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Miss 7 Eleven Turbine

Another 1/5 hits the water.

Here are some spicifications on the 1/5 Hydro. Length:-183cm (72") Beam:-100cm (39 1/2").
Power by:- G23cc 5.0 h.p High Performance Zenoah petrol engine
with custom made header and tuned pipe.
Construction:- Marine plywood frames & outer cover with Foam core.
This craft has been scratch built from scaled up plans.
We have yet to put this hull through the speed traps.

Here are some photos of Miss 7 ELEVEN.

The owner holding the hydro is 6'-0" tall.

The photo below gives you some idea of size,
2 Miss 7 elevens 1/5 and sports 40.

Here is a photo of 1/5 scale Bud, Miss 7 Eleven & the sports 40 this gives an idea of the size difference.

Here are 2 photos of the full size Miss 7 Eleven.

Last updated 1-08-2000

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