. (Davy takes the napkin and reads it. Then Mike and Peter get up and leave but not after Peter drops a few couns on the bar for the bartender.)

******THE NEXT NIGHT*******
******LAS ANGELES March 17th, 1965*******

(A Man is heard yelling and screaming at someone from inside a bowling alley.)

Man: Listen kid, I don't know what you think you're doing but you can't sing every song there is your not the only person in the group (that is the real reason he got kicked out and Micky can sing.) You can't play the drums if your life depended on it. You're outa the Missing Links. Get Out!

(Inocent little Micky Dolenz saunters out of the bowling alley wearing his brown jacket and holding his drumsticks at his side. He stares at the ground with his eyes glaring and his expression angry.)

Man: Hey, you can'y leave with our sticks!

(Micky turns around and thows them back into the opne door of the alley then shuves his hands into his pockets. Micky Dolenz is, to some degree, an uncontrolible and wild person in both the good and bad ways. He's usually sen cheery, smiling, and down right happy but since his 20th birthday over a week ago, nothing has been going his way. Nobody seemed to want him as a performer or drummer and though his voice was great and his drumming was great, he still couldn't get noticed. He was a bright person and could probably do anything he wanted but what he wanted wasn't what people wanted from him. So he sauntered off to his favortie downtown club from the bowling alley. As he did, he passed his good friend Niles who was standing on the side of the side walk causally leaning against a brick wall.)

Niles (to Micky as he passed by): Hey Micks. Hold up.

Micky (not stopping): Leave me alone Ni. I don't want talk.

Niles (running up after Micky): Yeah, I saw man. That's horrible. You got fired again. But you'll find a job.

Micky: Suddup Ni. That was the second band that dropped me for the same reason as the first.

Niles: Man, you're playing in bowling alleys. No one plays bowling, man. Broaden you're horrizens. C'mon man. Don't give up now.

Micky (stopping and turning to Niles): Niles, I'm still not buying your car.

Niles: Who said anything about you buying my car.

Micky I don't want your car. I dont' need a car. So stop trying to suck up to me 'k. (he walks off. Niles remains) I'm going to the club.

Niles (walking the other direction; to himself): It's a perfectly good car. I can't see why anyone would hate it.

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