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Canterbury Model Powerboat Club


"Miss Budwiser XSEV T4 Turbine 2 Wing Experimental"


Miss Budwiser Team Develops New-age Hydro.

First came the enclosed cockpit. Then, it was the turbine engine. In 1991 Bernie Little and his Miss budwiser crew were breaking more new ground with this new Experimental Surface Effect Vehicle (XSEV). This new design was use for wind tunnel testing to greatly improve the performance, stability and control. A revolutionary new concept in 3-point hydroplane design was born. The information gained from the testing was used to improve the current Miss Budwiser which races today.

Here are some spicifications on the 1/5 Hydro.

Length:-183cm (72") Beam:-100cm (39 1/2").
Power by:- 36cc 6.5 h.p Mathe marine petrol engine with custom built header and tuned pipe.
Construction:- Foam core with marine plywood outer.
This craft has been scratch built from scaled up plans.
Speed run trials are yet to be carried out.

Here are some photos of budwiser.

Last updated 21-06-2001

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