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Miss Budwiser XSEV Turbine IV

The Million-Doller Mermaid"

A fan was so impressed with the new full size Miss Budwiser, that he was heard to say "this is the greatest thing to hit the water since Esther Williams"

Here are some spicifications on the 1/5 Hydro.

Length:-183cm (72") Beam:-100cm (39 1/2").
Power by:- 36cc 6.5 h.p Mathe marine petrol engine.
Construction:- Foam core with marine plywood outer.
This craft has been scratch built from scaled up plans.
On its first speed run trials it attained a speed of 97km/hr.

Here are some photos of budwiser.

Here are a few photoes of Bud on the move, the day we did the speed trials.

Last updated 4-02-2000

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