Witches, Ghosts, and Monkees

By: Erica and Rebecca!!

(for The Monkees)


(The Monkees go up to a hunted castle on top of a hill.)

Mike: You know I'm getting sick of gigs in haunted castles.

Peter: Well it's a gig. (He rings the doorbell.)

Davy: Yeah, but the least they could do is get rid of the haunted part of it before we come. We should really put that in our job description.

(Two young woman, one with brown hair, Katie, and one blond, Becca, and a idiotic looking man, Vincent, open the door. The girls are wearing black fringed black dresses and are very "witch-like" and very beautiful. The man is in servant garments and is shorter than the two women.)

Becca: Can we help you?

Davy: We're here for the gig.

Katie: Gig? (To Becca) Did you call for a gig?

Becca: (To Katie) Not me. (To Vincent) Vince, did you call for a gig without telling us again?

Vincent: Um...um...let me think...I...called the grocers and then the electrician...no, I didn’t call for a gig.

Micky: This is 45 Mocking Bird, isn't it?

Katie: No this is 28 mocking bird. 45 is the next castle over.

Mike: Great they said if were late they would fire us. Welp, lets get back to the Pad then.

Becca (with a sinister demeanor): Since it's late, why don't you stay here for the night?

Micky and Davy: Sure!

Mike: Hold on you two (pulling on each ones shoulder stopping them from entering). Let's talk about this first.

Katie: Sure. Come my siblings; let's let the four adorable boys converse.

(The three walk back into the castle.)

Mike: Guys I don't know if we should stay. I mean this place is a little too weird, even for us.

Micky: How can it be weird? Didn't you see those groovy looking chicks? It can't be bad.

Davy: Yeah, especially the one with the blond hair.

Micky: And that one with the brown... Man is she the grooviest.

Peter: I don't know guys. I'm kinda scared of this house. It has that extra scary-ness to it the other scary castles didn't have.

Mike: Well, I think, considering it is a little late to be driving down a scary mountain maybe we should stay. It's a long way down and it's really late. But just for tonight. Besides, what can happen in one night?


(The Monkees walk back into the castle and look around carrying their instrument cases. The castle looks very ancient with cat statues and bats carved into the walls. Also, old paintings of witches and burning are scattered along the wall as well.)

Davy: You have a great looking Pad.

Becca: Thank you. Oh, you can put your instruments down where ever. (The Monkees put their instruments down by the door then continue to walk farther into the foyer.)

Katie: So, what're you guy's names?

Mike: Well, I'm Mike and this is Davy (pointing to Davy), Peter (pointing to Peter) and Micky (pointing to Micky; Katie makes a dazed smile at Micky. Becca nudges her to make her stop then turns back to their guests smiling)

Becca: What's the name of your group?

Peter: We're The Monkees.

Vincent: A chimp act huh? I've always wanted to see a chimp act. (Katie and Becca look confused at Vincent who is smiling at the idea. They then look back to the four)

Becca: You'll have to excuse our brother. He's a bit of an idiot. You make your selves at home. We'll go and prepare your rooms.

Mike: Thank you. Take your time.

Micky: But hurry up. (Mike looks at Micky annoyed with his rudeness)

(The 3 walk out into the kitchen)

Becca: Finally, after 4 long years we got some young blood in this house.

Katie: Yeah, four very cute young guys too. We haven't had that since the vampires came for that shindig and brought appetizers.

Becca: Is that all you think about; mortal boys? How many times must we go through this?

Katie: Hey they're cute, especially the Fuzzy one. (She smiles dazed again.)

Vincent: So when are the chimps coming?

Becca: Vincent, there are no chimps. (Vincent starts to frown.) Now we have to work on a plan to get one of them down in the laboratory, so we can get Grandfather back. Now how do we get them down there? (Becca looks over at Katie with a mischievous smile.)

Katie: What?

(Becca opens her mouth to speak when No Time starts playing in the background.)

Vincent: (Puts his hands over his ears) What is that racket?

(The three walk back into the living room with an angered pace. The Monkees stop playing.)

Monkees: Sorry!

Mike: But we have to get some practice time in. We should have asked first.

Becca: No that's all right. You sound good. Continue playing. And when you're ready we'll show you too your rooms.

Micky: OK

Peter: Oh, um, not to be rude but could you can show us now? It's past my bedtime. (He shows his dimpled smile)

Becca: Very well. Vincent will take you. Katie and I have to get some 'work' done (evil snickering between Katie and Becca.)

Vincent: All right. Come on chimps. Let’s get you to bed.

Davy (to Becca as he walks past her): Tell me lovely, where would I be able to find your room in case I would happen to get the willies tonight? (He gives a typical Davy smile. Becca does not appear amused. The others pull him away as they follow Vincent to their room.)

Becca (to Katie): Maybe we could use that little one to make that potion to clear out the fireplace.

Katie: Do you think that maybe we could use that little one for the blood? I kinda want to keep the fuzzy one.

Becca (Sternly): No! We need that fuzzy one. The little ones too British. The tall one's too tall and the other one...well...let’s just say I think Vincent found his match. The fuzzy one's perfect. He's got the background, the purity and the hair.

Katie: Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll get out the books. You get Grandfather. (The two split up)

(Vincent leads the four to a bedroom as the four admire the walls with the same general pictures and busts of evil and outrageous looking men)

Vincent (stopping at a door): Here's your room. We'd give you each one but they're all reserved.

Mike: Oh, for whom?

Vincent: The spiders. (The four make grotesque expressions. Vincent leads them into the bedroom. One large bed is made in a red velvet comforter. The room has a book shelf with books what a concept and o closed window with a small bench underneath with gold upholstery. The four proceed into in and look around more closely. Vincent is still in the doorway) I hope you four don't mind sharing a bed.

Peter: Oh no. We do it all the time. (Micky takes his hand and quickly covers Peter's mouth smiling embarrassingly.)

Micky: Thank you. This will be just fine.

Vincent: If you need anything, my sisters and I will be down stares in the lab...ah...kitchen. If you need anything, just pull the rope by the door and I'll come and help you. Goodnight.

(The four say their own goodnights out of unison and wave slightly to Vincent as he leaves shutting the door. The four turn to each other.)

Micky: OK who's for sleeping in the car? (He heads for the door.)

Mike (pulling Micky back): No Micky. They were nice enough to let us stay so let's stay.

Peter: I don't know. I'm still getting scared of this place.

Davy: Hey, check out these books (walking up to the bookshelf). Witchcraft and Other Sorcery, Spells and Magical Chants, and Oooo, here's a good one, How to Train your Pet Werewolf in 21 Days.

Micky: I can't see how you guys can be so calm. I mean did you see haw that one girl was smiling at me? They're up to something I tell ya.

Mike: Oh Micky, will you stop saying that. Now lets get into bed and go to sleep.

Davy: Plus Mick, I thought you liked that girl

Micky: I do. She’s groovy and everything but something about her and her sister just makes it look like they’re up to something. Besides, I see how you've been looking at the other one. If you ask me, she’s the scariest one of them all.

Davy: Well, you know how I have a thing for those scary chicks like that.

Mike: Oh, give me a break. Now let’s get to sleep. (The four get into the bed and lay down and appear to begin to go to sleep. Then after a few seconds, Peter quickly bolts up right in the bed.)

Peter: Hey, guys. I just thought of something. We never had dinner. (The others begin to slowly sit up)

Davy: Dinner? Peter, it's a little too late to ask for...

(Katie and Becca appear in their room from out of nowhere.)

Girls: Did somebody say dinner?

Mike: How…what…how did you…

Becca: We have are ways (grinning devilishly at her sister).

Katie: You said something about dinner? We've been so rude to not feed you.

Becca: Come. Let us show you to the dining room.

(Micky is the first to get up, then followed by everybody else. Becca is the last one to leave shutting the door behind them still evilly grinning and chuckling to herself.)

(In the dining room, Katie walks them down to a long table and they each sit down.)

Katie: Anything you would like to eat?

Peter: Pasta!

Mike, Davy, and Micky (to Peter): Pasta?

Peter: Well, I haven't had pasta in a long time.

(There is a big puff of smoke from within the kitchen and Katie goes in. When she comes back out, she is holding a big plate of pasta.)

Monkees: Food!

(The Monkees start digging in. Katie walks back into the kitchen.)

Becca: Why did you feed them so soon? You were to wait until afterwards. Do you realize how far back this will set us?

Katie: They were hungry. I couldn’t let them starve.

Becca: All right. But you have to get the Fuzzy one down to the lab TONIGHT.

Katie: All right, no problem. Keep your dress on. I'll get him ready on time.

Becca (turning to Vincent): Come Vincent, let's get to the lab and prepare.

Vincent (stirring something in a giant pot on the stove): Just a minute. I'm almost finished with my sauce. (As he stirs, a hand comes out and starts grabbing the side of the pot. Vincent hit's the hand back in with his spoon. To the hand.) Stay in there you. You're not done yet.

(After the Monkees finish eating, they all put their napkins on the table and walk out of the dining room heading up the stairs to their room.)

Peter: Boy that was some good pasta.

Mike: Yeah. That sure was nice of them to make us dinner this late.

(Just then, Katie comes out of the kitchen and follows behind.)

Katie: Hey…um… Micky (the four turn around), could you stay here for a moment?

Micky: (unsure) Um sure I guess. I'll see you guys later.

(The three begin to walk toward the stairs: Mike, Peter then Davy.)

Mike: OK, bye Micky.

Peter: Yeah, bye Micky. ‘Night Katie.

Davy: (turning back around to face Micky and Katie) Oh, and tell your sister if she gets scared or lonesome to come to our room and I'll be happy to keep her company. (He smiles again. Mike and Peter come and pull him back with them)

Micky: What is it you wanted?

Katie: Are you afraid of me?

Micky: What's makes you say that?

Katie: Oh nothing. Hey, I know. Would you like to take a walk with me and I'll show you around the house?

Micky (looks up stairs, back at her, up stairs, her): I would like that.

Katie: Great! C’mon.

(Down at the lab...)

Becca: When Katie gets back with that Fuzzy one we can regain Grandfathers youth and then, we’ll finally get to know the family secret. This would be the greatest thing that will ever happen in the history of our family.

Vincent: What will happen to the person we use, Beck?

Becca: He will just keep getting older and older (evil laugh). Enough of that now. Vincent, fetch me my spell book.

Vincent: Yes Becca.

Becca: Now, where is that girl?

(Back up stairs, Micky and Katie are walking through what looks like a study.)

Micky: It's a really great place you've got here.

Katie: It's been in the family for years. Would you care to go to my favorite make-out place in the house? (Micky looks at her surprised) Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. It’s not often we have boy such as yourself in the house walking though the study with me.

Micky: No, it's not that (Micky walks closer to Katie.) It’s just that I'd rather start right now.

(Micky starts to passionately kiss her. After a couple seconds, Katie pulls away)

Katie: I'm Sorry.

Micky: For what?

Katie (starts waving he finger around his face): With this kiss you shall be under my power.

Micky: Huh.... (Katie lightly kisses him again and he turns into statue like state.)

Katie (sighs): Take my hand and follow me.

Micky (dazed and stunned): Uh-huh. (Katie leads Micky out of the study)

(Back in the Lab…)

Becca: What is taking her so long?

(Katie walks in with Micky)

Katie: Right here Sis.

Becca: Finally. Why is he like that?

Katie: Like what?

Becca: Looking so stiff like that. You didn't...

Katie: Oh no. I just put the 'kiss' spell on him. Kind of like a good-bye

Becca: God, My dear sister…

Katie: What can I say I'm a fool for love. Especially from mortal boys (looking up at Micky with googly eyes)

Becca: Whatever. Lay him down on the table and a get the needle. Vincent is bringing Grandfather out now.

Katie (to Micky): Lay down on the table.

Micky: Uh-huh. (He lies down.)

(Vincent comes in with a coffin and rolls it next to Micky.)

Vincent: What first?

Becca: Get the potion for the youth transmit. Katie, hand me the needle so I can take his blood.

Katie (handing the needle to Becca): Here you go Sis.

Becca: Now there is one more thing we need.

(Up in the bedroom…)

Mike: I'm getting worried guys. Where do you think Micky is?

Davy: Probably out having a good time with a girl. I, myself, could be out there but I just can't seem to break through that Becca girl.

Peter (pats Davy on the back): Let it go, man. Let it go.

Mike: I think we should go look for Micky, just to make sure he is all right, you know? God knows what those people are up to. I mean for all I know, they could be witches or something.

Peter: Michael, I'm surprised at you! I thought you trusted them.

Mike: I do, but I think something is going on.

Davy: All right. (To himself) Now I'll get another chance with Becca.

Peter (who hears): C'mon man. She's too tall for you anyways.

Davy: And since when did that stop me?

Mike: Will you two quit it please? Let's go.

(Back at the lab…)

Becca (cackling loudly): HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA!

Katie: (hands over ears) Do you always have to do that?

Becca: Yes it's very witch-like, but don't worry, you'll learn.

Katie (to herself): Yeah, just because she's 200 years older than I am, mom gives her the cackling lessons.

Becca: The transmission is complete. Now, rise dear Grandfather. RISE!

Katie: Do you always have to do that too?

Becca: Well, I dated Dr. Frankenstein and sometimes things just rub off.

Katie: See, the only Mortal you dated and stuff rubbed off on you. (Becca glares at her sister but though admitting that Katie was right)

(The Grandfather is starting to sit up from where he is. Micky is still laying dazes and with his arm extended out with a Band-Aid from where blood was extracted)

Grandfather: Finally after all these years... By the way, what year is it?

Katie: 1967

Grandfather (whistles): 100 years. Amazing how things change. I see you got new curtains in the lab. How nice.

Becca: They're genuine Bat wings.

Katie: Vincent picked them out.

Grandfather (to Vincent who has now taken a place next to his sisters): Nice choice. (looks next to him) Who's that?

Becca: Well Fuzzy.

Katie (to Becca angry): Micky! His name is Micky!

Becca: Micky, Fuzzy whatever. The point is he was the one we used for the youth transmission.

Katie: Isn't he beautiful?

Grandfather: I never really had a thing for mortals but he has some potential. I love the hair dew though. Is this how a mortal wears their hair now?

Katie: Well, not exactly, but a lot of mortal boys have long hair and girls have longer hair.

Grandfather: I see.

Katie: But I bet out of all the mortal boys, he's the cutest (smiling again).

Becca: (Hits Katie with her elbow) Anyway, Grandfather, we've awaken you to ask a vital question. What is the family secret?

(From Upstairs)

Mike (bellowing): MICKY?

Grandfather: What in the world was that?

Katie: It's his friends looking for him (points to Micky). They have long hair too.

Becca: Get rid of them Katie and bring Fuzzy with you.

Katie: But I'll miss the family secret.

Grandfather: I'll hold it off, just get rid of them. You know I can't stand mortals.

Katie: Fine (going next to Micky). Come.

Micky: Uh-huh

Katie: (before leaving, turns to Becca) And his name is Micky!

Becca: Whatever!


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